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  1. I like his expression so much
  2. Love your gif, He is so damn cute
  3. yes we do, so excited for them to tour again
  4. Thanks girl yes, I have to be , I can be tough and outspoken also; but at times it's like people being rude for no no reason. so funny I realize now what being on forums, etc can be like, need to ignore as everyone's mentioned. Our GN'R boys are performing in about a month, yes
  5. thank you girl i love the pics
  6. hi, Thanks for your nice message. doing alright, I took a little break from here, some of the posters can be so rude, you probably know this. So I here now, I need to catch up How you doing girl
  7. I knew you would be an expert at this "who threw what garments at Axl "haha,
  8. yeah he does say this haha
  9. I love this pic, is this from when he sings out ta get me and grabs himself
  10. yes, he is very beautiful in all these pics
  11. Why is everyone getting so crazy here, after all this is the fucking whining part, I can post how I feel, everyone else does ffs. you Don't need to be rude and I don't have to tell anybody here the people i was talking about, they know it, I've talked to them haha
  12. yeah, this was so great, him talking to the fans and wanting to know if there were any cool clubs there etc
  13. Love the Ritz style above, my fav, and @BlueJean Baby is this the pic you were talking about you liked with the purple on,
  14. Haha, I already talked to them via pm and no it's not you oldest goat
  15. exactly, he's seen this stuff thousand times. He probably wants someone who gets him now and can have a conversation with. Yeah I'm shy also in this stuff; relationships; even after a while I can still be a little shy at times btw, outta likes for now