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  1. We did these things too (here we haven't even had age restriction for drinking, buying alcohol and entering bars), but, although there were cases of teenage girls having older boyfriends, we mostly did it with people around our age, that is high school ages 15-18 or maybe a year younger or older.
  2. I think the Patience lyrics are Izzy's, but he's very likely an introvert too
  3. The first paragraph of the article is pretty much me And yes, Axl doesn't look like the type that wants to have people around all the time. On the other hand, there's TB for the last many years and him seeming to be always with them (although this has changed recently), but maybe this has to do with other factors (depression and or other mental issues).
  4. Axl though has had a big difficulty to deal with all this. He has said it many times (and also that he doesn't like touring in general) and other people have said it too. As for the stage itself, people who perform manage to somehow "get out of themselves" while doing that, and, like @Frey said, it gets easier when you get used to do it.
  5. Does being any introvert type completely rule out being able to perform/talk etc before an audience? Because I'm an introvert too and I've done it; I found a way because I had to, although I was scared to death. I don't think the number of the audience makes a big difference in this, if it's 200 people or 20000.
  6. Yeah, he had said that, but he also said that he went to see his parents after 5 years or so (that was in 1987) trying to fix his relationship with them and understand why he was treated so hard etc and that he thought it was because his stepdad didn't understand that he wasn't messing up but just following his dream, but now he liked WTTJ etc. I agree about the charlatans, but in regards to his family, I don't think they were the cause for his relationship with his parents falling out; there was some real and serious shit from his childhood. I think the band thing was rather coincidental and, after all, the age differences weren't big (in fact Izzy is same age as Axl, Duff just 2 years younger). And he had friends of his age (guys from Indiana, West Arkeen, Del is around the same age etc). The issue -if there was one eventually- was only with women.
  7. After dithering for some time without managing to decide which song to pick, I'll cheat too and I'll post not one, not two, but three beautifully dark - or beautifully sad - songs (no song can make me sad by itself). Sorry, I promise I won't do it again Day 10 This album (and particularly this song) was my favorite in 1988 along with AFD, although completely different in style and... everything else:
  8. You said that Axl somehow managed to be on time and "behave" during the early days because he "had to" in order to make it, and I pointed out that it wasn't the case because he was late during that period as well; not as often as in the UYI era, but there were quite a few occasions (documented in band members' books, interviews by them and other people) when he freaked out, missed shows etc. For example, in 1986 already, Axl was late for their first show opening for a big name (Alice Cooper) and their first chance to play in front of a bigger number of people than in the clubs, he wasn't allowed in the venue and the band played a few songs with Izzy and Duff singing; he didn't show up for one of the shows opening for Aerosmith (I think) and the band seriously thought of firing him; he attacked security guards, he got arrested during shows etc etc.
  9. That girl in the faux rape charge, who Axl had sex with, was 15. I've read another -quite disturbing- story with a 15 year old in a groupies board or something, although I have strong doubts that it's true. It seems there were under-aged girls in their circle, in the Hell House parties etc during the early days. Also some of the known members of the inner circle were quite young, Barbi for example was 17 according to Slash's book. I don't know, maybe it was a common thing back then in LA Yeah, Erin was close to his age (3 years younger, iirc). Gina was about 4 years younger I think; this gap is "normal" for people above a certain age, but notable when for example one partner is 20 and the other 15, or, as in Axl's case, he was 22 and Gina was still at school - but anyway, such relationships are not unusual, so I guess it can be considered as a normal relationship. Michelle Young, who he had a brief relationship with, was 5 years younger. I had the impression that Stephanie was around 10 years younger, but I checked and she was 6 years younger. Anyway, maybe I was off about this, but it seemed to me that Axl viewed the relationships with women around his age as a combination of romantic relationship and friendship, and for strictly romantic or -more usually- plain sexual relationships he had a preference for younger women/girls. Yeah, I guess he's not totally "numb" and he can still get angry/annoyed etc, but I was referring mainly to how he is during the shows. And if things happened as Steven said, i.e. that Axl said "only one song" but Steven attempted to play another and they turned off the lights on him etc, it'd be expected that Axl wouldn't manage to stay cool and keep his temper. The show Axl's mother was at according to Steven's mom was in 1989. That was when Axl still thought he could have a good relationship even with his stepdad and it can be safely assumed that it was at least the same with his mother, so it's not unexpected or surprising that she was there. The relationship with his mother went bad after 1990, when he had started the regression therapy or some time before (maybe when he had that "flashback" about his biological father) and he looked for answers from her without getting any.
  10. It wasn't "all of a sudden". These things were there from the beginning, they escalated as the band got successful and peaked during the UYI tour. There were occasions during the early and AFD days when Axl was late or made it in the last minute or didn't feel like doing a show and he was locked in his room etc. And he always perceived himself as the "leader" of the band (although his band mates obviously didn't see it that way), as it's shown in this 1987 interview (around 8:16 min. mark of the first video and beginning of the second): I've referenced this early interview a couple of times before in other threads, because I think it's very interesting and gives a good insight on how Axl was thinking before the band made it big. It's all here: In the last part (part 6) he talks about musicians who changed their direction as they got old, and it's like he sees his own future.
  11. Yeah, I agree, but Axl seemed to have a preference for women a lot younger than him even when he was young...
  12. I think what you're perceiving is Axl either being mentallly unwell in some way and/or Axl being on some heavy medication. Remember when that interview with Duff and Axl came out and most of us commented that Axl seemed really off somehow? We speculated that he was on meds back then as well and I still think that's a good theory. And while meds might be a good thing for many people, knowing who Axl's care takers are makes me immediately highly sceptical of the whole situation. TB have never shown good sense or judgment when it comes to dealing with Axl's mental health issues. Anyway, those are basically the two theories it all comes down to in the end imo. Most likely it's a combination of both. I honestly don't know what can or should be done about it. I kind of think Slash and Duff should be trying harder to pull Axl out of his shell and involve him more, but they have more concerns than just Axl and the band these days, and who knows, maybe they are already trying. These are all very plausible theories imo. About the possibility of Axl currently being on meds: it's something I've been thinking for a while too. The fact that he doesn't leave his hotel room is worrying; maybe it's the only way for him right now to cope with this tour (and the one with AC/DC) without fucking up. But it combined with how he acts on stage is what strikes me the most. Yes, Axl used to be goofy on stage in the past like @Whiskey Rose said, but being happy-go-lucky all the time, without even a little sign of him being nervous/irritated/annoyed about something, is not natural and "normal" for him. I don't think that maturity or him "behaving" due to contract terms are good enough explanations for this. I agree with @MillionsOfSpiders that personality traits don't disappear just like that. --- About the Beta-mom thing: It's certainly weird; but in regards to the small age difference, I think that maybe it has partly to do with that his mother was very young (both his parents were - his stepdad, as we found out in this thread, was even younger) and it's possible that she looked even younger than her age, so it's not abnormal to him to see a woman a little older than him as his "mom". Another thing that maybe adds to this theory is that, aside from Erin who was close to his age (and who Axl often referred to as a "friend-lover"), most of the women Axl dated/went with before her (I've read stories about 15-year-olds) and after her were considerably younger than him; maybe he sees women that are a bit older than him as women who could be his "moms".
  13. Great pics here. Thanks all for posting