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  1. DV is Domestic Violence
  2. Thank you!!
  3. Axl with Stuart and Amy Bailey Axl with Elton John
  4. Day 10 My first boyfriend was the bass player for Skynyrd, he died of cancer in 2009. He is in this video. Now every time I hear this song, I think of him. RIP my dear are sadly missed.
  5. My hair does great with cheaper products...I tried some of the salon products and got no better results. Mine doesn't tangle bad. I cut about two inches off the bottom about every six months. It is really fine and stick straight. Back in the 80's big hair days I spent a fortune on hairspray to keep the curls in or they would be gone in thirty minutes. Paid $80 for a damn perm back then and they would not guarantee it would hold due to how straight it is and was....I ended up with straight hair with a couple if little waves it in after the perm. So I gave up. Now I wash, condition, comb it out and go. Have not even owned a blow dryer in twenty years. Not to mention a lot of salon products contain aloe and I seem to be one of the few people in earth that is highly allergic to it
  6. I don't think she is playing mom...she manages his business dealings and takes care of his personal business, as well. She has been there for him when he needed someone to help him through rough times, when no one else really was. I do not see that as treating him like a six year old. He cares for her like he would if she were his mother. Their age difference doesn't have anything to do with anything. If it works for him, why should anyone be questioning it?? He is 55 years old, he can handle his life however he wishes. Note I just got off work and I am tired and grumpy too...not trying to cause an argument, just stating what is obvious to me and how I feel about this topic.
  7. Please reread what I said. She in a sense takes care of him. He cares for her and thinks of her as a mother figure. And there is nothing wrong with that scenario in my opinion.
  8. That she manages his business and personal affairs, therefore taking care of him. So he cares for and thinks of her as he would, if she was his mother?? Nothing strange about that.