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  1. I can only seem to find lithos on eBay and not shirts!! I really want the Cincinnati, Washington and Chicago Night 1 designs on a shirt!!! (I'd only get the lithos of the shows I was at.... still need to get the vegas ones haha)
  2. I've been single for 4 years and I think I'm awesome and so does my mum. What gives?
  3. I've obtained the shirts from both Vegas shows (I was at them) and had people pick me up one from Chicago Night 2 and Philly. My favourite is Cincinnati, I'd love to be able to track down that shirt, unfortunately not seeing any of the shirts on e-Bay, only posters. Chicago Night 1 and Detroit? Edit: And Washington!!
  4. Been looking on eBay but only seem to find the posters. If anyone bought one of these and wants to part with it please PM me.
  5. Suprised (but not complaining) that it's exactly the same set. Thought they woulda swapped DC for Patience at least, like Vegas. I know we've all seen that alternative set but Used To Love Her doesn't really interest me as a song I'd want to hear. Nice Boys I've seen before so again, not really much of a demand from me. Slither could be interesting however I'm thinking it'd be Duff singing it. Perfect Crime needs to come back though, I'd fucking love to see that.
  6. That's who I was trying to think of in my earlier post!
  7. And this is 2 months earlier in Las Vegas... me, @troccoli, @Black Sabbath, Gillian, @Dazey @Tyler Drama And some guy on the end I didn't even speak to so don't know if he's a member here or not
  8. Me, Gillian (Sleeping_Like_An_Angel?) and her boyfriend outside the Olympic park after AC/DC. We actually just bumped into each other and didn't plan to meet (I didn't even know they were going to the show!).
  9. Out of all the photos we got that weekend... you chose to upload this one....
  10. @UK SUBS said it best, several years ago. The wait for CD was the undoing, I believe Subs said "Axl could have 12 tracks that were Jungle, Paradise City and SCOM and people would still say its shit and not worth the wait". To a degree I understand, one of my biggest infurations is it seemed in 2010 - 2014 they got the marketing live shows right (Up Close and Personal and Vegas Residencys) but it was too little too late, that should have happened in the 2001-2002 era, heck maybe even the 2006 era at a stretch. For what reason, we don't know, it just didn't happen (most likely not having decent management at that time... whatever happened to Mercky Merck anyway?) I really liked Buckethead & Finck, but Axl's voice was out live. 2006 - 2010 Axl's voice was great, but as time went on it became clearer (especially in Vegas residency 2014) that nothing was ever going to happen now, and I guess I can see the point, Axl's replacement GNR were gone, and it was replacements of replacements. He probably got on with them all, great, but that isn't who HE wanted. (Aside from Fortus after Tobias left) But the fact that Slash & Duff are at least willing to play Chinese stuff on the reunion tour gives me a little bit of hope that the leftover Chinese stuff isn't all dead and buried, it will probably have Slash and Duff re-recording parts, which means we'll lose some (guaranteed) great Buckethead solos and some (according to Axl) great Robin Finck solos. I don't think Bumble will feature on any of that. Ashba... maybe. Fortus yes..
  11. 2 LA shows? Yeah I'm gonna say it's pretty certain I'm flying out for those, then heading to Brooklyn at the weekend for NXT and Summerslam. Just unsure whether to stay in Brooklyn on Monday for Raw or fly out to San Diego n catch the last night of the tour.
  12. I'm probably gonna get flamed for this or accused of being too young to "know what GNR was" but I'm not fussed either way if Steven plays any shows with them or not. If he is - great. If he's not - no biggy. It was like when I saw Izzy with Axl's GNR (on about 5/6 occasions) I wasn't standing there going HOLY SHIT. I was just like... Cool. But it wasn't make or break on whether the show was any good.
  13. Chill man. I'm from the UK, they (including Axl's GNR) haven't been here since May 2012. Either save your money and sell shit you don't need, travel the world n go, or just wait patiently.
  14. Wicked thanks. Is that a second night in Chicago added? I thought I saw that in the first round of dates. So gutted that San Diego is on a Monday was thinking of going to LA for GNR then fly to Brooklyn for NXT, Summerslam and Raw then fly out to San Diego for GNR, as it's the last night of the tour, before heading back to the UK. Fingers crossed SD sells out and they get a second night, but I'm not holding my breath.
  15. I can't see any new dates listed? Where and when?