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  1. Alanis Morrissette spoke for us all.
  2. I remember going through a really bad break up years ago and playing this a lot and loudly:
  3. Just a few Saturday Slaxl memories I saw on Tumbler recently.
  4. Lol.
  5. LOL. We all hold our breath when he does that stuff. That is a good show. Thanks for sharing.
  6. My apologies to anyone in the Beyhive, but I hate Beyoncé: And the only thing worse than Beyoncé is Coldplay and Beyoncé: Bruno Mars, WTF were you thinking?
  7. I love the comment on this one. "I admire it in wonder" Don't we all sweetheart.
  8. Day 11: it's like having to pick your favorite child. Since I love everything about this moment in music history, I'll pick this:
  9. I saw them two years ago at a musical festival.
  10. The ever-present can of Coke. #I-don't-know-what-some-of-those-#s-mean
  11. Day 10: the day I don't have to worry about someone posting my song choice before me.
  12. That's the perfect hashtag. Never saw someone so happy in the back of a police car. I always want to fix his hair when I see it sticking up like that.
  13. Day 9: