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  1. GNR Social Media Update Discussion

    2 LA shows? Yeah I'm gonna say it's pretty certain I'm flying out for those, then heading to Brooklyn at the weekend for NXT and Summerslam. Just unsure whether to stay in Brooklyn on Monday for Raw or fly out to San Diego n catch the last night of the tour.
  2. I'm probably gonna get flamed for this or accused of being too young to "know what GNR was" but I'm not fussed either way if Steven plays any shows with themor not. If he is - great. If he's not - no biggy. It was like when I saw Izzy with Axl's GNR (on about 5/6 occasions) I wasn't standing there going HOLY SHIT. I was just like... Cool. But it wasn't make or break on whether the show was any good.
  3. GNR Social Media Update Discussion

    Chill man. I'm from the UK, they (including Axl's GNR) haven't been here since May 2012. Either save your money and sell shit you don't need, travel the world n go,or just wait patiently.
  4. GNR Social Media Update Discussion

    Wicked thanks. Is that a second night in Chicago added? I thought I saw that in the first round of dates. So gutted that San Diego is on a Monday was thinking of goingto LA for GNR then fly to Brooklyn for NXT, Summerslam and Raw then fly out to San Diegofor GNR, as it's the last night of the tour,before heading back to the UK. Fingers crossed SD sells out and they get a second night, but I'm not holding my breath.
  5. GNR Social Media Update Discussion

    I can't see any new dates listed? Where and when?
  6. Slash arriving to LAX 22.4.16

    Man, being a member of the paparazzi is such an asshole job.
  7. 04/20/16 - Mexico City - Foro Sol

    I really thought TWAT was gonna suck, imo Hammerstein 06 was the only decent time they've done it (and even that wasn't great - but made better because they did itat some Lisbon show in 06 it was DREADFUL) I thought the sound check from Vegas sounded shit too. But I gotta say last nights sounds decent my only complaint is Melissa playing the piano riff of the beginning over the first verse sounds too loud in the mix and out of time. Yesterdays was a nice treat too. I really was expecting this Reunion to be Cashgrab Appetite and the UYI hits and they've exceeded by expectations. The only cherry on top missing for me is Locomotive/Bad Apples and Dead Horse.
  8. MyGNR 2016 Tour Ticket Swap Thread

    You still game? I'm staying at Luxor. I'll try and clear my PM inbox - if not Facebook me (Jamie Liam Sanders)
  9. MyGNR 2016 Tour Ticket Swap Thread

    I've got a spare Saturday GA ticket for sale for $400. (I bought the MLife deal at The Excalibur solely for these tickets - I'm not using the hotel room) so am just charging 50% of the overall cost. I'm still going so will collect at will call tomorrow.
  10. 04/08/2016 - Las Vegas - T-Mobile Arena

    I've got a spare Saturday GA ticket for sale for $400. (I bought the MLife deal at The Excalibur solely for these tickets - I'm not using the hotel room) so am just charging 50% of the overall cost. I'm still going so will collect at will call tomorrow.
  11. Fuck, you're still here? That takes me back. Didn't you used to be called ItsSuchACrimeUKnowItsTrue as well? (Or was it Jake at the end)

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Jackie Moon

      Jackie Moon

      did you know i got a free box of quest bars? and they reduced their price by $10, advertised savings by 15%? I FUCKING WON, AND I AINT SURPRISED, MOTHERFUCKERS

    3. highvoltage


      and it only took 63 hours of your life that you'll never get back. worth every one I bet.

    4. username


      Grandpa? Fuck you mate! 

  12. RIP Abominable Homan

    It's so strange when something like this happens. Usually, you don't know the person, they're never anything more than words and images on a screen, but it's somewhat harrowing when you look at their Facebook and just know they're not there anymore. I remember years back there was a member, I can't think of her name right now, but her user was in ALL CAPS and had numbers on the end, and she passed in around 2006-2007 and people were sad she'dnever hear Chinese.and I used to see her posts all the time and it was just so weird to know I wouldn't see that anymore, even though I'd never spoken to her directly. It's a similar situation now, I used to see Homan post all the time, and it's so upsetting that literally weeks before the reunion he misses it Take care up there bud.
  13. April 9th After Party?

    That was the miracle of Luckys 24/7 at the Hard Rock. Between A4D, No Trickery and Kiss Rocks Vegas I think half the staff have seen me in there fucked off my face ordering Huevos Racheros.
  14. I know a lot of people will probably just say "Nah they should just fuckin play" but I kinda hope Axl does a rant/story like he used to just explaining how it happened.You can't have a 23 year feud with someone, call them cancer, say the reunion will never happen then suddenly all is right with the world just because they signed over the royalties and allowed each other to put the other's songs on their respective DVDs. I mean yeah we can all speculate "it's Duff that did it". But why now? Duff became friends with Axl again 6 years ago. What took so long then? Why did Axl always shut the door in Slash's face when he made amends before? I just would like to hear the story, even a summarised 3-5 minute version.
  15. April 9th After Party?

    Ah man don't . At No Trickery I flew home on a Sunday, and I promised myself that I wouldn't get drunk at the Saturdayshow (I did for Wednesday and Friday's) . That went out the window as soon as I saw @Black Sabbathand I had to endure a 11 hour plane ride from hell with the worst hangover of my life on the Sunday. I leave Vegas on Sunday this time around too...