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  1. Yes because of that too
  2. I think he has it since his teens.
  3. Excuse me but this facial expression give me the creeps.
  4. The cute thing he does with his mouth there ...
  5. lol! And PATIENCE
  6. I am so sorry for those fans. Hope they will play soon
  7. I saw Slaxl and didn't see it. Still waiting for my badge though . At least I have a foto of what I not saw
  8. Slaxl deprived and desperate maybe?
  9. Your Slaxl standards are a bit loose now, aren't they? That's what I would call Slaxl
  10. Ah, the poor fuckers. Worst German weather. I still sit hear in this humid heat we had all week. I feel really bad for those guys.
  11. All you guys have great show tonight in Hannover. You guys gonna have a blast! (Hope the thunderstorm avoids Hannover though).
  12. Exactly! We need CSI work. NOW!
  13. LOL! Sorry 'bout that!
  14. Absolutely! Can't imagine this in any other country. Especially not in Germany as we famously don't have any sense of humour whatsoever.