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  1. There where rumours about it some years ago. If I remember well coming from the same Brazilian fanclub source that spreads loads of crap usually. On another GNR forum there were talks about it and it was said that they married in 2008(?) for the convenience of travel, (personal) business etc. Pages and pages ago I had to think about it when remarks were being made here about Axl wearing a ring looking like a wedding band. But he did wear those from very early on. I don't remember which forum it was, but shouldn't be to difficult to 'Google' it..........Yeah I'm to lazy......
  2. Yeahhhh! That's how we call it in the Netherlands where I'm originally from. (Visnet shirt) Ladies, where do you make those gifs? Easy?
  3. You're welcome! Didn't understand shit of what he said first time around either. I'm in the UK so 3am doesn't sound too bad compared to your starting/viewing time. I did fine with the Detroit show, even 2-3 hours sleep and off to work seemed a piece of cake since I was still on a high from all of it. I just keep forgetting that it's not only them that have aged lol. Ohhh hot nineties Axl in kilt alert in the DC topic! Can't ever ever ever get enough of that!
  4. He says it's fucking awesome. "This is the first night of the actual tour, the first 7 shows we did were really natural to start. I would say that this is gonna be the same kind of deal....... contribution. Yeah! So it's going.... it's more than I really expected. I didn't actually have a lot of forethought, just sorta....just go play." Still can't believe I fell asleep chasing periscope links somewhere halfway the concert. No more double working shifts when they're about the play, that's for sure!!!
  5. Hey Ladies ( and gents?!)........another new 'kid' on the block! I've stumbled on this forum some weeks ago (maybe even a couple of months) and it's kept me busy, wayyyyy to busy ever since. Didn't really plan on a new hobby or addiction and yet here I find myself again; guilty as sin. I'm not much of a writer (too lazy!) but some 'ohhh, ahhhh, hell yeah!' girly drooling over Axl pics and news should be doable. Even for me. In the meanwhile I've been 'liking' the hell out of posts around the forum. Never thought times like these would come again. Very excited and will be even happier when they finally announce their European tour. Never was much of a social media person and here I find myself 43 years old with a shitload of new apps installed all because of 'Not In This Lifetime'...... PS. The woman reminds me of Erin in a way. And yeah Axl in his kilt (storming the stage at the Freddy Mercury tribute)......pfffffff