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  1. Fuck sake. January has been a bad month for celebrity deaths. RIP

  2. I went to the last week of the 2014 Residency aone and made friends within a day.
  3. I just wish all of the floor was standing. Let's be real here, even the people in seats on the floor wish it was standing.
  4. That was a joke, but I suppose I was trying to get them off a phone. 😂 Never fear, I WILL be at both shows. And hopefully GA for at least one of them!
  5. According to the site, although crossed out, they're $250.00
  6. Airfare and hotel help for Vegas?

    Sky scanner or OPODO for flights I got flights from London - Dallas(WrestleMania) Dallas - Vegas and Vegas - London for £817 all together Budgethotels or Agoda for accommodation I got 5 nights at the Luxor in a deluxe high pyramid room with 2 queen beds for £360. So between 2 people that's only £180 each.
  7. Thanks man. Really hoping to score GA on at least one of the nights. As it'll just be the one ticket I'm hoping it'll be easier! Also, I'm in Vegas 5th - 11th so if they added a third date either side that's cool with me
  8. Well I'm seeing WrestleMania 32 on April 3rd and Raw the next night, was gonna fly out to Vegas on 5th April, catch the 2 shows and fly home on the 11th. (maybe 10th). I'll be in Vegas for sure. Just getting tickets is the issue.
  9. General Admission (otherwise known as standing)
  10. So yeah, what's this second presale on Friday at 10am? And how do I get a code for it? Please don't ignore lads.
  11. Any idea what the presale on Friday is meant to be? And how to get access for it? Hit me up a PM. I'm not spending $600 on a GA ticket, but apparently I have to do that through VIP if i want to be standing (I could care less about the VIP "swag" or the early entry, would rather hand at the bar for a few hours)
  12. Tickets on stubhub already for $1,500 GA. Wow. Some of the nightrain members are cunts.
  13. Roger Waters did it on his own.
  14. Slash posted rehearsal photo?

    It's got the same black box things on the wall too.
  15. I don't understand how this video confirms any of that. Nevertheless, nice playing.