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  1. For what it's worth, Angus' wife did seem genuinely fond of Axl when I talked her. She even said (or rather agreed with another woman) that Axl is cute and also called him very sweet and a pleasure to work with. And that he's very funny and good at making people laugh. I guess it all comes down to what @sanity_lost said: Axl can be very charmig and lovable if you catch him on a good day (or even a good couple of weeks and months). I think the Youngs have mostly (or only) seen Axl's best side and nothing else yet, and they're understandably charmed. It's hard not to adore him when he's like that, I'll freely admit I'm not immune either lol. Yes, the Youngs saw the best side of Axl: charming, funny, a little "crazy" in the good sense. And Axl wanted to show them his good side (and did everything in that regard); the AC/DC thing seems to be very important to him. I think though that Angus knew about Axl's reputation (maybe not every detail, but it's impossible he'd never heard anything) and he didn't have to google him. Also their paths had crossed in the past. The first time was when AC/DC invited GnR to open for them (before GnR made it big, probably in 1987), but on the condition that GnR would be paid after the tour ended (because AC/DC had heard that Axl/GnR were unreliable and caused trouble). GnR found the deal disadvantageous and declined. Iirc Axl had said somewhere that he wanted badly to tour with AC/DC but they had no choice with those terms. Then there was the "police station" mention by Angus during the AXL/DC interview, with Axl saying that it was the second time they met; who knows what had happened and they were at a police station And there is the story Axl told at one of the AC/DC shows: Angus's guitar tech told him "Do you remember, back in 1989, when you tried to run over me with your SUV?" and Axl replied that he didn't remember doing such a thing Probably Angus had a lot of reservations about Axl, but he took the risk thinking as a businessman. I'm sure there were contracts with rigid terms (about being on time etc) which Axl readily signed. But when he got to know Axl, he was pleasantly surprised (same as other people who knew Axl only by his reputation) and loved him.
  2. I can't say I know so much about AC/DC either, but the guess is that Axl brought something rejuvenating that motivates Angus to keep on going, considering that he is 61 years old and the difficult times he's been going through lately with his band falling apart and especially his brother's dementia. Some people think that maybe Axl has some traits that remind Angus of the late Bon Scott. Others say that Angus and Axl have things in common, like that they are both introverts. Maybe also the "father-son" thing that @Whiskey Rose pointed out has something to do.
  3. Speaking of Axl and Angus Young... While the GnR world is preoccupied with the Steven drama, AC/DC fans have their own drama trying to figure out why Angus likes Axl so much: "Why Angus never sent flowers to Brian?"
  4. Why making assumptions about possible brain damage is worse than discussing someone's possible mental health problems and even have an opinion on what should be done about that (provided that in both cases we don't know the people in question personally)? To me it's the same. There have been many discussions in the old thread about Axl's mental situation. I took part in those discussions because the subject intrigues and interests me. Subjects of this kind are very sensitive and there is a fine line between "armchair diagnosis" and making assumptions, and one must be very cautious. I tried to stick to the facts (for example that Axl was diagnosed with something he disputed and was prescribed medication) and not cross the line.
  5. It's not necessarily lying. He might thought in retrospect that the real issue behind the musical differences (which were real, but nothing new - they had them before, but they had managed to work them out) was who would have control of the band. So he downplayed the disagreement about the direction of the band in the book, although he was emphasizing on it in interviews around the breakup. Other reasons for this could be 1) that overtime some of his musical views/taste changed 2) that by downplaying the musical differences in the book, he subconsciously downplayed his own part in the control game. In my opinion, from the 3 reasons Slash listed in his book, only one was real at the time he left: the control game. I'm quoting myself from another thread buried somewhere in the Civil War section:
  6. Because in the book he projected his 2007 perspective to the time of events. It's what happens with autobiographies, especially those written years later; they represent more the autobiographers' current thoughts about the past events than their feelings and thoughts the time the events occurred.
  7. Just for clarification: Izzy didn't have a choice about that. He couldn't keep his ownership share even if he wanted to, because there was a condition in their partnership agreements that if a partner quit, he'd have to sell his share to the other partners. Slash and Duff were able to do it because Axl had quit the partnership and formed a new one, but the old partnership was never dissolved so they kept their ownership percentages in that one. Well. He didn't fire Duff and Slash, but he could as well have. He certainly drove them away and both wouldn't have left, had he not been such a diva and easier to work with. Both left out of frustration. If Slash had the ability to really put his foot down, there would be no keyboards and pianos in GNR. So why do you hold that sentiment against Steven? And at the time Steven got fired, all of them were pretty much wasted all the time, by their own accord. And really, none of us were there when Steven's firing really transpired, so who are we to say his pov is wrong? Slash said that he didn't like keyboards, but he was cool with the piano (and organ). Maybe he didn't like the piano epics, but it doesn't seem he had an issue with the piano on Civil War for example. As for Steven, he said in the Reddit AMA that the other instrument he would like to play is piano: Steven, if you had to pick another instrument to play, what would it be and why? Steven: Piano because Freddie Mercury is God! If I could do anything, I would do anything close to being Freddie Mercury. Even if I had to be gay. In fact, I wish I was gay but I just don't have it in me! There's also this quote about the November Rain video from the book "I Want My MTV": STEVEN ADLER: I think that video would have been better if I was a part of it. But I’d been kicked out of the band for partying—and the biggest irony is, I was partying with the guys in the band. It doesn't look like the piano (or November Rain) would have been a real reason for Steven and Axl to clash.
  8. I don't think Steven was referring to the speedball incident, because he presented his firing as part of an Axl plan to take control, kick everyone else out and change the direction of the band by adding piano etc, and linked his case with the cases of the other members who quit later. It's Steven's truth (at least at this point, because he has changed his version a couple of times) and he believes it, but it doesn't mean it is the truth. It's true of course that Axl wanted to take control, but it isn't true 1) that he wanted to kick out the rest of the band and be left alone (even though his actions, to a large extent, eventually led to that), 2) that Steven's case was similar to Izzy's or Slash's; the control issue didn't have anything to do with Steven being put under a contract and subsequently fired; it was, by all other accounts and interviews (especially of that era), a collective decision, and Axl and Slash had their own reasons each for wanting Steven out of the band. It's also probably true that Axl doesn't like Steven, but it has been the other way around too in some form. Steven has always had this childlike love/hate (or more likely admiration/hate) thing towards Axl. Welcome My understanding from what Steven said is that he was supposed to play only at the second show, but he showed up at the first because his whole family was there and he wanted to play both shows. So he really wasn't expected to be there, but of course Axl didn't have to act like a dick because of that
  9. It might be true. Phil Rudd said recently that he spoke to "a couple of the guys". One of the guys was apparently Brian Johnson (as Rudd mentioned having talked with him in another part of the interview), the other was most likely Cliff Williams. If one reads between the lines of what Rudd said: “I’ve spoken to a couple of the guys. I can’t say what’s on the horizon for AC/DC, I can’t really say. That’s not my thing to say. I have seen, though, that Guns N’ Roses are playing over here in Wellington soon and they have a big tour all over the world. I wonder whether Angus will be happy to see Guns N’ Roses going out on a big tour which means that AC/DC can’t go out on tour. We will see. You’d need a crystal ball to know what’s going to happen there.” it looks like he was told that Angus intends to record and go on tour again with Axl. There was also another rumor (or speculation) some time ago that Axl and Angus would take advantage of the break between the Asian-Australian and the European GnR shows to work on an album. It seems too soon though; it would be very surprising if Angus has already found a bassist and written new material. ------ It would be a bummer if we get an AXL/DC album before (or, even worse, instead of) a GnR one, but on the other hand it would be better than nothing.
  10. Welcome to the thread (and the forum). Very interesting post! Steven always gave the impression of an emotionally and mentally immature person (and his bandmates have described him this way) and I've thought about the possible damage that his long lasting drug use may have caused, but it never occurred to me that a mild stroke can have such an effect on a person like that. Also, welcome @melina i. Glad you finally decided to post ------ Please, no strippers... I guess they went well with the sleaze of the club days, but not now
  11. Based on what Steven said, it seems that the schedule was for him to play his two songs only at the second show (I assume too that there must have been contracts), but because all his wife's (and his?) family was there he wanted to play at both shows, so he suddenly showed up the first night. Axl was either just surprised or pissed off. Either way there was likely an argument and Axl told him that he wouldn't play more than his contract stated and he let him play only one song per night.
  12. I agree except for the yellow part. Axl had said already at a seemingly unsuspected time in 2011 that only Duff and Slash would be needed for a reunion (it's noteworthy that he said Duff's name first). Duff's role is upgraded and he has become indispensable, not so much because they couldn't sell the tour without him (although his presence helps to market the threeunion as a continuation of the last Illusions era band, since the three core and original members of that lineup are part of it), but because of his managing and mediating skills. Duff is the link between Axl and Slash and they both need him.
  13. Yes, but as much naive as Steven is, how could he be that deluded to think that he would play all these songs without rehearsing them with the band? From the way he said it, it seems that he did rehearse all this stuff with them and they had even arranged the order of the songs so that Steven would play the first and last part of the set. ------ My guess: When Steven heard about the reunion, he started calling Slash and Duff begging them to let him be part of it. They told him that they weren't convinced about his soberness and then Steven went in that interview in December 2015 and bashed them. Finally they decided to give him a chance (probably after Steven called them again and said how sorry he was about the interview etc) and persuaded Axl to do so too. Either Axl agreed with the two drummers setting and Steven playing most of the set or he said "ok, get him to rehearse and we'll see what and how much he plays" and they planned it among themselves without his consent (which is doubtful - I don't think Slash and Duff would take the risk to do something behind Axl's back and blow the reunion off). What changed when Steven hurt his back? What's for sure is that money wasn't an issue; Steven didn't ask for much. Maybe the three thought that, given Steven's history, the situation with the meds he'd have to take increased the possibility of him relapsing (which would cause drama, bad publicity and possible legal complications); or maybe Axl had second thoughts or something happened between him and Steven during the rehearsals and he used the back injury as an excuse. Whichever it was, Duff called Steven and told him he was out. Maybe after that Slash and Duff told him to be patient, behave himself and if all went well they might work something out for him. Some time later, Axl (or all three of them) agreed to give him a few guest spots but nothing more. Steven took the bone they gave him as a way to get his closure. He played the three NA shows, and then he showed up on the first Buenos Aires show while he was scheduled to appear on the second. Axl was in dick mode, he said "wtf is he doing here", Steven is an impulsive guy, he likely responded saying something not so polite to Axl, they had an argument and Axl let him play only one song at each show. After that Steven bowed out. The case with Izzy is different. As it seems, the main issue is the "loot". Either way, as someone here already said, it would most likely still be a hybrid kind of thing. Even if things had worked out with Izzy and Steven and they were on board full time, Axl would want to keep Fortus (so three guitarists lineup) and have a second keyboardist.