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  1. Not just the car accident and the neck injuries and painkillers...After that, in 2013, he lost his father and also he discovered that he had cancer..These things probably influenced on his attitude and decision to leave the band.
  2. Did you really think that Slash and Duff are back because the fans claimed that they wanted Stinson,Bumble and DJ off? I don`t think so...The Million dollar proposals and the "bring Slash back" always had been around and it did not happen until those guys asked to leave. I mean, the money and fans cry It was not what decided the return of Slash and Duff, the context(departures) and the fact that Axl and Slash are in good terms again was.
  3. Both Fortus accounts(personal account and page account ) have "Guns N 'Roses guitarist" in the description. Maybe you saw it on a fake account. About Frank...Nah!
  4. No he don´t deserves whatever the others are getting. All the hits already has been over there for a long long time, the songs have been played since forever and already profited the money that supposed to be maked. The headline of this tour is that Axl and Slash are together again on stage the big money came from this fact not only from the songs. People (casuals and hardcore fans) are paying all this money to see Axl and Slash playing these songs together. Talking about money, that's the reality.
  5. I think they do but they have a different metabolism. Actually, for doing what they do on stage in 2,5 hours, running, jumping, singing...I`m sure that they have been working out cardio pretty well. The big belly thing maybe is a genetic predisposition and don`t go away that easy, even with a good trainament. Besides that, Axl must constantly drink water (or other liquids) to keep the vocal fold always moist, avoiding to dry the mucosa that is present in it. Then he gets that puffy look.
  6. Duff training with GNR personal trainer
  7. Is this more Evaders remix? Did you have more?
  8. To be honest, until now, Adler didn't has been talking shit about GNR. Actually, was some of the hardcore fans who, from what Adler said, made conclusions,assumed conspiracy theories and, with that, started talking shit about the band.
  9. Axl´s personal treiner on Instagram: "A nice way to brighten up my traffic delay! #gunsnroses #sunset#Losangeles #traffic #rocknroll #california#music #work #family"
  10. Of course this is something, they would not pay two months of advertising in such a place as to waste, this shitty it's too expensive! Something is coming ...
  11. Like it or hate it, Guns N'Roses has been Axl's solo project since 1985. From the very first lineup to current one. He had partners who, at least, helped give birth to the band´s name(that one with Izzy,Gardner and Cia), had other partners that helped make the band reach the stars (Classic lineup) and a mosaic of others who accompanied him on an ambitious project called Chinese Democracy. So, yes. Rolling Stones, I really don´t know that much about they history ..
  12. It´s ok, it´s your point of view. Like i say before, the concept has been defined according to personal taste (or hate). I just don´t agree with you, based on my point of view of what is a band.
  13. The concept of what is or is not a band, at least here in the forum, has been defined according to personal taste (or hate). In fact, Guns N 'Roses has never ceased to be a band !! It may not be the band that you like, or that you idealize, but it is, and always has been, a band.