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  1. Give me two seconds to ask him and I'll tell you.
  2. Slash is selling his villa and Axl has committed himself to an endless touring and even applied for a second job to ACDC so they will be able to fund their new record. You don't respect nothing.
  3. Possibly, the ending of Patience was written by Duff. - Duff: "Izzy wrote the verse [humming the verse with help from Steven] and I wrote the part at the end, "A little patience, yeaaaaah" Okay, so that came together like that and we had it." - Axl: "Izzy basically wrote most of the words except for the ending part, and then Slash and Duff got in on it, rearranging and rewriting parts of it, music parts, guitar parts..." But there is also this contradictory quote from Duff: - Duff: " Axl came up with a great lyric, seemingly out of nowhere, that of course became the story and melody of that song. The whistle part at the beginning--a ballsy move by Axl--while seeming odd to some of our fans and critics alike when the record Lies was released, became a part of pop culture. The song just wouldn't be the song without it, right? " and also: - Slash: "Izzy and Axl had such great chemistry because Axl knew how to transform one of Izzy's simple structures into a perfect, well-rounded, melodically and lyrically rich song. A great example is 'Patience': Axl really elevated that song of Izzy's into something else entirely."
  4. Another quote by Slash: Axl is a dramatic kind of individual. Everything he says or does has a meaning, a theatrical place in his mind, in a blown-out-of-proportion kind of way. Little things become greatly exaggerated, so that interactions with people can become magnified into major issues. The bottom line is, he has his own way of looking at things.
  5. I agree with everything except that Axl hasn't changed or he is worse. I don't know that. Axl seems to be in a whole different mood since the reunion. And if there still is a creative gap between Axl and Slash, if Axl insists on industrial rock for example, then I can't see Izzy bridging that gap since he is artistically far from that. Izzy helped holding the interpersonal relations tighter back in the day, much more than bridging any artistic deviations imo. He helped the rest of the band (especially Slash) to be able to 'deal' with Axl. I'm not sure that this thing is needed any more. I hope not.
  6. Since Izzy left they are touring (with a big 23 years lasting break). I'm not sure that the reason behind the lack of a new album is their inabilty or their (Axl's) unwillingness. I believe it's the latter. My objection was that it cannot be seen as a FACT that they cannot release a good album without Izzy, as stated earlier in this thread. My opinion is that if they can write Coma or Estranged without Izzy, then they surely can put out a great album. Unless Slash cannot write any new music after World On Fire and Axl has lost his ability to write good lyrics and melodies. Or he cannot be inspired by Slash's playing any more. If I had to chose between a new album with Izzy or an album without him, the answer is obvious. On the other hand, I don't consider Estranged, NR and most of the non-Izzy songs to be of a lower quality. Most of them may not be on the AFD level, but we won't get another AFD even if Izzy and Steven return. True, but the same could be said for the Izzy songs. It's a bit stretched to say that they broke up because they couldn't write new songs imo. I think the real reason was that they tried (or believed that the others tried) to take the control of the band. Izzy was there when all the drama started to escalate and he couldn't do anything to prevent the worst.
  7. And who was the one who insisted on creating SCOM? Slash who hated it?
  8. Patience was an example of a song that is widely considered to be an Izzy song. I could have used PTU or DTJ instead. My point remains: is Izzy the so called main songwriter of the band (he and Axl) or did they all had an input in everything? Are there Izzy songs, Axl songs, Slash songs or there are all team songs? If there are songs that we have to consider them as Izzy songs, then there are non-Izzy songs as well (I mentioned them before) and they would constitute a great album. So the 3 can make a great album without Izzy.
  9. If you believe that Izzy helped in the creation of Coma, Estranged, Dead Horse, NR, Civil War etc as much as to be considered his songs as well, then OK, but we'll have to accept that ALL of them had a hand in every song. So why do you call Patience an Izzy song for example? If Patience is an Izzy song, then Civil War or NR are not. Sorry. You can't have it all.
  10. So, Civil War has sophomoric lyrics but Pretty Tied Up (which I listen to all the time btw) is a masterpiece with cohesive lyrics. Anyway, of course Izzy was a vital part in Guns and is (was) a super songwriter. I love most of his songs. My point was that the other 3 are fully capable of writing great songs as well. I don't need to wait to see what they are able to to do without Izzy. I've seen it on the UYIs, so no, it's not a fact that they cannot release a decent album without Izzy as @Darkenchantress said. And it would be amazing if they could make a new album with songs like Coma, Locomotive and the others. After all, I became a fan after hearing Estranged... the second that the Slash's first solo kicked in I was a fan. (It would be even more amazing if they had Izzy with them of course. I didn't say anything about Fortus or Gilby. They can't replace Izzy in the songwriting part.)
  11. I don't like it either way
  12. Well, GN'R (unfortunately) have a tendency to do covers, that doesn't mean anything... They even covered Charles Manson, so what?
  13. I would say that an Izzy song is a song that Izzy wrote by himself or at least the other members' input was minimal. The same goes with the Axl songs. All the other songs are a joint effort. Neither Izzy's nor Axl's solely. I don't disagree that Izzy wrote the skeleton of a big portion of the GNR catalogue, but on the other hand, one could say that the additions made by the others were very significant, since Izzy wrote rather simple stuff. Even Slash has said that Axl always knew how to take a simple Izzy structure and convert it into a great song. And also imo the lyrics and the melody of a song are as important as the music. So I consider Coma and Locomotive Slash and Axl songs for example, even though they originated from Slash. The solo is also very important as you said, but that goes for the Izzy songs as well. For example, DTJ is an Izzy-Slash song for me. I don't go by the credits. Izzy had one of the most basic parts in the songwriting, but even without him they wrote great songs. Axl was a better lyricist and wrote far more musically versatile and deeper songs. We aren't talking about Axl or Slash or Duff solo albums, since they are together the 3 of them now. I think that they were (are?) fully capable of making a great album without Izzy, considering all the non-Izzy songs on the Illusions.
  14. It's a matter of taste indeed and I really like most of the 'simple' songs / rockers, however the others usually carry a lot more emotions, so they are actually deeper. Patience was co-written by Izzy and Axl, so let's leave it out of the equation. Tell me an Izzy-exclusive song that can objectively face NR or Estranged in that aspect. Regarding the lyrics, I don't think Izzy could write a Civil War or a Locomotive. You may prefer DTJ for example, but could you seriously claim that it has better lyrics than those two?
  15. The same thing again and again... At first, the article lists the songs written or co-written by Izzy and then lists the songs that Izzy didn't contribute, and compares them. So, the songs co-written by Izzy are Izzy songs. Why don't they make a list with the songs written exclusively by Izzy and then a list with the songs that Axl wrote or co-wrote? And see then which album would be more 'solid'? Dust N' Bones is a great song, but Civil War, November Rain, Estranged, Locomotive and Coma beat hands down anything Izzy wrote by himself (imo).