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  1. Well, it´s clear that you and your partners don´t know the definition of art or under the effect of the blind fanaticism(trying to coaching/manage a rock band) prefer to ignore it. But let´s play...It doesn´t matter the year, decade, century or millennium in which an art was created. If it´s capable of provoking emotions, entertaining and giving people good moments, it still´s art. Look outside the window, people are having the time of their lives on the NITLT, they are having fun..These people are proof that art is fulfilling its role.
  2. I don't believe in new stuff right now! I really think that's a AFD5 show in LA.. I don't know..Live Nation have no connection with new album or single..they book shows, events,etc..
  3. We had fan clubs in the 90s, we usually met at record stores (or someone else's house) we heard K7, Vinil. We watched MTV on the expectation that there would be a clip or some news from the band ... And yes,many of us would not have accepted Gilby at that time , he was stealing Izzy's place !! And perhaps unconsciously, we thought that the more we hated Gilby, the faster Izzy would return to the band! And yes, Axl was very hated too, as always.
  4. Same here!!!! P.S.: I hope things get well soon in your country, man! I know some people from there and I know (by them) how complicated is the situation!
  5. Hahaha...A funny turn of events!!! I remember very well how much Gilby was crucified in the 90's. Back in those days a lot of hardcores treated him like trash and constantly cursed him, just as some of us are doing now with Fortus! And apparently we haven´t learned anything from the past... C´mon guys! Those who are not satisfied always have the option to move on, after all this is about Art! Don´t let a rock band ruin your life, don´t let a rock band transmute you into a sad person...Too much pain here!
  6. Top Duo/Group:The ChainsmokersColdplayFlorida Georgia LineGuns N’ RosesTwenty One Pilots -- WINNER Top Touring Artist:Justin BieberBeyonce -- WINNERColdplayGuns N’ RosesBruce Springsteen & The E Street Band Top Rock Tour:Coldplay -- WINNERGuns N’ RosesBruce Springsteen & The E Street Band Source
  7. No problem..Maybe she deleted it, you know.. She lives on GNR´s World now!
  8. Still is there. But just shows some clothes, a photo of Dublin with the drawing of an airplane and a poster of the show, doesn't say when they are going to Ireland. Anyway, I also believe that on the day of the announcement they will already be going to Europe. They have a great distance to fly, not to mention time zone,etc..
  9. Oh Jesus thats sounds different!! I don´t think it's just the announcement of a regular show in Los Angeles or other cities...Well we have 4 long days to get mad into these band´s teasers!! Lets go guys! Let's use our illusion
  10. Yep! At the Versace party he play with the band (without Stinson) with Pitman on the bass In that Michael J Fox benefit he sung Live And Let Die but I think that was with another people not with the band And this one was in a Oscar`s after party with Chris Contogouris (?)
  11. There´s a guy named Tony Trujillo or something like that that have amazing photos too. And all these people took these pics from a confined and limited spot..Imagine that if they have an "All Access" laminate.