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  1. I doubt the golden circle part will be that small since its at an airfield. The golden ticket prices seemed cheap compared to others. I hope not though
  2. Looks like Angus must be coninting on then
  3. We should remember that the GnR camp shut down the rumour of a joint GnR/ ACDC headline shows. No one has shut this down yet and its been round a while
  4. True ! That was by no means a shot at Axl
  5. There's no doubt Angus's performances levels have slipped since he first started but he gets better the more he plays as the tour progress. He might struggle to play some of the songs he recorded in the 70's because his style has changed a little since then to adapt to growing older. 3 years for a album and tour then done. Perhaps this will be the last venture for Axl and Angus. Can't see Axl wanting to be on stage as an old man especially with his type of high intensity performance which imo he hasn't found a way to change his style to account for his age, arguably like Brian has done for the past 20 years
  6. This ! All points to on the last show that Angus was saying goodbye to Cliff, hence bringing him to the front. If acdc was going to end it would have been annnounced after the last show. Would have been the perfect time because everyone was just waiting to hear that news post show. Angus even did a thank you video to the fans and he made it clear it was thanks for coming to the ROB tour ! This or when Angus did the 'Angus talks about playing in acdc' would have been the time to say something.
  7. ACDC don't spend long in the studio at all. Black Ice and Rock or Bust were both recorded in 6 weeks
  8. This isn't the most reliable source but in this article it says Axl and Angus are working on new album. First time I have seen this reported as a fact. Thought id share http://www.noise11.c...
  9. I say this. Perhaps better than the studio version. I remember hearing it in person and being blown away. I had been to Lisbon so I knew what to expect but this was something else
  10. Im presuming the Standing A area for Prague will not be as small as the other FoS areas ?
  11. Any chance they'll draft Adler in full time ?
  12. After seeing the new dates and GnR heading back to America it looks to me as if they are playing everywhere this tour because they know its a one off. Hope i'm wrong but it just seems they are trying to get as many dates as they can as quick as they can. No reason if they couldn't have stopped after Europe and went to record with a tour to support. Im heading to Paris to see a NITLT but its going to be hard for Axl to top what i seen in the summer. Think i'm setting myself up for disappointment from Axl if i'm honest
  13. Imo I would be willing to pay more for a smaller show.
  14. They are out pricing the casuals. Do you think UK shows will sell out ? 100 is allot minimum price
  15. Olympic stadium much better venue than Wembley imo.