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  1. Axl and Del through the years
  2. Hopefully they will be in Spain too, I may miss trying to see live feeds because I have to work until 3 pm tomorrow 😣
  3. He was an aspiring writer, and at the time GNR were just starting, they became friends and still are to this day. 😆
  4. What can I say, it has been one of those days when I needed a lot of this, but I prefer this kind
  5. Why does Down on the Farm come to mind when looking at that stage??? 🐎
  6. Del is a long time friend, not a hanger on, I like him a lot, always have though. 😆
  7. Lol....look at his shirt that I commented about above 😆
  8. happy finally got super high speed internet today
  9. Actually there are three thing I know for certain, those are #2 and #3.....#1 is that he is my favorite man on earth... And judging from his shirt he likes my #2 asset
  10. awwww... how sweet.....