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  1. Use your illusion 1 & 2 in their entirety with the exception of 'my world'. Half of CD. Most of Appetite. But mainly Lies version of Crazy, Locomotive is amazing but pure euphoria at the last section, i love axl's Sailing cover, perfect crime (indiana 91) dead horse, dead flowers I think with CD a Californication quote is timely 'its about a man trying to keep it all together when hes falling apart'
  2. It genuinely amazes me how so many people who love the same thing can literally turn on each other over difference of opinion. Goddamn
  3. Yeah its a nice touch thanks dude!
  4. I used to own the welcome to the videos dvd years ago and i firmly remember the gnr youtube official video being both longer, and shot differently, a mix of black and white, the second guitar solo not edited out, does anyone have a link or a copy of the original vid?
  5. 0:14 is one mean sum bitch
  6. Skip to about 1:15
  7. A good idicator of what an Axl fronted Nazereth might sound like. The small venue piano tour idea would be amazing. If Axl released a solo Elton John type album id definately buy it. He'd be great on VH1 story tellers... *axl walks up to piano...crowd cheers... Axl: so this is a song called back off bitch...
  8. Fortunate Son, bad moon rising, and especially Long as I can see the light!
  9. Fall to pieces, slither, dirty little thing, the last fight....woild be epic
  10. Axl has shown that he can sing Rolling Stones, Tom Petty, AC/DC, Rod Stewart, black sabbath and The Who. Both in style and stage swagger. Just for fun, in a perfect world what other bands would you like to see him front/sing for? Personally id love to hear him do Zeppelin and Creedence Clearwater Revival
  11. Thanks guys i appreciate your input! Theres just so much material,legends, facts, demos, possible demos, lyrics, album plans etc. As amazing an artist that Axl is, this album must have been absolute pure unadulterated madness to work on. Demo after demo after demo after new line up after new line up. And in the end we got 14 songs. Good songs. But 14. Its almost tragic to think of all the time and money spent obsessively tinkering away on the songs. Its really a huge mysterious and fascinating piece of music historh.
  12. Are any of these leaks still floating around or?
  13. Im using Whispers for context and fact finding but theres little information on alt song versions. Its a student film haha no profit. Just a passion project
  14. Right so im in the research phase of writing a screenplay for a short film based on the CD sessions from the 90s up to its release in 08. I know some tracks are named differently as demos than what they ended up being released as. If anyone can provide any insight into supposedly unreleased or alt versions of CD songs or even a link to whatever was leaked it would be appreciated!