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  1. 'Fake ACDC' put on a show equal, if not better than the current GnR show so I dont think its fair to say he would ruin the legacy of any of the bands. If Axl was to join Angus I don't think it would be called ACDC. I think it would be Angus and Axl (without the school suit) creatively different from both ACDC and GnR. Although I don't mind them continuing ACDC like it was last year because the shows Axl did were incredible so much power and energy it was like seeing a 20 years younger ACDC compared to 2015. I don't think I will see a better show then Sevilla or Manchester ever again.
  2. Frank plays Roise and Riff Raff very very well imo
  3. Got a feeling Angus might be there tonight. Might be just as a guess though. Could be wrong
  4. Can anyone let me know how much a pint is in the bars in the city ?
  5. He mentioned it on an interview not sure if its on YT anymore.
  6. Mutt might have, but originally it was a guy from Cleveland who sent a letter to the band saying they had to listen to this Brian Johnson.
  7. Skip to the Breakdown of BBB. Thats ACDC. Brian poor again just like NO Bull and LARP.
  8. Axl using clean voice for Roise but sounds fine and in tune. Nothing wrong with that.
  9. Didn't Axl say that a new album would defo be coming but didn't know if slash would play on it ? This was at the press conference he did when he was in London with Axl/DC
  10. Can't figure out Axl. He sounded amazing on highway to hell with Billy Joel. So annoying. Edit: sounded fine in Rosie last night too
  11. I agree I say it many times but GTDAB will stay with me forever from that show. He was incredible. However in terms of overall every show he was standing was better. I turned to the person who I was with and said I haven't looked at Angus once and we were halfway through. I mass Axl in ACDC
  12. Biffy is a MASSIVE opener. Must have a decent amount of tickets sold
  13. I agree CD seems to be a mess of sound. I cant even hear Axl. Reminds me of Blow UP Your Video by ACDC. The songs would have been okay if they were produced right. I think the same for CD.
  14. Yes thats what the band is promoting with this tour. Nothing but nostalgia. They did it themselves. If they came back with a new album I would be open to them playing less "Casual songs". But with the way they have marketed this tour they should play all the hits every night. Thats what people bought the ticket for. Hence the increase in demand. People are disappointed and bored with some of the covers and most of the CD tracks. They get bored, and loose interest fast.