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  1. OMG I fkn loved this. Thank you so much @BlueJean Baby
  2. Day 12
  3. I second that. Wow.
  4. I'm going to disagree with the comment about Steven. I have love for the entire band and I don't consider myself to have a crush on any one of them any more so than seeing a nice looking person on the street and saying something complimentary about them without knowing anything about their life. I wouldn't be showing up to Stevens book signing and paying for a book I have no interest in reading if I didn't have love for Steven. It breaks my heart that things didn't work out with him and I would like nothing else but for him to be able to return to the band. It's the band as a whole and the music they make, how it makes me feel and how many years they have been in my life and so on. Maybe you can call it a GnR crush or something. It's not necessarily being blinded to Axl's issues, it's more like having a difference of opinion about how he comes across to me. I also think if the whole thread didn't constantly revolve around Axl so negatively things would be different. I'm not a mind reader and I can't persecute someone for something I don't have proof of. Why aren't there more discussions about the band as a whole instead of constantly projecting Axl's lonely future.
  5. Difficult to see knowing he was a mere 2 blocks from my home working out today. Geez.
  6. Yes at the Grove inside the Barnes and Noble at 7 p.m.. You're right it's like an outside mall, very beautiful, waterfalls, wooden bridges over small ponds, cobblestone walkways, very upscale vibe. Meeting Slash was very nerve wrecking for me and I cried. He is beautiful and so so talented.
  7. I agree with what you're saying about introverts being capable of going on stage or holding speeches. I think when you mix being an introvert and suffering from anxiety then you'll definitely have a problem with being in front of an audience. Also in the beginning when they performed ,most if not all of them were on drugs or alcohol so that can have a great calming effect and give you greater power to do what you normally wouldn't. Again what you said, once you're used to it then of course it's easier.
  8. I'm guilty, somewhat introverted.
  9. That's because they are coming from every direction. Summer is the worst because if you're wearing flip flops or slippers they always run into your heels. Drives me crazy, not to mention it hurts.
  10. Exactly what you said. Finally get to meet the original AFD drummer. Respect. And I hope his mother doesn't derail any conversations people try to have with him. I can't wait to share. I wonder if anyone else from the forum is going.
  11. Out of likes but these comments are funny and reminding me of my childhood. As far as Walmart goes, I blacked out my first time there. It was Christmas time and I couldn't breathe or get away from the crowds. It was horrible. Funny now.
  12. Next Wednesday March 29th. Of course I will share anything and everything with you guys. Unfortunately I do have to buy the book.
  13. My day 10, definitely makes me sad. Was played at my dads funeral because it was his favorite.
  14. Imagine if you will all of the millionaires in this world that live in these huge compounds. They require many people to take care of them, housekeepers, nannies, landscapers, business people etc. Most of the time they don't know these people, they come in as strangers. It's very difficult to trust in these people but you have to do it. Some of them screw you and some stay with you for many years. I believe when Axl found he could trust in Beta then she started to fill some of these needs. The longer she was with him the relationship grew and so did her responsibilities. She went above and beyond just being an employee. He found an insider he could trust and he's not going to let that go, especially considering all that he's been through in the past. As far as I know she's no longer his manager, Fernando is. I think it's really difficult for him to not think of her as a mother figure considering all that she's seen and done for him. I really wish I had taken a screenshot of Sasha. It was kinda late and I assumed when I woke up it would be all over the thread. I've even checked my history and it doesn't show up. When I didn't see it in the forum this morning I went back to her Insta and she deleted them. Regarding the modeling, the only pics I see are of her modeling underwear for a certain company, but haven't seen them for a while.