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  1. i love this pic, Slaxl kitties
  2. Pat Benatar, love her awesome voice and songs, especially this and I had to pick this also; is one of my fav bands from this time Cheap Trick, love Cheap Trick sooooooo much
  3. gotcha, he did this so often, btw, do you think this was the shirt Axl showed Slas during the one concert and they both laughed, so cute
  4. nice pics, is he arguing in the one above
  5. me too, he looks almost perfect there, if there's such a thing
  6. Another hottie
  7. I love him and the whole band here, yeah great show one of of my favs, , sexy Axl his talking is so hot here,
  8. I like this song, their older song are better, however, due to todays topic, I picked this from Def Leppard
  9. Agree with you girls, I want a GNR album ffs, and seems like they're getting along someway, hopefully, yeah hopefully Im a GNR fan and love the whole band So, never say never