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  1. This is such an awesome interview, thanks for sharing. Jonny seems to be an awfully nice bloke - and of course down-to-earth Izzy makes me happy. So why is Izzy not sharing the trillions of studio sessions he does with other musicians? I do wanna hear them! About Niven, I seriously don't care whether he too loves Izzy or not. The amount of shit he is putting out over Axl (and Izzy too. I bet he doesn't want his black magic skills known ) is too much. He is discredited in my eyes. Check out the women thread, Niven just got discussed there again.
  2. Sorry, can't stop. This is addictive... The second link is another pic, but somehow it doesn't show.
  3. Day 11 As Jimi Hendrix is already taken, there is one musician in particular, that I adore from my teenage years up until today. Janis Joplin, Piece of my Heart. And also the Beatles. Always will be.
  4. Wow, what's going on here? New Izzy collaboration out of nowhere? Only happening in the No Gang. Love you guys! . I'd need to check out Kittyviolet. And please tell me who is JT, missing out on half the discussion here. I don't like the mellencamp song though. And for the pic, I'm blind. Still can't find Izzy...
  5. The Expoited, bloody hell! I know them!!! Haven't thought of them for about 30 years. Damn. Thanks for the reminder. Never saw them live though. My second concert is far more interesting than my first one. We so should do that question.
  7. Interesting stuff. Not sure whether the traveling stuff is due to Izzys paranoia. Sounds possible enough though. I never knew that Desi was underage. From the photos I saw of her I never would have guessed. Do you remember where you read she was underage?
  8. Can't remember the father, only the little ones. "I wish i was an Aaaaaaaaaaangel wah waaah!" I remember my radio torturing me.
  9. Lol, @bucketfoot and @Sekh-met. I know the Kelly Family from back in the day and this whole thing is very funny to me. You had me spatting out my coffee of laughing over your post and your conversation. Always hated them, though. Sorry. I did attend some little gig of them on a street festival a few years before they got "famous". They were all little kids then, wearing white dresses and singing a creepy peace song about Hiroshima.
  10. Let me begin saying that I'm not sure wether it was Niven or someone else how tried to give in some lyrics. But I remember reading it. The bolded: Oh yes. I love Izzy and his work but he certainly did some pretty disturbing things. It takes something to become a dealer and that is not only poverty. I totally agree with you on this. Izzy did seem to be troubled / conscious about the dealing thing and maybe other stuff we don't know about later though. Everything is so shady about him in those days. I think he told Niven (?) that Steven Tyler (or someone else from Aerosmith) used to by heroin off of him and when they were supposed to go on tour with them Izzy got paranoid that it all came out. And some other situations in which Izzy seemed worried / troubled about his past. I think it got mentioned here before. @Frey do you happen to know something? Or the girls and boys from the No Gang.
  11. This. Always thought that about Niven. He has had the right feel (and some luck) as a manager to get Guns going and become succesful. But all this black magic shit is just too strange. It's also too strange that Izzy is involved in this. lol As we don't know anything about the man, really, I might just as well be stranger, weirder and douchbaggier than we (I) want to think. Izzy used to work with Niven again on JuJus, right? I remember an interview in which Izzy said he was upset that Niven got fired. Anyway, the fact that Niven still talks bad about Axl he so unprofessional it just sucks. Wasn't Niven the manager who tried to provide some lyrics? Axl response was telling him to be the manager and do his job and Axl'd do his and write lyrics. Which is a pretty accurate and somewhat mature/self confident reaction.
  12. Hey, ever seen / heard this one?
  13. Yep, this is gonna be an ass long post because my real life sucked and my wifi was dead. (Still is) Don't be afraid, I won't post ten songs every day. Day 1: A song you like with a place name (country/city/whatever) in the title Day 2: A song that reminds you of your best friend Day 3: A favourite song from a movie (theme or just heard in the movie - name the movie too) Before Sunset soundtrack, sequence to the movie Before Sunrise. Day 4: A song that reminds you of your first love Day 5: A song that you hate to admit you like/a guilty pleasure song For me, there are no guilty pleasures, just pleasures. Why would I have to excuse myself for liking something? I already gave you a very romantic and tacky song (Waltz from Julie Delphie). So, here comes this: Day 6: One of your favourite live performances of a song Anything from that gig. Day 7: A song to wake up to Day 8: A song that makes you fall asleep Day 9: A song you like with a day/part of day/month/season etc. name in the title Day 10: A song that was performed in the first concert you’ve been to
  14. Wow, that's is so great, @Frey. Just found out. Thank's so much for all that work!!!
  15. Haha, @Fourteenbeers same here. Couldn't read, couldn't see Izzy. And yeah, the bolded. That's because Izzy is Axl's first love.