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  1. Thats how fast izzy disappears - right out of his shoes! haha! Just joking, I love Izzy. Wish it were one of those dudes!
  2. Leant out my copy of Aaron Copelands Music and Imagination, The Art of the Gifted Listener (printed under a variety of similar titles). Its become clear that Im not getting it back. Really bummed. But at least this gives me the chance to suggest it. Its Copeland, a composers, essays and one of them in particular, The Gifted Listener is so illuminating. He talks about the informed listener - a non musician - being of great importance to music. Its mainly from the perspective of composer but can really inform listening too. I cant do it justice in this description.
  3. I always loved Zakks takes on Mr Crowley on Live and Loud. As GnR demonstrates its difficult for a guitarist to put their own spin on a legendary track, but I really like what he did with it and others. And I like the albums they made together. I haven't followed him or solo Ozzy very closely for a bit and that is in part to being a little bored of Zakks thing. But for me this is exciting news.
  4. Day 15 Not in reference to an SO for the record Not even Matt and Dizzy could lay down such solid 2nd and 3rd tambourine!
  5. sorry if I came across as saying 'why would you post/know about this?' makes total sense to post about live music events on here. I just meant its weird to me in general how this is such big news.
  6. If I wore them over the pants it could be part of my super hero get up?
  7. oh yeah, chicks love the baby blue briefs
  8. the pantera tracks are taking me back to my initiation into high school football. We blasted pantera in locker room. In grade nine I was initiated. I still had shoulder pads and jersey on. Pants off. I was atomic wedgied. In the end I was standing in the middle of locker room, hanging brain, with just the elastic band around my waist, picking shreds of baby blue briefs outta my butt. ahhhh, summer nights. hahaha! I guess Im in over my head on the super hero thing; when you said iron man I though Black Sabbath
  9. you know that super heros are benevolent and work for the greater good, right?
  10. @AxlsFavoriteRose, you turn into super hero when youre pissed off?
  11. Im personally both loving every minute of this and wondering why anyone cares what happened to these trust fund babies
  12. If you decide against castration, if its a UTI and if you are physically able to do so: Partly dissolve crystalline ascorbic acid in water. Leaving some crystals intact as much as you can. Ascorbic acid is just a form of vitamin C. Drink a bunch of this so that you pee in short order. The crystals can help flush out any infection (the rush of piss will ensure its fully dissolved by the time it leaves you, so there wont be any concerns there). Also vitamin c has cleaning properties - think citrus cleaners - and any digested vitamin c will boost immune system. But the idea is too drink so much of it that you pee quickly. Do that a number of times if you can. Use pain as a guide and don't push it too much.
  13. I was in high school in late nineties. I was teased for being a GnR fan by any rock fans. It was enough that I eventually stopped wearing my tight jeans and aviators I always suspected people just thought it was cool to shit talk GnR though. I mean how could they be so huge if no one in my school liked them? Same people embraced VR. To be fair STP was huge in my area, but still I think people wanted some of that Guns vibe. OT: I went to my NITL show with a friend who wore a "team axl" shirt that she'd made. However she hadn't listened to CD. Kinda like the perception it was cool to slag GNR, it was like this huge Axl fan was convinced to hate on Axl's album.
  14. haven't tried this, but there was some conversation about maple syrup/butter/pecan pie recently. heres a recipe: