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  1. It was at the Washington DC show. Here' the Slaxl moment: (way at the end 4:20) You can't really see the shirt in November Rain, but you can see it in Knockin on Heavens Door and it's definitely the one you pictured. Not big fan of the KOHD jacket, but he does look good in white and in the sunglasses BTW - The guy who posted this video on YouTube goes all the cool shows in this area and he has some beautiful videos from the New Jersey/New York, Philadelphia and Landover shows from the NIL tour.
  2. I think it is. I remember reading that somewhere last summer, but who knows where to ever find that post. Well, the things you learn here
  3. I thought your post was brave and added a perspective that was simple and honest. After elections, the conversations about politics tend to subside a bit. This time it's different, as is evident in the various protests etc and I would much rather see the celebrities I follow discuss their opinions on things that are affecting large numbers of people rather than just pictures of their latest meal, their duck lips, their work outs or some other frivolous thing that is just for self serving reasons.
  4. @Whiskey Rose I just copied the link for that! I also love the picks from @Archtop and @janrichmond I'll add Bruce to the list the greatest from the 70s.
  5. I'll take that, goddamn it.
  6. Hot damn girl. Thank you (you know I like his butt) Since I'm a very supportive person, I am just posting these pictures so you can continue to enjoy the insightful commentary. No other reasons.
  7. Day 12 - A song that remedinds you of your preteen years: 1984 was the year MTV was added to our cable lineup and I couldn't wait to grow up and marry Simon le Bon.
  8. I absolutely agree with this I know a lot of people make fun of weight, but he's cuddly looking that way (and I sound like dork saying that, but who cares, it's Friday! The sleeveless shirt and jeans look was one of my favorites. The hair wasn't my thing, but I know you liked it. 😀 I am so excited for you. I can't wait to hear about it . I like that shirt too. These are two of my favorites (I saw a picture of him wearing sunglasses with the Harley shirt that is really nice, but now I can't find it) And this one too: This one I would like to burn: Sorry for such a long post. You all posted such good stuff, while I went to bed early last night. I really like seeing some happy stuff about Axl too.
  9. Yes exactly me too. I get up at least 30 minutes before anyone in my family because if I don't have that alone time in the morning, I feel anxious the rest of the day. It's really a shame that more people don't understand this. My husband has a big, sociable family and when we first started dating I was always the last to arrive and the first to leave a family party and his family mistook what that meant. They thought I didn't like them or was snobby. It tlook a while for them to understand that I am much more comfortable having 10 individual dinners with just a few people than to be with 25 of them at once and luckily now they don't put pressure on me to go to every single gathering and we have enjoyed lots of small get togethers over the years.
  10. I actually haven't watched that one in a while. Was that the girl who had the "Fuck me Axl" sign too? I try to get motivated to do the treadmill in the morning by watching old performances on YouTube, so I'll neee to watch this again.
  11. @melina i, @marlingrl03 and @BlueJean Baby You girls post the most beautiful pictures. I keep running out of likes over on the 30 day challenge thread so to you each.
  12. This song is about losing your Mom, which I did recently.
  13. smiley Axl at 1:53
  14. Thanks for the lighter topic to ponder. With the appearance of the fluffy robe lately, I think there may be a cozy pair flannel PJs around.