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  1. GNR Women's discussion

    The first couple of shows have always been Axl's rehearsals. He has never rehearsed before a tour or a tour leg (except for AC/DC and when he played with others, e.g. The Stones, but that was because he had to learn the songs and impress another band's fanbase); he went to Rock In Rio 91 and sang a bunch of new songs without having rehearsed them! He's not gonna change a lifetime habit now, although he should, since other things have changed: - The old shows were spontaneous and unpredictable, so a little sloppiness was not just acceptable but part of the appeal, but now GnR is a professional entertaining machine with planned shows and a static setlist (things that Axl used to hate). - His voice is not what it used to be so he needs to rehearse, and even to 'relearn' some of the songs in order to sing them in another way that suits his current voice. If he did this, he would sound consistently phenomenal (he still has great vocal ability even though his voice has changed); but because he's been singing these songs all his life, he thinks that he doesn't have to. That said, I don't think he sounds bad. I watched some of today's videos and he sounded better than he had at the first SA shows.
  2. GNR Women's discussion

    I don't think that Axl was jealous of Slash for this reason then. There's this quote of him: It’s like the first time I met Slash, I said, “The world’s gotta see this guy.” That’s why when he plays with other people or does solo things it totally gets me off and makes me happy. It secures his place in rock history as a guitarist. [Hit Parader, 1993] I doesn't seem to me that he was lying here or that he would lie about this thing. He brought it up spontaneously in the interview, he wasn't asked. Maybe he got jealous later (I mean after the break up), because Slash played with people Axl liked or wanted to collaborate with: It’s a trip for me to witness as so many of the people he performs with etc he hated then, them, their bands and their music where the others or I were the fans. [Axl Chat, 2008] I think that IF Axl ever releases his book, there won't be any personal and sensitive stuff in there, even things that he has talked about in the past (I doubt he would want to talk about his childhood again), let alone things he has never talked about (Yoda for example). Duff was in the room when OIAM was written, with West Arkeen, possibly Del, etc. Axl has said that they were all laughing and joking about it. So maybe either this is really Duff's account of the meaning of the song or he came up with this interpretation because later he was ashamed for being there. Regardless of whether he believes it or not, Duff's version contradicts, at least to some extent, what Axl himself said; even as a 'character study' song, it's driven from Axl's own experiences. I do believe though, judging from the CBGB's performance, that it was initially written as a joke as Axl said, kind of like Used To Love Her.
  3. GNR Women's discussion

    Good find! Lol, I'd somehow imagined that Dougie wouldn't be very pleased with Mick Wall's book. I guess there's no problem with posting stuff from fb if it's public and available for everyone to read. I scrolled down his fb profile and there's some other interesting stuff: --- ----- It also seems that Doug is still in contact with Steven Adler.
  4. It's been discussed in this thread:
  5. End of the 80s, MTV was new to my country ("wow, a channel that plays music clips all day!" - no matter what the music was). I had gotten in the phase of exploring/starting listening more to stuff beyond what was currently mainstream and also to older stuff. Guns N' Roses had something from those 60s-70s bands, but without being a totally 'revivalist' or 'out of time' band. And, unlike everything else that was regularly on MTV, they sounded and looked genuine; not because of the tattoos etc, but rather despite of all that, because what would look pretentious on any other popular band of the era, on them it looked natural.
  6. GNR Women's discussion

    What did Amy post on her fb? Was it about Stephanie's brat?
  7. We've got to see if the one song thing is permanent. The whole set in most SA shows was shorter (they had skipped Out ta get me/Michelle at the shows before the ones with Adler - at one show they didn't play Coma either) and it was said that Axl was sick. Maybe it had to do with that.