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  1. DVD (Will):
  2. Just in case you need the other San Diego 1992 shows... 1992-01-27 - Night 1 1992-01-28 - Night 2 1992-09-30 (Same as Fransad just posted)
  3. Soundboard MP3
  4. Alan Niven Remaster Soundboard (Flac) Soundboard MP3
  5. Here's a link to the mp3 audio I can upload the DVD, But will take a day or so...
  6. Nice work on the cover But you've spelled Sydney wrong... With a "Y" not an "I"
  7. Cheers for the uploading/sharing man, You rock!!!
  8. You're validated, You can log in now...
  9. I have the audio if that's of any help: But no video footage... Sorry.
  10. Not sure why it's working for some people & not others, But i'm trying to get that fixed... Anyway, Both you guys are validated, So you can now just login
  11. Weekend 2:
  12. 1993-02-23 Austin, TX
  13. Fixed... I've validated the few people waiting, So you just need to log in. Some people here may have been a member before, So just log in with your old details (if you remember & new members, After registering, Just login. Should work fine...
  14. All Set To Go...
  15. Sorry for the delay guy's... Been caught up with a few things. So i'll have it cleaned up & opened by the end of the week It'll be completely empty of show's until i/we can start adding some though.