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  1. The tour had 4/5ths of the original band playing at times. That sounds like a reunion to me...
  2. My bad. Regarding the's interesting. Kind of weird editing though.
  3. have a feeling you're trolling...
  4. This is correct. Guys, the new intro is nothing new that duff/slash wrote. That riff already exists in the song. It's the riff that bucket solos over right before the bridge. The only new thing they "wrote" is the part that sounds like the 8Mile song right before axl starts singing.
  5. Just wondering if everyone knows that the new intro is just the breakdown riff before the bridge? Sometimes I'm not sure if ppl know that or if they think slash/duff wrote that and made the new intro. but I agree with everyone on that it kicks ass. Love the new intro.
  6. I went to the 7/19 show at Gillette. Best show I've ever seen. Just finished watching the pearl jam scope from Fenway. I only caught the last half but they seriously played 4 covers in 45 min. And overall, kind of a dull show. Point is, GNR are the best fuckin band out there. They kick ASS. Axl is a god damn rock star and knows how to put on a show. I'm dying to go see them again and wish I was in Houston tonight. Enjoy the show, folks!