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  1. Setlist so far: 01. Chinese Democracy 02. Welcome To The Jungle 03. It’s So Easy 04. Mr. Brownstone 05. Estranged
  2. Yeah that's pretty ironic
  3. The next stand up comedian opening for GnR wil be Jim Jeffries - look at this link to see opening acts... http://www.hardrockhotel.com/las-vegas-concerts/the-joint
  4. Show is scheduled for 11:45 pm - Katt Williams (Stand up comedian) was opening. And yes, very annoying with no updates but the show has not started yet...but soon i guess :-) ('im not there btw...)
  5. Did Axl ever sing with the Cult?

    It was in July 1989 - at The Loft/Scrap Bar in New York. From 4 am to. 8., they jam on Aerosmith, Stones & Black Sabbath covers. The Setlist might be incomplete, but: Mama Kin, Rock And Roll, Satisfaction, Paranoid, blues jam, The Garden, Yesterdays There's an interview and recording of Axl & Del James at the Scrap Bar, may 19 rehearsing The Garden & Yesterdays, so there is something of a confusing mix of dates around this time, but the videclip says july - it could mean it was released in july maybe...i'm not sure though... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m63Vp7kza1E#t=312
  6. April 17th - Fortaleza, Brazil

    show started 11:15 pm...
  7. A separate private section for supporters only?

    The point of a private section is generally a bad idea especially if it's a "paying members-only" section - if nothing else happens in there that is no different on the other sections, then it is redundant, unless it is a section where all supporters that are interested in developing/contributing ideas to the site are discussing this (and it needs privacy). I consider it normal for admins and moderators or helpers of a forum to be allowed in to a private section on a forum, where normal discussions about the management of the forum/site takes place. It shouldn't be necessary to pay to "feel like a VIP" on a forum, unless if it's going to be a fanclub with benefits. just my POW :-)
  8. Unknown setlists 1985-1993

    I did not disrespect him (I know you did not say that I do), when I tried to ask for his permission at the time, but yeah, it must have been that book that caused him to be somewhat paranoid or protect his work. Anyway, I was really dissapointed, since I consider every bit of information about GnR & related stuff should be free, except for books and videos from the band or related. Since I have most of all the bootlegs (no 'im not hoarding), I pretty much can add the correct setlist, if it's even the right dato or info - a lot of the bootlegs have wrong dates or some are completely the same. But still, I owe John M's site a lot and do have it available on my links, and right now I try to credit sites and people the right way, but it's difficult to try to get permission to use something for free in these times. This is the present list I consider worthy sites to look at - I still need to update it with a couple of new sites, though: http://wordpress.gnfnr.dk/links/
  9. Unknown setlists 1985-1993

    Yeah, too bad... :-(
  10. Unknown setlists 1985-1993

    SoulMonster put up some quotes in his forum about this show: http://www.a-4-d.com/t942-19850608-gorilla-garden-seattle-usa
  11. Unknown setlists 1985-1993

    I Think Duff wrote about the gig in his book - and then I checked online to see what there was of available info about the show. I don't remember specifically if Marc Canter has mentioned on this forum, but I did use all the information from Marc's book as well - the tour dates and setlist :-) The main part of all listed shows in the setlist comes from gnrontour.com (or form here), but I have done a lot of research on top of that and made my own overview of all available info of the shows. I still need to watch and read up a lot on all the stuff I still have, so there's a lot of work to be done on the setlists :-) But according to Duff, they only did one show on the "Hell Tour", but it sounds elsewhere, that they could have played one more show - I'm still researching that bit of info :-) (can't remember the date, maybe june 12th or something, as listed on my blog )
  12. Who Is Howard Teman ?

    There's a facebook page for Ruben MacBlues Rock City News here.
  13. Who Is Howard Teman ?

    Yeah, I find new things every time I watch the video - I would almost kill for the whole show :-D But yes, great to be able to add this show to the GnR chronolgy :-D
  14. Who Is Howard Teman ?

    I'm not sure about the setlist, as it looks like in the video, that they started the show with "UTLH" - but this is what I got on the show: Setlist: It's So Easy, Move To The City, Mr. Brownstone, Out Ta Get Me, Used To Love Her [w/Howard Teman], Patience, Sweet Child O' Mine, My Michelle, Knockin' On Heaven's Door, Blues Jam, Welcome To The Jungle, Nightrain, Paradise City, Whole Lotta Rosie [w/ Vince Neil] I just found the bootleg from january 21. from the guns n roses tracker somewhere else, and it sounds to me something is off somewhere - the UTLH does not sound like the video so somebody might be wrong :-) Oh, another one posted this date for the show - january 10th, 1988. Here. (I think i'm confused now) :-D Oh, Howard Teman on facebook here. One more version from Teman's facebook here. (the plot thickens!) This was a surprise appearance after their first year of touring the Appetite album, which had three huge hit singles when they played this 1/10/88 gig. They showed up to help fight a lame lawsuit against Ruben at Rock City News, the Hollywood rock mag that helped a lot of people then. (I was a contributing writer with the byline of Phantom.) Adler hand was broken and he couldn't play (or so I heard.) Also on the bill was Faster Pussycat, Cathouse, The Zeros, D'Molls and Funhouse. Vince Neil came out to sing FP's encore. He was a pretty successful guy at this point and it showed when he stood beside this newer batch of L.A. rockers. This was a little bigger than the average show, but it's still a good representation of how this part of the scene looked, sounded and felt on any given night. (Tom Cruise wasn't a rocker and he was never seen at any rock shows.) MC Riki Rachtman wasn't a TV VJ yet, he was owner of The Cathouse, where FP was the ongoing house band (and singer Taime Downe was Riki's co-partner). The Cathouse is where throngs of stripper gals went to dance to hard rock songs on Thursday nights and rocker guys showed to score. These dudes would never be seen with their long hair in a mainstream pop dance club playing Michael Jackson--but at the Cathouse, some would even dance!