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  1. Didn't know Duff has those tattoos on his back. If he has Loaded on his right arm it's only fair he gets Fartz on his left.
  2. That sounds familiar
  3. Baby Axl Rumor has it he was calling @BlueJean Baby Can you confirm?
  4. DAY 22-V That crazy mofo, I love her
  5. LOL I don't have it because I don't keep faux Izzy pics. Sorry. Edit to add: can't find the pic but here's some real eye candy in the meantime: Yeah it's old but still
  6. I've seen it. Don't think it was him.
  7. I'm not sure I understand you but yes that's Izzy, yes the pic is real from his days in a band called Naughty Women, he is handsome and attractive. Your tortoises are running loose, go take care of them.
  8. You're so wrong. Izzy is the most beautiful, good looking and fashionable old lady on planet Earth: No filter but still made for instagram
  9. Sorry for crushing dreams again but that's Tracii Guns, not Izzy.
  10. Pfft. Drogon will be paying him a visit and I'll see you both bending the knee.
  11. DAY 21-U