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  1. No, his brother Rudolph. Michael was only ever in the Scorpions for a couple of short stints. He is notoriously a bit of a headcase who would make Axl Rose seem normal.
  2. Another Piece Of Meat, Lovedrive, Animal Magnetism, Falling In Love, Tease Me Please Me, Still Loving You, Bad Boys Running Wild, Coast To Coast, just a few more off the top of my head other than those already mentioned. Just a great band.
  3. I wasn't gonna post any Warrant but seeing as AFR has... well it'd be rude not to... here's your encore. I'm out!
  4. Nearly forgot about these boys. That's me done too, think I've had one too many. Good fuckin' night!!!
  5. I AM drinking tonight! Can u tell? Speaking of Tawny Kitaen... ahh!
  6. Come on!!! Sorry bout the video (well, maybe I'm not sorry)
  7. Nice!
  8. Ohh Joan! Now you're talking!
  9. What's with the ballads?
  10. C'mon Baz!
  11. I'm out of likes! Shit! You'll get your likes tomorrow (or the day after )
  12. Not a chance Whiskey Rose! You can even post Poison and I won't get upset! (Well, maybe a little) Hair metal party!!! Crue! Crue! Crue!
  13. Party tiiiiiime!!!