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  1. This just confirm that the NITLT reunion is just a cash grab. If they care about the music and the fans, they would have Steven and/or Izzy in the band. It IS possible, but the "Big 3" wouldnt risk or share their money. i'm very disappointed.
  2. I could not be more agree with you. I would love to see a RQ slash guitar solo + a drum solo by Steven at some point btw.
  3. And his thing is... jumping? They didn't play any instrument or sing (i mean the 3 girls) during the time i resisted watching that crap. I haven't heard any other thing from them, but that was pretty lame.
  4. Modern classic rock band called Rival Sons. Fuckin´ great! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQLl--8WiXU
  5. I agree, except in the KOHD part. I think that just cutting a couple of minutes is enough.
  6. But, do you realize that by saying "these are all bad songs", you are also stating an opinion as a fact, right?
  7. Off topic: well... if someone wants to check out a great "modern" rock & roll band, look for "Rival Sons". They are the openning band for Black Sabbath in their The End tour. Ozzy himself said that is his favorite new band. Similar to Zep. Check "Electric Man" and "True". Epic voice from the frontman.
  8. Lol, I was wondering the same.
  9. Highly doubt that he keep the best for the second part of his CD.
  10. I hope that Axl would make 10 decent songs from the vault along with Slash/Duff. I dont expect the vault to be full of great songs, since CD I sucked for the most part. No reason to want CD II without changes. If they could do that, plus 2-4 new songs or pre 1997 songs, that would be a killer album.
  11. Really? That's sad! I would enjoy the shit out of it! Maybe not as much as an original material release, but that doesn't make the album inexistent. IMHO, i guess. PS. Covers album not being albums... what's next? Hawaiian pizza not being pizza because it has pineapple????
  12. I do. Pretty sure that some of the Guns N´ Roses fans too.
  13. Well, since i'm not into your "who has the biggest catalog" competition, i do not care about post-Morrison, whatever. Chinese Democracy is an official GNR album. TSI is a covers album, so what? Covers are not songs? UYI I has only 15 songs because one of the 16 songs is a cover? Making a cover isn't just "repeating", look at Since I Don't Have You or Human Being. It has a value. But it seems that you don't like the album, so i'm not going to pursue on that. The fact is that just because you don't like it doesn't stop existing and counting as an album.
  14. Why do you think Guns have only five albums? Let's count: 1- AFD. 2- Lies. The industry take it as a LP and that's all that matters. There are shorter LPs by the way. 3- UYI I. 4- UYI II. 5- TSI. Amazing artistic statement and an indisputable official GNR album. 6- CD.