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  1. "A happy band is a dangerous band." We've got a happy band here. They're making it look easy.
  2. Good morning. Great stream. Band sounding great.
  3. Timely book. A lot of families out there dealing with their children's drug addictions. It's just as a horrific experience for them as the addict. I'm sure it wasn't easy for her to relive these experiences to tell her story but kudos to her for having the strength. Hopefully people approach it from something to learn and not as some disclosure to dirty business that the family should have kept a secret.
  4. He was also on Space Ghost and one of those home makeover shows, Trading Spaces? Space Ghost was funny.
  5. Happy New Year!
  6. That's bizarre, so sad.
  7. Grateful Dead first, then GNR.
  8. I was just looking for a unique timely Christmas present. I can tell you they were not too thrilled with the new Playboy magazine with no nudes they got last year for their birthdays. "You're so old, you don't get nudes in your magazines any more."
  9. Thanks, Axl probably has some in the vault. Yet another reason to raid the vault.
  10. Happy Holidays GNR, crew and communities.
  11. Can you buy Cuban cigars in the states yet? Thought it would be a fun gift for the men in my life. I've asked a few places but they don't have them.
  12. First off, thank you to everybody who donated a toy to a child this year. My group has about 400 of those kids getting those gifts. And a special thank you to those who thought to throw in some wrapping paper with those gifts. It took two of us to wrap that 40 pound box of weights. We had a great time. But I thought you might like to know what happens to those toys. The toys started coming in yesterday. All kinds of vehicles pull up to the back door and the call goes out to the office, toy delivery! Everybody comes running. We've do this periodically all day long. The toys are brought into a receiving area with the tag you might have pick off a tree some where or the tag you put on the gift you wrapped. All of one child's gifts come in together in a bag with a name and number on it. They were sorted and organized before they got to us by the volunteers who collected them. (Sorry about the number but we've got kids with the same name. The children never know they were a number.) Each child who got gifts is marked off the list. Expensive gifts are put under lock and key. We don't lose any gifts and we make sure all the kids have gifts. From the receiving area the gifts are placed at worker's desks to be distributed to the families. I should say some of them are ridden/rolled to worker's desks. It's hard to ride a bike in an office! Walking around the worker area becomes a joyous problem for a while. We are packed with gifts every where. The call goes out to the families to come get them. Some come right away, others we deliver to their homes or to them at work on their lunch hour. We get big smiles, hugs and thank yous. It's a lot of running around, coordination and just flat out fun. All those gifts are where they need to be before Christmas. That's a have to and everybody agrees with that. So thank you folks, were getting your gifts to their kid. It's a lot of fun. Next year, jump in and help any where on the Santa train.