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  1. There's another interview from Donnington with Axl and Izzy. One very opiniotated Axl, a fact I always loved. Aaaaand I'm sure your girls are loving the end of the interview? Right? NO!
  2. Uhm, hello? His voice was better when he was younger, happens to most singers. I never even said his voice is bad today. Girl. No need to freak out on me here.
  3. Reversed again - does he look less strange now?
  4. Axl's voice is great in that video even though the audio isn't good! And his outfit! Rock'n Roll!! It's 1988 and it's their prime. It's the Guns n' Roses I fell in love with. I also love Duff at this show. He is such a cool bass player there. And the none existing stage presence of Izzy really does it for me. Especially when he's strolling around stage, not being present at all of course and coming up front. Coolest dude ever. Gosh, and they're all so young. Cuuuute!
  5. A foto gallery with all the impossible pieces and outfits (especially of Axl) would be very ... entertaining. I am thinking of all those bathrobes, the cheetah coat etc. Most of those fotos are/were spread over the old women's thread.
  6. That is really interesting to see. Shows how much force and quality Axl really had back in the day. Also the band was more to the point. We all knew that of course.
  7. Aaah! Those cartoons are so fucking accurate, it's unreal! Cracking up here, thanks! I can't even decide what's my favourite. The showdown? Axl's dream? Home sweet Home? But now this, the cartoon for our own, cosy, wacky thread: INTENSE
  8. Same here, I realised a couple of weeks ago that they played in one of my fav clubs in 1986 or 87. But I wasn't aware of them at the time - and would have been too young. But ugh, just a few years later I started clubbing and attending to gigs there. Damn....
  9. But I was commenting on those Duff-fotos, that's why it's here. I also should have quoted @BlueJean Baby, sorry.
  10. Duff tries to enlarge is Izzy influenced wardrobe. After that hat, he wears girlish blouses. Sorry, Duff, only Izzy can pull that off looking cool.
  11. Goofy Izzy! lol Needless to say I'm loving it! (It's Karneval here, totally appropriate Izzy face.)
  12. True, I see that as well and can relate to that very much.
  13. <3 OMG Beautiful story. Lovely. What a real cool and caring friend, Izzy is. Thanks for sharing, Kris. Wished we could listen to those "four wheel" tracks. And, please, no, I didn't feel attacked by you at all. I totally want your 2 cents!
  14. Thank you for that. I'm aware that I only "judge" form little glimpses and small cut-outs. And you're right as a person he might and hopefully is totally different. I have never read so much about him (where can I find stuff?), so I never came across other people describing him. I only remember other people describing Axl as funny, kind and generous. Anyway, I wasn't judging Izzy as a person because I obviously have no insights. I described as what he comes across to me, or as what Izzy's musician persona comes across off to me. Hope this makes a little sense at all?
  15. Just wrote a post and then I lost everything. Now, just in short: Beautiful young Izzy is beautiful. Pissed of old Izzy is such a typical version of the underrated and misunderstood musician with tons of talent and loads of frustration. It's so cliche, really. Very Zoot. Very Izzy. He always has looked pissed of about something, that was his trademark look. But becoming older it becomes more obvious to me. Izzy does look very dissatisfied and unhappy like the typical grumpy old man. Still love him though, grumpy as he is.