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  1. @SerenityScorp oh ok. thanks.
  2. @SerenityScorp Hello. I love the drawing, did you do it?
  3. I can't Imagine the band never breaking up... so uhm, I would say the Aerosmith path was the best for them to take, with their highs and lows. Though I would have liked an Elton Jonh/november rain style...
  4. I like the song, sounds like something from a videogame.
  5. Hello. I love this thread, and just passing by to show you guys this photo I saw in tumblr:
  6. Thanks @Slash I love your music @Eddie Money baby hold on
  7. @Eddie Money are you the singer Eddie Money?
  8. No.. lol just a random one.
  9. Thank you @Darkenchantress and @Kris_1989 , Have a nice night ladies : )
  10. Hello to everybody. I am just a lurker but I couldn't help to read you @Kris_1989 and what classicrocksttuf sent you, for the way the message is written (I mean the dots part (.) ) I can tell that account it is indeed Izzy, it is just the same form he has used to write in his twitter, just check how he wrote the one where he talked about sharing the loot. He writes the dots like this . (very separated) (i dont wanna sound like a lunatic but i am sure it is him) btw.. sorry for the way it made you feel.
  11. And why is Axl the one to blame? is not like you know any of these dudes or what really happened, you neither know Izzy nor Axl or the rest of the guys.