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  1. Popped into my head today. The lover of my youth introduced me to this and we'd sing along to it over and over on road trips, trying to get the harmonies She turned me on to some Bonnie Rait too, but I cant bring it to mind now
  2. My practice of making and cube freezing any dish that can be stored that way is resulting in some wonderful fusion dishes. I haven't labeled them well enough. So, for nutritional balance Ill pick a variety of colours. An orange cube, a white one, a green one, a brown one. These being sweet potato, cauliflower, spinach and black bean southwestern soup. But low and behold Sweet potato mash was infused with tarragon, cauliflower is a nutmeg forward veloute, spinach is a prepared for palak panner and has curry, and southwestern has chilli and oregano. So my mash is all theses flavors and is paired with roast beef frozen is a sauce or gravy that I forget. In this case horseradish, mustard and apple cider vinegar pan gravy. I wouldn't proudly serve these combos to any one, but its actually kinda fun to have pallete surprised.
  3. I dont know what it is, but we are clearly talking across purposes I think we agree on all points. I still say that means Fortus would get credit. Just like the breakdown you just described.
  4. yep, sounds like we agree. But I think Fortus should have a writing credit as well. So the musical composition is 50% (although thats not how Guns split it on UYI) so Finck would get most of that 50% and Fortus and perhaps Bucket get smaller parts of that 50%
  5. Oh, I got ya. Yes, I very much agree that Finck is the main music writer of the song. Its a Finck song. And that Fortus, and possibly buckethead composed sections of music as well.
  6. Axl saying it was "a Finck song" does not indicate Finck wrote Axls melody. It could be said that Fincks parts are very melodic so naturally Axls sings along to it fairly closely through out. However Axl sings identical to the melody of Fortus part.
  7. Finck didnt write Axls melody or the lyrics
  8. Theres a balance to be struck for sure. Also about the gut flora, the biome as its called more offers recently, that helps us be in harmony with the natural conditions around us and to fight of bad bacteria that is zapped off by irradiation. The natural airborne yeasts should be familiar to the stomach. I never heard about the guy accidentally microwaving brain!!! gross!!! Is see the hanging carcasses in China town here and in humidity that is a unique and unforgettable odour. As of now it looks very a appealing to see a smoked rabbit hanging in window, I must admit.
  9. Thanks for posting this Theres a radio program on Canadas National Public Broadcaster about technology. Its called Spark. Its tag line is "The future is coming. Arrive intact." Sounds so ominous to me, especially a show that celebrates tech. To me, Bingobox is a good example of why the tag line is suitable. First thing that strikes me is that I have really enjoyed nice rapports with convenience store clerks. My life has been enriched by chats and running jokes, and community news sharing with the clerks. And, in many cases, there has been an exchange of practicing english as part of a cultural exchange where I learn of other cultures. Ive held newborns in celebration, Ive been encouraged through recovery from an Achilles Heel injury, I would miss it all greatly. And then of course theres the jobs being lost. For me personally, I like to use cash. I just do. But I also don't care to have my buying habits collected, bought and sold. I do not see capitalism as my friend or a neutral and therefore do not seek to aid it with info. And I dont trust it to not be hacked and prevent me from purchasing freely. 'Weapons of Math Destruction, how big data increases inequality and threatens democracy' by Cathy O'Neil is a great read. Basically algorithms are far from accurate. So the info tracked through this method of payment potentially produces decisions made on my behalf that harm instead of help due to flawed programming and ideology.
  10. Good point. Thats possible. Or maybe he wasnt around anymore? Im fuzzy on his role after not playing live anymore.
  11. If you write the music for the chorus you should get credit. Same if Bumble is correct abut Buckethed. Such a strange band. Maybe there was just so much to sort through that they were honestly just lost in the shuffle? The riff fortus created for chorus reminds me of Slashs intro riff to Garden of Eden
  12. Day 69 I no longer have ability to vocalize
  13. It could be worse... if it were Nickleback playing it Yep, totally feel you! I may as well be uncle Olof. Non stop play and obsession.
  14. That dish sounds worth it. Here someone has genetically modified apples to not show sign of aging. But it doesnt actually stop the impacts of much of the aging; it still becomes oxidized but doesnt turn colour. And oxidization reduces the nutrient count considerably. They claim the consumers were wasting apples that had the slightest imperfection in colour so this invention is for sustainability, but I have my doubts. Like what youre saying here, fruit is a strange industry. I dont know if its been okayed for sale yet. Food is gross to learn about. In Canada and US - probably elsewhere - imported food is irradiated. Now, I dont use a micro wave, so Im sure irradiating food doesn't sound as bad to some people. A concern would not only be about the radiation, but also how many nutrients and beneficial bacteria are lost to this. Or how carton orange juice is pasteurized and then stored in oxygen free tanks for years and looses flavour so is flavoured with a concentrate and other processed orange by product and then sold. And sometimes fortified with synthetic versions of the nutrients lost to pasteurization. Or worse yet, sometimes nutrients not replaced.
  15. Haha! This gave me a good laugh Occam's razor would tell us that the child simply chose to utilize the popular melody to underscore their point