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  1. Day 13 Eurovision* has always been a safe source for really really bad and/or kitschy songs *For people who might not know, it's a song competition taking place every year since the 70s - each European country participates with one song This one hadn't won the contest, but it became so popular that the German "band" made an English version. Enjoy The 80s wasn't a bad decade for music. There was really great stuff in the first half especially, but also it was an "easy" era for fiasco and epic failure.... like a mediocre FM "prog rock" band going electro-futuristic and something like this trying to pass itself and being hyped as innovative/pioneering
  2. What happened with you? In the other music challenge you had managed to limit yourself when most of us were cheating
  3. Yes There is always the "What Are You Listening" thread. This is what I do
  4. Day 12 Just one Bob Dylan - Maggie's farm (Newport '65) At least when I cheat, I try to post late, after most have made their picks
  5. I have cheated, but I agree.
  6. I can't wait for Day 13
  7. Day 11 I'll limit myself to 3 from... I don't know how many
  8. Lol, I didn't know this band even existed. Thanks for posting it, seriously I went to youtube and watched some videos, and...
  9. @Frey covered already the "you failed again" part. I don't know if the devil is among the things Axl believes in/is scared of. Niven had talked shit about AC/DC before though, in that interview with Mitch Lafon. In the same interview he bragged about him being the one who spread that rumour in the UK press that Axl had killed his dogs back in 1987 Niven himself has admitted it. From Mick Wall's book: The title track also featured a snippet of an answering phone message Erin once left for Niven, allegedly while Axl was being violent towards her. ‘Yes, I did use Erin,’ he admitted in an interview with the LA Times in 2016, ‘but I was hurt and angry and in the process of writing my anti-LA, anti-betrayal, anti-Goldstein content for the Psycho City album. So now you know.’ (and then follows the crap he did with the black magic stuff) But yeah, I listened to the Great White song too and I couldn't hear anything like that.
  10. No, really . 90% I hadn't - and if I had it was somewhere my parents took me, not a local pop band (we didn't have many of them)
  11. Day 10 I'm really not sure if I had been to a concert by a local artist before this - I think not. Anyway, my first international concert was a 2-day festival and I was lucky to be there (a friend's uncle took us) because I was too young to go otherwise. Among the bands that played was this one... this one... and...