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  1. Day 11 Jeez the 60s were good! So I'm cheating And I can't believe I'm leaving Beatles, Doors & Stones out - this day is unfair
  2. Yeah, it's strange there aren't more pictures of his stay here I wish people had invaded his privacy a little more back then What I find funny is that back then he wanted to meet people, while now he locks himself up everytime he comes here. You are right he totally needs some Argentinian friends! Wanna volunteer?
  3. Yeah, the outfits are the worst ever! Especially that red shirt But I still like the hair better than now I think those pictures are from Brazil Apparently he also gave an interview in Chile? It's in Spanish but it says that he came to Argentina to see Neil Young live and that he later went to Chile on holiday. I find it funny he says he wanted to "meet different people" there.
  4. Yeah, it's actually tricky, but I guess that you can sort of guess where he is because of the people and places in the background. I figure most of them are in Brazil, even the one with the guy with the Argentine shirt. But there is one pic that looks like Ezeiza and there is another one with Spanish writing in the background, so that could he here. Although there's another pic that says "Axl in Chile", so I reckon he was there as well. About the hair, I'm sorry but to me anything looks better than the current dead cat aka dried nest
  5. Day 10 First song, first concert in my life. I was 13 at the time, their arrival into Argentina had been totally CHAOS, and I was lucky enough my dad came along so that me and my little sister could go (quite bold of us I reckon). They opened with Welcome to the Jungle and Axl was wearing the Argentine soccer shirt. One of the best days ever!
  6. He had already gained weight back then, but al least his hair looked ok. I have to say I like that look better than today's In the interview video there are lots of pics from that holiday. I'm so jealous those people just came across him. He looks as if he was having a good time. By the way, is this new?
  7. Yeah. I still can´t believe he was here on holiday and we didn't even know or that Juan Di Natale called him Slash by mistake? I mean, WTF Funnily enough, he looks kinda happy in the pictures from that holiday. Maybe playing RIR had given him a sense of achievement?
  8. He came to Argentina in 2001 and he even gave an interview to a local radio. He sounds really off, maybe he was on sedatives or something. I don't remember whether it has already been posted but just in case
  9. Day 9
  10. Day 8 so disturbingly relaxing
  11. Day 7 These guys have actually become my bedtime pals as of late too
  12. Well, well, well, I see this thread is getting a bit messy...I like it Since some of the early risers have already picked what would have been my first choices , I'm gonna go with the one closest to my heart. Day 6 And a little bonus of one of my fave live exchanges ever (in Spanish)
  13. This is probably gonna be the most embarrassing post I'll ever make (hopefully!) but oh well... Actually, I also like some of the Backstreet Boys, Nsync and Enrique Iglesias' stuff, but since nobody has picked her, I'll honor this chick today. Day 5
  14. Day 4
  15. Day 3 (Interview with the Vampire ) I so wanna cheat today too...but I won't