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  1. I found it at network somewhere , and it'sKNAC-FM Broadcast , quietly much better than original audio .!O4ADCAzS!xhZ30bx5mSpXDhdrzvPzkA
  2. [FLAC/MP3] Hollywood Rose complete collection

    your ‘’various all in one ‘’ have it ? i think most demos maybe rare from “Metal Petals”
  3. [FLAC/MP3] Hollywood Rose complete collection

    do u know where can get the bestquality source?
  4. [FLAC/MP3] Hollywood Rose complete collection

    sorry , and really have DC demo#3,it's different from demo1&2,it's about 5:25 long
  5. [FLAC/MP3] Hollywood Rose complete collection

    one boot called “Metal Petals” ,it's containvery rare demos , such as don't cry demo#3 … Side B : Don’t Cry (1988-01-31, The Limelight, New York, US) Nightrain (demo) Sweet Child O’ Mine (demo) It’s So Easy (1987-06-28, Marquee Club, London, UK) Shadow Of Your Love (1987-06-28, Marquee Club, London, UK) Move To The City (1987-06-28, Marquee Club, London, UK) Side C : Demos Jumping Jack Flash You’re Crazy Reckless Life Heartbreak Hotel Shadow Of Your Love Welcome To The Jungle Move To The City Side D : Mama Kin (demo) Nice Boys (demo) Mr. Brownstone (demo) Don’t Cry (demo)
  6. OK !i see ! my English is poor , and my other account has been banned!(cause i digged a old topic) I ll be a good gunner seem too you
  7. thank u , i want be friend with u , im a good boy . trust me
  8. do u have the best version about this show ?
  9. GNR Castele Donington 1988 DVD

    cool !I'll PM 2 U !
  10. GNR Castele Donington 1988 DVD

    good job ! i have it long time ago , and what do u have others ?
  11. Guns n Roses MTV weekend from 1992/93

    jarl double dvd and konkra version also 2 dvd , which one better ?
  12. GNR Castele Donington 1988 DVD

    i found a better sound version , not this version