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  1. Better Remix

    its not a remix, but you will probably find it good at least i do
  2. Upcoming Tour?

    Some weeks ago
  3. Its on the Hall of fame section too if u guys want to discuss it there. Greatest hits albums are some of the albums that no matter what will ever sell.
  4. Upcoming Tour?

    I created a thread about GnR coming back to the USA soon. He said they will be back to a guy who asked on instagram. Hope some recording happens first
  5. Yeah i did with with facebk n email, he takes the time to answer the fans, sometimes is a short answer but sometimes its all you need. Hes been there for me when i needed to talk with him in a very difficult time in my life. Great guy.
  6. And Whats the meaning of that i have no idea :/
  7. Fortus for sure, there are pictures of his back in the net... its awesome, i love his right arm tat, was an inspiration for mine... I also like the "Spawn" tat Ashba has. Axl leg tattoo is weird, we have many pics of him showing it but i dont know what it means :/
  8. New Emoticons

    Allways loved and

    It looks great! its not the one i voted but still nice to see something made from a member here can we change the pics on both sides too?

    This glad to know the way he n myles works
  11. Can someone help me with this - Sofia Rocks Bulgaria

    The song i posted wasnt right, ill see what i can find EDIT: here
  12. Here, i just quoted the first post... feel free to read the rest, very sad
  13. i dont remember much, he deleted the video and stopped the stream, he was playing dont cry and started to cry... he was bad... i remember there was a thread here... ill try to find it
  14. Totally agree... i remember when he was talking with fans on a stream, and started to cry (his parents had health problems if im not wrong and pain was killing him) and decided to rant about everything... hope he takes some time to think and decides what to do about his future in music/life on the road... ill support him whatever he chooses