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  1. hey, 1. As a band and unity, like beatles, zepp, and Queen, U2 had a successfull career. They had a same band member from start to finish/now, so it is reasonable they got much more respect from fans 2. Remember in '87, when U2 released Joshua tree (5th album), they already did a stadium tour and sell out many of them. While Guns just made debut with AFD 3. U2 had 6-7 great albums within 3 decades, while Guns only had 3 in 80-90's, what a huge difference market 4. You cant compare U2's 360 tour with the rest, it was full capacity stadium show which more 25% capacity than end stage show. That's why they can beat Stones's Bigger Bang tour For me, what Guns N' Roses can get right now is very high achievement. You know, they only had 3 great albums and lost their identity for almost 23 years, but they can still sell out stadium tour as a nostalgia act (40 - 60k per show) Maybe if Guns never broke up and continue to make a great album, nowday they are as big as U2 and stones Now lets hope for new material with izzy and steven :)))) sorry for my english
  2. imagine if zeppelin do a reunion tour, they will break all the me
  3. check this out
  4. i think crowd will be around 60 - 65k, its lower than to sold out around 70 - 75k for stade de france remember UYI tour for france, first leg 92 they played hipprodome de vincenes, and second '93 they only played an arena not a big market for GNR cmiiw
  5. i think GNR doesnt have big market in france, ACDC play 2 nights, U2 play 2 nights and Coldplay 3 nights what a huge market for them
  6.$9172101&language=en from this link this show is not sold out
  7. it is not sold out, isn't it? many tickets left
  8. back to 91/92...
  9. so quiet here.. what time show will start?
  10. ok enough, lets talk about slane castle gig
  11. already posted US arena tour
  12. within 11 days free (15 july - 26 July ) will they do arena tour in US? it's doubtful
  13. stradlin and adler rejoin the band and ferrer, fortus, mellisa fired you wish
  14. How about possibility Aerosmith as a opening act/co headlining for US 2nd leg? they don't have any schedule yet after touring arena in Europe