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  1. They're all addicts that could fall off the wagon at anytime. That isn't a reason to keep Steven off the tour.
  2. I don't think so either. I think the big 3 will tour until the hype dies down and then walk away with their loot and be done with it. Slash can fund his solo stuff again. Duff can retire or do whatever. Axl will have replenished his money to feed the leeches. It's a win/win for those 3. I really hope Steven gets another gig at some point. I'd love to see him be successful with another band. Especially as a big to the big 3. With Izzy, I don't know... I really hope he doesn't do the one or two song thing for the 30th. He's better than that. Keep doing your solo stuff, Izzy, you don't need the goons! Or fuck it... just go drone race. Anything is better than being a part of the circus "machine".
  3. He said that they shut the lights out and turned the sound off at the Nashville show, I think? It was either Nashville or Argentina. He was kind of jumping back and forth between those dates when he was talking about that part. I love that everyone in the other threads is trying to defend the Axl 10 seconds thing... He pretty much did the same thing to Izzy in 2006. Starts at 1:47 And @MillionsOfSpiders you aren't allowed to leave. Sorry, you're stuck with us.
  4. Yours doesn't look like this? There should be a little restart show button right below the 'Trunk Nation' name. Not sure why it's not showing up for you. Sorry, Man.
  5. It's being discussed in the other interview thread: Have you tried listening to it from the app?
  6. I'm pretty sure GNR has been all business for the past 20+ years. With the exception of Steven. He seems like the only one left that plays because he loves music and to play live. You could hear how passionate he still is when he was talking about playing with the cover band in Argentina. Can you imagine any of the big 3 playing with a cover band after a GNR show? It'd never happen... He starting to look a bit like Robert Plant the older he gets. Emoji's... Or he'll have Richard dress up like Izzy and play 14 years.
  7. "So when are we getting started on the AC/DC album?" "yisss" "Can I bring my piano and two keyboardists?" "yisss"
  8. There was some new stuff... He talked about Duff & Slash texting him to come to Duff's house to talk. When he got there they made him sign a contract before they would talk about the reunion. That was in Jan. 2016. In March is when he went to rehearsals and pinched a nerve in his back. He said he was ready to play again in 10 days but Duff said no. He's been practicing for this reunion for 2 years because that is when he originally heard that it might be happening. Appetite & UYI stuff. He said that they called him the day before the show in Ohio to ask him to come play two songs. He thought that he wasn't going to be included at all until that phone call. He's only talked to Axl for a few seconds at each show he played. Never at rehearsals. "Axl likes to be left alone" He also called the NuGNR guys ghosts and that's why Axl likes them because they're quiet. (AKA "yes" men like we have all been saying for years) He also said that he loves Izzy and that he's the greatest. He said he would text Izzy today and ask him to do an interview with Eddie Trunk. And then he said that he knows that Fernando is planning something special for July but he doesn't know what. He said that he wont do it if they're only going to let him play two songs. I think that's pretty much it. I'm sure there's more that I'm forgetting but that's the gist of it.
  9. I don't think there will be any drama from this one. Maybe from the fanboys but that's it. It was a pretty funny interview and he talked about Izzy for a bit so you'll like it.
  10. Any of you guys listen to Steven's interview with Eddie Trunk? I think I'm slowly being converted to a bigger Steven fan than a Izzy fan. Don't kill me! Izzy still has the better music. I felt pretty bad when he was talking about standing on the side of the stage watching Frank play his songs. That had to have been pretty awful and then to have the lights shut out on you is just adding insult to injury. He should've gone with his plan to push Frank down the stairs but change it up a bit to take Richard down too. I'm assuming the Fernando/30th Anniversary/July thing will happen at the St. Louis show. It would only make sense to do something special there. But can you imagine if they try the one song BS in St. Louis? Maybe @BorderlineCrazy will get his riot after all!
  11. Brett Bauchanan is the worst...
  12. Can we just take a moment for the fact that those headphones on her head are just there for decoration? She's got an in ear monitor in... I don't have any issues with Melissa being a woman. I just can't figure out what she does. Other than backing vocals on a few songs I've yet to see her do anything important. Every time they show her on Snapchat she's just bouncing up and down with a shaker. Or just bouncing doing nothing. Waste of money that could've gone to Izzy...
  13. "Moving right along..." How would the guest spots even work?? They bring Izzy & Steven out for two songs per show... One song if Steven happens to offend or look at Axl the wrong way... Then shoo them off the stage to bring Fortus & Frank back? I don't think that'd work. Pretty sure the fans would be throwing stuff at that point.