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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! @MillionsOfSpiders
  2. Mean Machine Not-a-Rocket Queen
  3. One for every blue hair on her head apparently...
  4. sure! I will later when I get home
  5. It's not. @Lumikki has kindly debunked it throughly *backs out of post slowly*
  6. I found a copy at the Walmart Grocery near my house. The store is new and not skeevy plus I needed detergent so that was my excuse to pop in. Yeah so I have seen all of these pictures but it’s nice to look at them on heavy magazine paper and not just my tiny phone screen. I don’t think I’ve read most of these articles and if I did I am not remembering, ah youth! The price is a tad hefty but there are no ads and it’s a decent little collector’s item. I already hemorrhaged money on concert tickets so what's another $13. Here have a picture of it on my dining room table. And it has my all-time favorite photo of Axl. Schwiiing!
  7. I am sorry that your father is a dick because you seem to be a cool and reasonable person who deserves better. My father is a good guy and I know to be grateful for that. Here is a goofy, crossed eyed kitty to cheer you up (a shallow gesture for a serious issue but anyway).
  8. Separated at birth o_O
  9. OK this is the best one yet!
  10. So many black (and gray) kitties!
  11. She's so pretty!
  12. post these in the Pets! thread!
  13. This is Teddy. He likes to sleep belly up.
  14. @MillionsOfSpiders. @AxlsFavoriteRose do your thing guys!