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  1. So all signs are pointing to more shows but every time there has been dates announced it was never a surprise. There were always leaks from the promoters/venues. So if it's dates how is it that NOBODY knows anything? I don't think they could keep that many people quiet and still have venues secure. So it has to either be a club show or something lame like a AFD re-release, right?
  2. They should've used a instrumental version on the Manchester video or just a plain statement would've been more appropriate
  3. It's almost impossible to protect people once they're outside the venue though. The best they could to is check people as they're leaving but that's not going to stop anybody that's standing on the sidewalk or on the street. Or maybe waiting in the parking garage... I think the reality is wherever there's a large group of people we have to now accept the fact that there's a risk.
  4. This whole situation is just awful. The fact that they specifically picked Ariana because there would be children there just makes me feel sick. I hope your friends are ok?
  5. I think they will postpone a few. I got jumped on in the other thread for mentioning this but when the Paris attacks happened a lot of shows (outside of france) were cancelled due to insurance issues. I don't see why this attack would be any different.
  6. Yiss yiss yiss ...But I'm closer. It should be me. And I have the camera equipment already. (That they most definitely wont let me take in but whatever.) So... But jokes aside, if it's AFD5 and I can afford to go I promise I will film Izzy the entire time. You guys will just have to ignore my sobbing from excitement in the background.
  7. It was posted at 9AM PST & the GNR timeline was posted at 4:30PM PST.
  8. Yeah, I was thinking they will easily be 2k+ for anything remotely close to the floor. Floor will be even worse. Just look at U2's prices, I looked at their show in Santa Clara and for practically nosebleed seats it was $1100. AFD5 will be just as bad or worse.
  9. If they announce the AFD5 shows I will probably cry because I HIGHLY doubt I'll be able to get tickets. Either they will sell out or be more than I can afford. But as long as somebody films it I guess I will have to live with that.
  10. We dont know that yet!! AFD5 or bust!
  11. Did they ever say a specific time or do we just have to lurk about all day?