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  1. I think Slash jumped the tempo during the Estranged solo. I agree Frank's drumming has always been bad in Estranged but he was holding tempo just fine. I've noticed that Slash has been going off tempo more often in this leg of the tour. Not sure if it's related to Frank or not.
  2. I think they lowered the tempo on November Rain a bit. Sounds great now!
  3. Don't really like Finck's tone or style of playing that much but I voted for him. The album version of this solo is the best I've heard so far for this song. I'm sure Slash could write a better solo for this song if he sat down and composed one. What he's currently doing doesn't impress me that much. Ashba isn't even competition...
  4. I know what you are talking about and this is something I noticed as well. It is probably just feedback in the studio version adding up harmonics and making the note sound higher pitched that is hard to replicate live. People on YouTube who cover the song tend to play that part on higher frets to make it sound like that. But yeah, Slash usually doesn't stick to what he exactly plays in the studio version most of the time and relies more on improvising various parts. I really wish he plays the studio version of the November Rain outro someday because I'm learning it right now and it's got some amazing licks which he doesn't play in the live versions.
  5. Though I would love to see Slash do it, I don't believe he is tapping during TWAT solo's tapping part. You can achieve almost the same sound with just some fast picking + Hammer-ons/pull-offs, which I believe is what he is doing. Check out the 5:07 mark of this cover. This guy does it without tapping too. https://youtu.be/pmOPp50CgBA
  6. Now that I've checked out a few SMKC performances of PC, yeah he does it there too. Don't know how I missed that! I had only watched 2-3 SMKC performances of PC before and never noticed him doing that.
  7. Is Slash playing the outro holding his guitar behind his head? Damn! Has he done this in any of the previous shows?
  8. Nightrain YCBM OTGM Rocket Queen Civil War
  9. As much as a Slash fan that I am, I have to admit that Slash did mess up a bit over there. He played the slide solo too far behind the tempo and with long gaps between each note. Not sure what that was and why it happened, but probably just an IEM problem or something like that. Or maybe just an off day.
  10. Amazing man! Your attention to detail is great! I'm learning the solos currently and I'm able to notice how accurate this cover is with respect to the original. Also, your tone is heavenly and is probably the best NR tone in YouTube I've heard so far. Can you please share your amp settings? Also, what guitar do you have and how long have you been playing?
  11. Great playing! Hope even I can get to the point where I can play like you someday. You could have done the pinch harmonics though, like the album version. Sounds really great with them.
  12. Great tone man! And good playing too. I liked it!
  13. I discovered GNR sometime close to the year 2008. I used to play GTA: San Andreas and WTTJ was a part of the radio soundtrack. I felt that it was a cool song but didn't give too much thought about it initially. Later, a friend of mine came to my home and wanted to search on YouTube on my computer for a new song that he had heard somewhere. It was "By the Sword". When he looked it up, he realized that it was Slash's song and I came to know about this guy called Slash. A few days later, we watched the music video of WTTJ and I realized the same Slash guy was here too! Also, I was amazed by Axl's voice and his wildness in the video that I decided to look GNR up. I watched SCOM next and became an instant fan! The solo just bowled me over! So, I downloaded a few popular GNR songs: WTTJ, SCOM, Nightrain, Paradise City, NR, Estranged, Don't Cry and Patience and kept listening to them a whole lot. Slash's style of playing and Axl's vocals appealed to me a lot and kept me repeating the songs again and again. At the beginning I liked SCOM the most followed by Estranged but now my most favorite songs are NR, Coma, Nightrain, RQ. I like many Slash's solo/SMKC/VR songs too. I also got myself a Les Paul style guitar recently because I very badly wanted learn how to play the guitar for a long time after listening to GNR tunes!
  14. Axl's energy and rasp is off the charts!! Makes me almost forget mickey even existed!
  15. Almost full concert Missing first 6 songs only. Not sure if somebody posted this video before. On a side note, that TIL solo is amazing!