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  1. Day 38
  2. Day 37
  3. Day 36 I don't remember my parents introducing me to any band in particular, but there was this sort of young aunt that would make mixed tapes of this guy for me when I was a child, and I loved them!
  4. Of course it does! First choice
  5. Since everyone is doing it...
  6. Day 35
  7. Day 34 Friends is my favorite show EVER and this song will always have a special place in my heart Jeez, I miss this show
  8. Day 33 Another absolutely unfair day. I could post entire albums today, but I won't So, leaving out AFD, Slippery When Wet and The Joshua Tree so as not to be redundant (), I'm going for these guys: And from a bit earlier (We should have a marathon about songs from different specific years next time!)
  9. Day 32 Posting this version so as not to feel left out of all the Billy Joel enthusiasm (especially since I haven´t even bothered listen past the first min' of Big Shot ) And
  10. Day 30 I find most Bon Jovi's ballads kinda tacky now, but this one in particular is Day 31 I can't believe I didn't like this one before
  11. Day 29
  12. Day 28 My one and only The voice, the melody, the guitar solo, the nostalgia of the early 90s, my preteen years, the MTV...all that and more in this one song!
  13. Day 27 In my ever short-lived experience with music, I most enjoyed genres that allowed me to play with the notes and improvise, and this one would certainly work for me.
  14. Day 26 My Grandma would sing this song all the time with her beautiful beautiful voice. I'm not sure how she would feel about this rock version I've uploaded though
  15. Day 25 I'm gonna go all Argie with a tango today - the most heartbreaking piece ever, but I love it.