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  1. Best music video ever.
  2. Nice one! I'll probably end up a hardcore fan by the time I finish on here!
  3. Day 11 - OK, so I guess we could all be here all day posting multiple songs from probably the best decade in music. This fella basically summed up the 60's (certainly late 60's) for me, in terms of his sense of style, his clothes, experimentation and pushing musical boundaries (not to mention being the greatest guitarist that ever lived). Jimi WAS the 60's! Sorry bout the video for this next song but it was all I could find on Youtube and I really wanted to post it, as it's one of my favourites by him and never fails to put me in a good mood when I listen to it.
  4. Again, sorry if not the type of stuff getting posted but I really like Ryan Adams and Whiskeytown. alt-country?
  5. Really like those two tracks as well. I'll download a couple of his albums to get a proper taste. I definitely think it'll be the harder/darker end of the genre that would appeal to me tbh. Pleased I had a look on this thread.
  6. Yeah, liked all of those to be honest, just googled Hank Williams III and he sounds interesting, it says he mixes outlaw country, punk and metal (and was in Superjoint Ritual with Phil Anselmo), I'll definitely be checking him out in greater depth, cheers.
  7. Lovely.
  8. Bloody hell, Jan, that's a bit extreme for a first gig isn't it? You must've been a right little raver!
  9. Cheers mate, I'll have a rummage through.
  10. I wanna laugh myself to deeeeeeaattttthhh!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. There you go. Right, I'll leave this thread to those who know their Country, bye! (p.s. I like Steve Earle as well but again.... ok bye!)