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  1. I'm kinda surprised so many of you dislike classical music.
  2. The House of Sand and Fog - 9/10 I'd seen it before but forgot how absolutely gut wrenching it is. Unless you're prepared for waterworks don't watch it.
  3. Day 16: or or Ok, I'll stop now.
  4. To be honest... I'm still not over surf roach being out. I guess Parasite since it's going to be voted out anyway.
  5. A little. Realistically my job will probably be taken over by a bot within the next 2-3 years. Maybe sooner depending on how fast the technology is improved. The reason why I brought up Tay in my first post is because I think she showed how far off we still are. ( The intelligence is there but the human discretion is not. Same thing with art & music. I started out as a Freelance MUA and then became a social media manager for a cosmetic company. AI can easily replace the social media side but a lot of being a MUA is just good instincts. Would a bot know what products to use for different skin types, undertones & textures? Sometimes you have to figure out those things just by touch. A bot isn't going to be able to do that IMO. And what about artistic individuality? Can we program a bot to have artistic expression? Or will all art become the same? Basically, I think AI will help simplify things in the future but for the most part the majority of professions will probably be safe. Some things you just can't program.
  6. Considering Tay from Microsoft only lasted one day in my job before they unplugged her, I think I'm good. For now at least.
  7. I can see that side of it and you're absolutely correct, business wise it's very risky. The Dixie Chick still haven't fully recovered from that speech and it's been well over 10 years. So that's definitely something to consider. On the flip side, Axl has a huge following. If him talking about politics - no matter what side of the fence he's on - gets people talking and interested in what's going on in the world then I think that's a good thing. It just seems like a waste to have that much influence to only use it for tweeting emjois.
  8. I didn't think the yellow coat was so bad either until I saw all the "I didn't know paddington bear was in GNR" comments on YouTube. Now I can't look at that thing without laughing a bit. But other than that, I agree. Even though his fashion choices are over the top, that's his thing and he always owns it.
  9. Not sure why so many of you are getting your feathers ruffled by the political tweets. I'm as anti-trump as they come but even if he was posting pro-trump tweets I wouldn't be upset. He has every single right to post his opinions whenever and wherever he wants. Just as it's your right not to read them. This whole mindset that he has to stay quiet or he might upset his fan base is ridiculous. What happened to freedom of speech and when did the gnr fanbase become so sensitive?
  10. Izzy, Slash & Steven for a new band.
  11. We're all going to end up fighting over this one. Izzy's music brought us all together and now it's going to tear us apart. RIP No Gang.
  12. Well... Since I don't think I'm ever getting married - especially now that @Darkenchantress stole my husband - here's my choice for Day 14: Crazy cat lady here I come!