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  1. I don't understand why so many people on this board present Duff and Slash as victims in every single situation.Jesus. They all knew that new music was not the no 1 priority behind the reunion. But they agreed. because they are making big fat money out of it.
  2. Prague was killer, but it was the only I attended so I'm biased. Do you think we'll get more European dates next year? or that was it?
  3. A GnR fan criticising another artist's morals?! Funny. As if our guys are saints. +there is a huge difference between trashing something the way you did and simply stating that it is not your cup of tea.
  4. After the last phenomenal shows I just hope they come back to Europe next summer! 😇
  5. omg what the f** did I just read. I understand that you might not like ACDC but calling a living legend like Angus an idiot makes you look like a fool
  6. approx 19:15- 22:30
  7. hey hey security fuckhead!
  8. Encore was the same in Prague and Stockholm ( and Finland?)
  9. Anyone who was at the left side of the stage and has a good video of coma? During Coma Axl looked at me, smiled and gave me a thumbs up because I was singing every word along! I think it was around the last two minutes of the song.Unfortunately I was too busy singing and staring at Axl and didn't capture it!
  10. OMG, just came back from the show. I was front row duff 's side. Axl waved back to me and smiled once, still can't believe it. Awesome show with great encore. Review and photos later.
  11. Also no parking available Parking will not be available for visitors at the GUNS N‘ ROSES concert;We would kindly like to ask all the concert visitors to use a public transport -metro C line - getting off at the Letňany Metro Station and after the concert again to use the same public transport – its service from 14:00 to 20:00 and from 22:30 to 24:00 will be significantly enhanced. For transportation from the eastern part of the city you can also take advantage of an enhanced 195 bus service on Skalka – Vysočanská - Letňany route. Please note that there is a total lack of parking space at the location of the concert. SECURITYWe would like to inform GUNS N’ ROSES concert visitors that increased security measures will be applied at Prague’s concert. We would like to ask the visitors to come ahead of time to avoid long lines and waiting. We kindly ask visitors attending shows not to bring any bags bigger than A4 size and assist us by turning up with plenty of time to spare and help make entering and exiting the arena as smooth as possible. We also encourage everyone to pay attention to their surroundings, or anything that may be of concern and avoid creating panic and unsafe situations.RESTRICTIONS - PROHIBITED OBJECTS AND ACTIVITIESWeapons (including knives, brass knuckles, firearms, edged and pointed weapons, axes, chains, tubes, rods - including wooden ones), pepper and / or tear sprays, explosives, combustibles, video cameras (including GoPros etc.) cameras with removable lens, audio recorders, selfie sticks, large luggage (including suitcases on wheels), seats, chairs, tables, steps and / or ladders, various footpads including polystyrene or wooden "cubes", umbrellas, glass or plastic or metal bottles, PET bottles, pressure vessels (with compressed gases including pressure horns), pyrotechnics, means of transportation (bicycles, scooters, baby strollers, skateboards, roller skates) except wheelchairs with guide and assistance dogs, if accompanying a person with a disability requiring their assistance), toxic and narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances, food or beverages (in both cases except for small quantities for immediate personal consumption - especially in case of celiac disease (gluten-free diet), syringes (except for diabetics if they bring an insulin syringe or insulin pen - a diabetic medical ID might be required), laser light sources including "small pointers" = pointers, motorcycle helmets, any other items that could be used as a weapon against other visitors, event staff or performers, especially by throwing on or around the stage (e.g. stones, etc.) and possibly other dangerous items.
  12. plus gc tickets were cheaper comparing to other countries so it is safe to assume that the pit is going to be big
  13. I think GC will be pretty massive. The fact that there are still tickets for GC is a bit concerning I mean , in other citites gc tickets were gone in like 2 days so either there is not so much demand or Standing A is pretty huge. So we'd better line up early. What time do you guys plan lining up for the concert? And how early do czech people usually line up for concerts? I'm travelling from another country for GNR ( here some people line up the night before for big gigs like this that's why I'm asking )