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  1. Hola all; Update regarding Moving On - Gimme another 10 days or so (yeah yeah I know). Basically at this point I realized that I need a real engineer to mix this song, the orchestra, all the layers, bla bla - too much for me to handle as a wannabe engineer and frankly I want to concentrate on just doing the song and the parts justice now. So, The cool news (to me) is that its being mixed by a guy who has mixed everyone from Linkin Park to Avril Lavigne; AKA - its going to now sound huge. This song deserves it (I think it does anyway, if everyone else thinks it sucks, i'll still be happy with the end result lol) so I hope everyone really enjoys it because I've put a little into this one myself just in hopes that it does it justice and that everyone likes it as much as they've been waiting on it. Anyway, in the words of said engineer (i'll post all those details next week) "Wow, this is pretty spot on. Time to see how good my Mike Clink impression is". Fingers crossed haha.
  2. I have a full orchestra, a bunch of guitars, piano, drums, a choir, a bunch of vocal overdubs (just "Axl Adlibs" as it were) and a bunch of other stuff to work on to day so I feel your pain... not to mention now i want to retrack the bass ...just because lol I've heard the Kemper is way better in a live situation than the Axe-FX but i've been running axe-fx since the original standard model and really you can't beat it for recording.
  3. Appreciated I'll do the best I can hehe. I'm actually going to track them today... I prefer to do my solos after the song is basically done and nearly mixed (or on the way in the mixing) so that I have the full feel of it leading into the solos...we shall see how this goes haha. I may film it for prosperity when I track it and put it on IG, we'll see... argh, more pressure - I'm actually working on the tune right now funnily enough.
  4. Ha! I don't mind at all! Now that people are posting stuff from my IG as Chad and I its far less terrifying than finding out people had been posting it as Guns N' Roses for a week or two lol. Here's hoping it still sounds like what everyone is hoping for though! - And remember, this is a personal project, anyone that tries to compare production values of me in my studio and Guns in a multi million dollar facility will be missing the point lol
  5. Ha! There's actually two solo spots in it....middle solo and outro solo....so...there's definitely a guitar solo. Whether it will in any form be described as epic I do not know ha. Ack, No pressure
  6. OK so i'm an ass because I didn't include the vocals (ha) and its from my cell phone mic in front of my studio monitors, but thought i'd show a bit of how its coming along, even though the quality won't do it justice...thats sorta the point in the mean time hehe Seeing as links from IG don't want to work, here's 60 seconds of instrumental from Moving On. https://www.instagram.com/p/BR9Sedbj8xu/
  7. That is from the second verse of Vehicular Blues, which I think was posted above Thank you! Thats high praise on the "if that turned out..." - high high praise. Thanks again!
  8. Thankya! Glad it wasn't total overkill from the repost lol. When it comes to the Slash style... me personally (Disclaimer; *in MY opinion only* as there will always be a billion and one people that'll tell you I can't sound Gunsy whatsoever at all ever ever ever and that I suck) apart from the major and minor pentatonic scales being way prevalent in what he always did the weirdest tip I can give you is concentrate on his vibrato. Obviously he has some super smooth vibrato (November Rain etc) when he wants, but for the most part especially on the bass strings its a pretty prominent "shaking" sound compared to say Neal Schon or Steve Vai (instinctively anyway, not saying they don't do that ever. The key to getting that vibrato (apart from recognizing it) that i've found is literally in the strings. The 11 gauge Ernie Balls that he uses and that I use on my Les Pauls are heavier and tighter than the 9's I use on my strat and even though physically I know how to get that vibrato on my strat, it NEVER sounds the same because the 9's don't kick back on the fingers as hard as the 11 gauge strings do so your fingers don't work as hard to get the vibrato and the tension isn't there to push back against you from the strings themselves. Maybe thats all obvious...but it hit me kinda late that with all the gear in the world and practicing the scales... his vibrato is so unique that it gives a lot of the sound...and a lot of that sound is in the strings. Oh, and the fact that he's Slash helps too :). (btw @SoundOfAGun - that is fucking cool! thanks for posting that. Hope the pickups worked out for ya!)
  9. I'm not sure rockstar is the word haha but hey thank you for that..... I definitely play music and try not to suck (note; I said that I *try* not to suck ) Seeing as this is GNR world I thought i'd (re)post this on this forum in case you're interested, This was a video I did for Guitar World Magazine based on my Use Your Illusion tone... To anyone who has seen it posted before, Sorry!
  10. Heeeeeeey thats my name.... Wait.... Hi! lol.
  11. @triad & @Slash Someone called my name? lol. Not sure if anyone wants to see my nonsense but hey, i'll chime in anyway seeing as you guys were nice enough to mention me, thanks - these videos are from jams we did totally unrehearsed, so if anything seems different or whatever, well, we were making them up as we went along apart from what we remembered - Oh, and I decided to post these two rather than any of the GNR sounding stuff that got posted lol. Hopefully someone will enjoy 'em if anyone watches them David Lee Roth (well, Talas') Shyboy - with Michael Starr of Steel Panther and Billy Sheehan. and Van Halens Hot for Teacher with Billy Sheehan, KoRns Ray Luzier and Carl Restivo (Tom Morello/Rhianna) - dem's boys is pretty good!
  12. Hola! Holy crap, has it been that long? sorry I kept you waiting on a reply lol. For anyone still following or who may or may not give a flying damn - Moving On should be done at the end of this coming week Stephen
  13. Glad to know its not been forgotten! Thank you!! Just got the final "Izzy" Guitar (or er...left guitar in this case) and bass finished. So now I have to do the right side "Slash" stuff and solos.. which i'll be writing on the fly as I have no idea what i'm gonna do with that part yet. oh boy.. no pressure :S
  14. Thanks man, and thanks for being so supportive of it. Hopefully it won't let ya down! It currently weighs in at about 6 minutes 16 Seconds...so, it ain't Coma....but its up there lol.
  15. Dammit, I can never remember how to imbed IG files haha. Still, for anyone interested if Moving On is finally getting anywhere... Here's a clippy linky thing: