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  1. Well think of of it as Axl noticing you and responding in a good way
  2. yeah exactly, you're so funny girl
  3. yeah they all are; they seen almost everything a million times already haha
  4. yes Axl did mention the girl's name during the US shows I remember it now. Exactly who ever's in the front with a interesting one rather than the cringey/trashy stuff they've seen a million times. hottie
  5. hi @NorwegianGirl your story is awesome We were all wondering who the lucky fan was at the time we saw the video, so cool you and your friend got Axl's attention, love this story
  6. yeah awesome story
  7. yeah pretty cool. I'll shut up about it now however I know you and I were talking about how lucky this fan was at the time
  8. whoa she is lucky, well it's great she gets to do it. BTW remember the Axl video we were talking about he blew the kiss to recently????? well the girl he did it to posted her story now look at the post "when Axl blew me the famous kiss" it's her and her friend he did it to. I thought you would like this
  9. outta likes yeah she is fucking lucky ; Can you picture following this band around like this. I think one of the girls mentioned she's seen them like 45 times or something like this. Was she the one at the Troubadour show close to Slash side and was like in a trance starring at him; so funny
  10. haha you're so funny girl, she and the other chicks are so lucky very lucky they get to see ton of Gn'R shows. BTW have you seen the post now, today, of "When Axl blew me the famous kiss" so awesome it's the girl and her friend he blew the kiss to recently, remember the video was posted in the Axl section. She posted her story now
  11. @marlingrl03 and all the girls you HAVE to see this post is so awesome, remember the Axl kiss recently he blew and we are all thinking who it was to, look at the post "when Axl blew me the famous kiss" it's to her and her friend
  12. I love the bouncing (or whatever it's called)he does with one of his legs while dancing so adorable