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  1. I can only seem to find lithos on eBay and not shirts!! I really want the Cincinnati, Washington and Chicago Night 1 designs on a shirt!!! (I'd only get the lithos of the shows I was at.... still need to get the vegas ones haha)
  2. I've been single for 4 years and I think I'm awesome and so does my mum. What gives?
  3. I've obtained the shirts from both Vegas shows (I was at them) and had people pick me up one from Chicago Night 2 and Philly. My favourite is Cincinnati, I'd love to be able to track down that shirt, unfortunately not seeing any of the shirts on e-Bay, only posters. Chicago Night 1 and Detroit? Edit: And Washington!!
  4. Been looking on eBay but only seem to find the posters. If anyone bought one of these and wants to part with it please PM me.
  5. Suprised (but not complaining) that it's exactly the same set. Thought they woulda swapped DC for Patience at least, like Vegas. I know we've all seen that alternative set but Used To Love Her doesn't really interest me as a song I'd want to hear. Nice Boys I've seen before so again, not really much of a demand from me. Slither could be interesting however I'm thinking it'd be Duff singing it. Perfect Crime needs to come back though, I'd fucking love to see that.
  6. That's who I was trying to think of in my earlier post!
  7. And this is 2 months earlier in Las Vegas... me, @troccoli, @Black Sabbath, Gillian, @Dazey @Tyler Drama And some guy on the end I didn't even speak to so don't know if he's a member here or not
  8. Me, Gillian (Sleeping_Like_An_Angel?) and her boyfriend outside the Olympic park after AC/DC. We actually just bumped into each other and didn't plan to meet (I didn't even know they were going to the show!).