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  1. Agree 100% but in 2010 she was not that good either. Anyway,since then she has improved a lot and has a good style ..And like the others around here, I think she's hot too..
  2. I believe that if they had not hired her they would have hired Jarmo ... They have almost the same style of photography ... So, I'm fine with that ... Much better with her! But talking about quality ... nowadays, I prefer Tako´s pics, that japanese chick rules!
  3. I think something is going to happen...First GNR Official Instagram, now Del James...
  4. I think you lost me man! I don´t need deal with it... because I have no problem with that they are doing a lot of money.. This fact does not bother me, at all! I really wanted them to play together again but I already had it as something impossible and now they are back. Last time I saw these motherfuckers together I was 15 and a lot things happened since then which led me to believe that they would never share a stage again...So I really don´t get all this negativity that you and a couple of people insist on spreading here. On this context, on this tour, new music is irrelevant that´s not the purpose of the NITLT..You need to understand this to be able to enjoy it. I also want a new album a lot, but I know they just came back and they're in the middle of a tour, so why should I lose my mind on this? About Izzy..I don´t know what`s the real deal but if he´s off because the money was not equally divided like he said...Although I admire him and be very grateful for his contribution to the band...I think that in the past he lost a key chapter of the band and in that chapter his old mates worked very hard. And much of this hard work made it possible for them to make that money now. You can make a ton of good music but if you do not leave your home to work on it, you will not get rich. Take a look at his solo career ... I bet he has a lot of good stuff but where is Izzy to work on his own project and make these stuff bring to him big money?
  5. Seriously.. what`s the point of this cash grab talk? Some people here insist to label this current tour as a "cash grab" in a bad way. I really don`t get it! For over 20 long years people wished and cried to see Axl and Slash together again ( diehard fans and casuals too)... So, after put together things, they decides to do a big tour to give what people wants and make a lot of money...And I ask, what´s wrong with that? Why are people so upset with their bank account? Talking about purpose...On this tour the purpose is celebrate that Axl, Slash and Duff are back together after 20 years of rupture..and I ask again, what`s wrong with that? People want it, people are having it. Most of the people who are going to the shows are not worried about new music. These guys just got together, it will take some time to launch a new album, first they need to reestablish themselves as a band, that's how it is. P.D: The possibility of making a fortune has always been around them. Money was not the determining factor. It could be a good stimulus, but it was not what triggered it. For me Tommy,Bumble and Ashba`s departures and Axl getting along with Slash again was the master key..The money? The money was a pleasure and obvious consequence for them!
  6. Our only chance to get a decent full pro shot show is from Rock in Rio.
  7. Until now, NITLT ends with the last US show (september 8)...These US and Canada shows aren´t a second round, are a second leg.. they´ll play for different venues.I remember that St. Louis GIG supposed to be in the first leg but then they cut it off..And they only did 1 show in Canada..After these shows I think the tour ends...And then we have RIR! If they plan show us something new that´s the best opportunity..Even because Rio and Sao Paulo will be a second round, same cities, same venue.
  8. Estranged (RIR 2011)! That was an unexpected relief and almost a redemption for such a troubled night. The storm was already there Mr.Rose! I hope things work better this time.
  9. From Illusions era...Matt Sorum!!! The greatest GN´R drummer, ever!! For me, he is a kind of AFD extension member. From Chinese era...Bucket and Fortus!! Bucket did a brilliant job on the Chinese songs and, in my opinion, did justice to the old songs .. The same with Fortus I believe he does his job very well and can bring good stuffs to a possible new album.
  10. Please reread what I wrote. Anyway, I reaffirm it , an album at this moment is a bad strategy! At this point, they do not need new music to have a successful tour, you know, I said right now! And what you wrote reaffirms what I said, new music right now would only serve to calm the hardcore fans anxiety . They will rather need something new after this tour ends, but it's not over yet and they're still box office hit.
  11. Right now, they are doing what they should do and what most of the audience that going to the shows expect them to do. Contrary to what some people say, an act of nostalgia in this context is not a bad thing. The songs they made are not disposable, there is no expiration date for this kind of art. The context plays for them, they did not stay 4 or 5 years apart, they were more than 20 years without playing together and a lot of people already had this matter closed. A new album right now is irrelevant compared to the expectation of seeing them back together playing those songs that enshrined them. After the tour yes, they should bring something new to the table but at this moment a new album would be only to calm the anxiety of a few hardcore fans and probably would be a bad business strategy.
  12. Although I was very young at that time, I went to 2 Illusions concerts in December 1992. Apart from differences like context and "what for..", there are many similarities between these two tours...Criticism about the lineup, about Axl´s voice and that cash grab thing, as today, also existed at that time... and exactly how it is happening in the current tour, people still filled stadiums to see them.
  13. WTH 50%? But did this start counting from the date they signed the marriage documents or what he had before also comes into the sharing? I have no idea how this works in the USA...Anyway, I think he already had a good fortune before Perla´s era...
  14. I think it was Marcelo Barbosa, a brazilian guitarist.