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  1. I was on the same medication as Chris and it wasn't working so I called my Dr. and she advised me to take more, I got worse and the Dr pulled me off and put me on something else. It's going through all of the wrong meds to find the right meds that really sucks. I think we could do better without them by just changing our lives a little. Maybe less stress if possible and being social helps a lot. Also a great support system is very important. When you are on these meds you literally have no control over your thoughts. You either fight hard to get help or it just takes over and you end your life.
  2. This is beautiful in a sad kind of way. So much truth to it. I myself have dealt with Anxiety for many many years. The question always asked is "Is it a learned behaviour or genetic." I don't know the answer, it's a struggle every day. The few things that can be done to help are exercise, clean diet and vitamins if needed. A complete CBC should be done before anyone is medicated for Anxiety or depression as sometimes you just need a few tweaks and you'll be fine or atleast feeling a lot better. Sorry to derail.
  3. Yes, it's Axl's house.
  4. Axl says "One of those songs" when asked what do you want to start with.
  5. Wow, I'm gone for a day and all hell breaks loose. Geez! Kinda glad I missed this one. We need the tour to resume quickly.
  6. Aww, you're welcome. I try to do what I can for you guys. Besides, i'm not interesting at all so this is all I have, go stalk the gunners.
  7. Yes we would. I was going to check out the show with Del James last night but couldn't get there in time. You need to get your butt to Cali.
  8. I wish you lived here too, we could go together. So much fun.
  9. So I went to check out Hookers and Blow on Easter at the Whiskey a go go and here are a few videos from the show. Hope this is in the right place to post. Ok so far this is the only one I can get to load but I'll keep trying. Hope you enjoy.
  10. Day 6
  11. Day 5
  12. Wow so interesting. Thanks for that. I don't know if I will ever like any version other than Kris Kristofferson and Barbara Streisand.