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  1. Man, I wish Slash was still fucking around the same way..You could tell how much fun he's having! I know he's older and more importantly sober now. I guess I'm just sad I didn't have the opportunity to see them back in the day..Millenial Problems, haha
  2. stuff like this (look at the crowd): and of course this: Sorry if this isn't relevant enough but Buenos Aires deserves all the love. The passion! Watch a concert with these crazy mofos. Added to my bucket list.
  3. Man, I wish I was in Buenos Aires for this. It just doesn't get any crazier.
  4. Please do a review of the next two shows.
  5. There are some genuinely nice people on this forum, like really cool people. By the same token, there's some people, who either haven't seen them on tour LIVE this time around, and exclusively do Periscopes or just like nitpicking every little thing the band members do (in their personal lives as well). They sound AMAZING LIVE. This show is for the people that are actually there and the people are having the greatest fucking time of their lives. Stop trying to be a critic, and stop trying to be obsessive about Axl Rose, Slash, Duff, etc. They are in their 50s and putting on shows that only a select few can. Appreciate it. And please don't judge any song off of periscopes or cell phone recordings. I mean, for fuck's sake, people complaining about the setlist being the same. Well,'s the same for you because you've been watching the same show on the tour on your computer. The people who actually go to the shows want to hear Rocket Queen, want to hear KOHD, Paradise City, etc. I saw people complaining about his voice on Paradise City. Get a Life! The entire crowd loses their shit for that song. KOHD sounding boring? You get the most crowd participation out of it and the people at the shows love the shit out of the extended solos. Axl sounds great live. Slash is like a God among men on stage. The entire band mixing is amazing where you can be in the worst, furthest seats in the house and still hear every little note. Be grateful that Periscopes and Youtube exists. Don't be a butt hurt. The people should not stop singing loudly either. They are doing you a FAVOR by holding up their phones not the other way around. The world doesn't owe you anything. Guns N' Roses are selling out shows Worldwide and they are doing it right. Just because it's not happening exactly the way you dreamed it would be doesn't make it wrong, doesn't make it stale. TL; DR: Stop whining and appreciate what you have. Don't ruin the music.
  6. And my personal favorite. That outro (skip to 7:50 mark) is Godly:
  7. I went to the ones in DC and Philly. Philly by far..It was hot like a mf, but the vibe was something I can't explain. Axl was on another level. Slash was Godlike!
  8. Heard the usual hits in the beginning and I liked them but never dug too dep. Loved Sweet Child and Jungle. Shortly after a break up with my high school girlfriend, I was just noodling around listening to music trying to keep my mind off of things (that's what teenagers do, I guess). Found "Estranged" on my brother's iTunes and was kinda curious. Pressed Play and it had me in tears. Haven't looked back since. The words just resonated with every emotion I was feeling at the time. It's become like the song of my life in many ways. Favorite song ever, EVER!
  9. So I just got around to writing this review. Was at the show last night. Overall, I'd say they were better in this show than the one i went to in DC. "Sorry" was a great addition and I was glad to hear "Don't cry". But TIL was on a different level. At least being there live. Loved Axl, loved Slash. Personal Favorite performance of the night would have to be either Nightrain as the atmosphere was electric or KOHD as Axl really got the crowd involved. Also, Mr.Brownstone makes EVERYBODY groove.
  10. I'm on my way. About 1hr and some away. Don't even care if it's the same set list as the one in DC. Ladies and gentlemen, it's going to be a party!#TwiceInThisLifetime
  11. First time poster, long time lurker..I was at the DC Show. Traffic sucked, parking sucked but GN'R definitely made everything worth it. I was too young to see them back in the 90's. Was beyond excited when AIC were done. Their set was alright, but the hype was real. Lights go out And then boom! you hear the Looney Tunes theme song and you know it's getting real. It's So Easy hits and we all just lost it. Great night! Axl killed it! Slash is like the epitome of Cool. I wasn't a huge fan of all the covers, but Live and Let Die just absolutely kicks ass live..Mr.Brownstone and Jungle just ..I can't even. Also wanted to say, all the way from the weeks before the Troubadour till right now, you guys have been great! I'm already planning on going to the Philly show as well. Hopefully that happens!