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  1. Good point, it's hard for me to get excited about fat, rich guys getting fatter and richer. At least if izzy was there id get a nostalgia hit.
  2. No interest in attending a show or buying a hypothetical album unless it's the real band, ie Afd5
  3. You sound really intelligent yourself You seem a good judge to deem a person retarded. You must have much experience in this endeavor.
  4. My money and time is valuable I'm not attending something that I do not believe to be authentic. Am I allowed to have my own preferences?
  5. Frankly when izzy left back in 1991 I immediately began to lose interest because Ive always hated bands switching members and at the time it seemed GNR was about to become a circus. Even back then izzy seemed irreplaceable if the original integrity of the band was going to be maintained
  6. Spouting off BS I havnt gone to a single show, havnt spent a dime. Gnr to me is Axl, slash, izzy, Duff, and Steven. I have no interest seeing another lineup
  7. Personally I think izzy was insuled that they offered him a deal fit for a hired hand. And he conveyed that message with the phrase "equal loot". That doesnt mean he literally wanted everyone to earn the same exact amount. It's more about respect
  8. Lol What a logical way for a band to functien
  9. anyone who thinks he was being serious in throwing the current drummer down the stairs has zero sense of humor it was clearly a joke probably uptight west coast people
  10. Does he sing background on anything goes?
  11. Someone translate this gibbierish
  12. I wasent really referring to you. It was more about the drivel by moon mut and his double account Evan that's plagued mutiple threads. I'm sure there's others too but I don't pay attention to their names. I came here hoping to get some positive news on izzy and Steven not read repetitive nonsense from paid shills
  13. I don't disagree. You're 100% corr3ct. But n the situation is that izzy and Adler are in the trash bin so it's only natural for people including myself to serve as champions for them. It's only natural. I don't understand the need to bash band members just because of axl worshipm Personally zeppelin always will be my favorite band but I don't worship any of the member nor do I view any of them as gods or any blasphemous thing like that. I like band as a whole and I don't favor any one person over the other. I may champion bonham or jpj but that's again a naturtle reaction to them being less in the public limelight. Certainly if Robert Plant is mad at john Paul Jones I wouldn't start bashing the contributions of the one who I may disagree with in the controversy. Th3 mentality of the Axl worshipers seems very 5th grade to me and it's tiresome to read. I don't have any interest in any of the drivel.
  14. I googled Estranged It credits izzy with additional lead guitar, so at some point in the same there is a lead with izzy. Don't understand the obsession wi5h minimizing izzy s contribution. Is there some sort of cult that bashes everyone that they perceive out of favor with Axl?