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  1. Axl's best song performance

    I say this. Perhaps better than the studio version. I remember hearing it in person and being blown away. I had been to Lisbon so I knew what to expect but this was something else
  2. Only 1 UK date?

    Im presuming the Standing A area for Prague will not be as small as the other FoS areas ?
  3. Any chance they'll draft Adler in full time ?
  4. Whats next for ac/dc?

    After seeing the new dates andGnR heading back to America it looks tome as if they are playing everywhere this tour because they know its a one off. Hope i'm wrong but it just seems they are trying to get as many dates as they can as quick as they can. No reason if they couldn't have stopped after Europe and went to record with a tour to support. Im heading to Paris to see a NITLT but its going to be hard for Axl to top what i seen in the summer. Think i'm setting myself up for disappointment from Axl if i'm honest
  5. Ticket Prices

    Imo I would be willing to pay more for a smaller show.
  6. Ticket Prices

    They are out pricing the casuals. Do you think UK shows will sell out ? 100 is allot minimum price
  7. Rumored Concert Date Thread

    Olympic stadium much better venue than Wembley imo.
  8. Speculation: Was Axl in mind before Brian left?

    I don't think they specifically had Axl in mind. But I do think there was movement to get Brain out for a while/ Reason to get rid
  9. I may be bias but I don't see ACDC as a nostalgia act. It might be because I feel ACDC/Angus is very serious still about the music and quality. I don't get the same vide from GnR, I get that they feel "that will do" type motto. Still what we have is better then no GnR/ACDC
  10. The last show

    Bet GnRs fans wish they'd get a full gig with vocals like this. Flawless !
  11. Its sucks because after hearing Axl on the 4 ACDC shows in the summer i was hyped to see GnR when they came to Europe. If we are to expect anything like what we've seen in SA don't know if i will bother. His vocals on every song in the ACDC set was amazing. The 'Mid range' songsgot better towards the final few shows imo. Such a shame man
  12. That thunderstruck clip you could argue he sounds better in the second clip. Axl hasn't damaged his voice yes it may sound worn out a bit but im sure he sings ACDC in the right and safe way. Perhaps its down to effort
  13. As mostlyan ACDC fan I would like to hope this means Axl+ Angus have something planned. After the final ACDC show of the tour would have been a great time for the guys to put out a statement its over...but they didn't
  14. Is the guy tweeting in OP reliable ?
  15. 09/14/16 - New York, NY - Madison Square Garden

    Honestly I just think Angus is thrilled to have someone like Axl with that range that he can do stuff like the above with. Angus would have been first to notice that Brians voice is not what it was and no he has someone who is as entertaining as him to perform with. Angus will know Axl is hitting all the notes like the studio version that will make him happy. Someone said on the ACDC forum that they think Angus sees a bit of Bon in Axl.