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  1. Travel advice for Guns N' Roses fans ahead of Slane gig Fans are warned of significant traffic delays and to add on TWO additional hours to your expected travel time !!!
  2. Have you got Early Entrance, or the "ordinary" FOS1? I will be at the venue around 10/11am to check how the line up works , i would say the earlier the better !
  3. Exactly my thought...and IF there will be guest spots from Steven/Izzy they won't tell us tomorrow ! Announcement will only be - SURPRISE...we are celebrating AFD 30th with one or two extra shows !
  4. there are allready some infos on the wormland hp !!!
  5. Don't worry there will be merch trucks at the venue, i think these pop up stores are more like the one from John Varvatos they had in N.Y., if i remember correctly they did'nt sell City tees or lithos there, "only" the more expensive merch like the leather jackets etc...
  6. Pop up merch stores in Hannover + Munich !
  7. Pop up merch stores in Munich + Hannover ...
  8. Today in a month ...they will be back !
  9. There are 3 threads in which is puzzled whether if this is his voice or not, i'm really afraid of a new record, do we all need the booklet then to proof that Axl is singing btw for me IT IS him
  10. Day 25:
  11. I really could'nt care less about all the whining about the GnR/Who pairing, when i see this picture i'm only getting sad about living on the other side of the planet, and not having a chance to see both bands performing at the same place
  12. DAY 24: sex, drugs & rock n' roll
  13. Day 22: The song is about the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl/Ukraine 1986 ! I remember that half of the people in Central Europe did not care much about it, since it happened in the "far distant" UDSSR, the other half has stopped eating fruit and vegetables, and did not let their children play outdoors anymore, the politicians were also not helpful, since their statements about the extent of the disaster were very different, so no one knew at the time what really happened exactly and how to handle it!
  14. *singing* ..."I'm sorry for you, not sorry for me..."
  15. I was only waiting for somebody to start Day 21