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  1. This is really hard for me because my preteen years were the best musicwise! Not only did I discover GNR back then, but also all my other favourite bands and songs, so I could basically post an entire playlist here. However, I'm gonna go with this one song because I don't think it has been posted yet, and it should have a place in the thread. Day 12
  2. lol right! The Rocio Oliva one is a good example of a "cholulo" picture! And also this one: The "ultimate cholulo" pic
  3. Right. I agree with you in that I don't think he can't go out because he will be mobbed by thousands of fans. But I also don't think he could pass unnoticed IF he went out, and that probably at least some people would recognize him (fans, paparazzi, fellow musicians, friends, old/new acquaintances, wannabes, plain "cholulos" with a mobile phone at hand, to mention a few) - because he has been in the news for over a year now and people have started to pay attention to him again - and then more information would leak about his whereabouts and his social activities IF he was up to something. I don't think he has Instagram or Facebook either.
  4. So, just to check if I got your point, what you are saying is that you think that Axl has an active social life? And that he manages to hide it from the world because people in LA would not notice him or because he locks his posts to friends only? Axl is in the limelight right now, and he has been for almost a year, so I find it very hard to believe that he would pass unnoticed in the supermarket or in Disneyland, or wherever really, even in LA. Just to provide some recent examples, last week we discussed the story of him trying to escape from a fan in an LA mall in the 90s (which we didn't learn back then for lack of technology, not because Axl had control over it), and we also got to see some recent pictures of his house taken by a fan. So even if some people might not blink to see him, there are others who would, and I'm not talking about fans only. LA is full of wannabes who would cling at any opportunity to receive public attention, so getting a picture of him or even coming up with an "I met Axl" story would def suit their purpose (the pictures taken by the very young models last year are examples of how people that probably don't really care about him still want his picture and the attention of the meeting story) . So, my point is that maybe he could pull the low-key life say 10 years ago when nobody cared about him (I think he was referring to the wilderness years when he said he went to places he wasn't going to be noticed. i.e if you are referring to what he said at Jimmy Kimmel's?) or when there was no twitter/Instagram etc, but I don't think he can have much control over it right now, because the leak of information does not depend entirely on him or whether he might post his life to friends only. So I'm sticking with my no pic no activity inference for now (I'm not saying that he has no social life whatsoever, but that it's probably very limited and mainly restricted to what we see), but I guess only time will tell - I'm pretty sure we will all know the truth in time.
  5. Lots of introverts in this thread for sure! I guess I am one too and I'm realizing it right now . I guess Axl WAS right when he said that everybody needs sometime on their own I'm afraid I'm a bit behind with the discussion so I'll get back to business! This. I figure regardless of whether Axl doesn't like being on the social media or would like to keep his private life private, nowadays with the Internet, cell phones and all the social media, it would be almost impossible to keep his social life too much of a secret, and information would eventually leak, not necessarily through the people involved but maybe as you said, through casual witnesses. Thanks for the clarification. I was at a loss as to what no-photo instances you were talking about and I thought that you meant that he had explicitly asked certain people not to take photos of him. I understand that Axl managed to keep some (def not all) of his private life in the dark back in the day, mainly the things you accurately pointed out, because the global context back then allowed him to (as I mentioned above), but I don't think he could manage to replicate that now, and that's why I don't completely buy the privacy theory. My problem with it does not come from the question of whether Axl likes being in the social media (probably not) or whether he or Sluff upload pictures of the times they get together (def not for now) or even whether he has "secret" friends who respect/share his privacy issues too. My problem with the privacy theory comes from the understanding that whether Axl likes it or not, I don't think there's much he can do to control the spread of information in the current state of affairs, not only because of technology but also because of the high popularity he's having right now. I figure if he did go out and hang with other people apart from the ones we usually see him with, there would eventually be someone who would recognise him and either upload a picture or comment on the scene. He is big news right now. So for now, as there aren't many pictures of Axl socializing, I don't think he does it that much. And as there aren't any pictures of Axl hanging in Sluff's family parties, I don´t think he does it much either. Now whether that's ok or not would depend imo whether it makes him happy or not. I agree with you, but I reckon he could also get the "rocket queen" vibe from people his own age too. I'm sure there are lots of other rock n roll singletons in their 40s/50s with a dark side to them that he could hang out with. But the fact that he chooses to do it with these very young people is what makes me think that this factor is what makes the difference to him. You both seem to agree on this one. I still find it weird. Sasha has been spotted not only with Axl but with other famous men as well. She's not some random catalogue model that nobody knows about. When you google her, there are lots of pictures of her in social events that for some reason get photographed or even videotaped. Regardless of whether she has anything important to say or not (I don't think many models do anyway), I find it difficult to believe that nobody has caught her on cam, even if it's in a backstage/amateur shoot or something. Interesting observation! I hadn't noticed that the pattern dated from that way back. Could we add Lana Del Rey to the list?
  6. I'm gonna play my GNR card for the first time here. I could listen to this song everyday for the rest of my life and I'd still get the same feeling of excitement I got the first time I caught it on the radio. I just can't get enough of it. Day 11
  7. Probably. In a way, who Axl decides to hang out with says a lot about his current state of mind, and his likes and interests. You know, birds of a feather... It could also be an indication of some sort of "Peter Pan syndrome", in the sense that he might not feel at ease with the passing of time (as we had speculated when we discussed his wardrobe choices iirc) and might feel young when hanging around these people. Also, if he thinks of Beta as a motherly figure, he might as well consider Fernando some sort of peer. Isn't it extremelly strange? I mean, the fact that there are apparently no videos of this woman talking about anything at all? I figure if she's actually been a model for many years now, shouldn't there be some public record of her making some comment about fashion at least?
  8. I don't usually like listening to sad songs, unless I need to for cathartic purposes, but this one is so beautiful I just can't help but Day 10
  9. Very interesting thoughts everyone! I really like reading your speculations on the ever intriguing issue of Axl's social life - it's def helped me broaden my perspective on it. I'm still on the fence here though: I'm more inclined to think that Axl does not appear in Sluff's family pictures because he doesn't actually hang out with them (while he does appear in the freak show's pictures because he does hang out with them). I guess I don't buy the privacy/no-pic policy theory because we saw pictures of Axl not only hanging with the freak show, but also with the intelligent models and even Angus last year. However, on a brighter note, I reckon there's still a chance that he might hang out with Sluff alone and we might be completely unaware of those meetings because, after all, it is always Meegan and Susan who share pictures of their private life in the social media. Whatever the case may be, I reckon we all want Axl to hang out with the guys because we think that that would make him (and us) happy, but I wonder whether that is true. They've been apart for such a long time and their lives look so different now that maybe they don't have many things in common now apart from work. I wonder what he feels he has in common with the freak show though. Which times are you talking about? Exactly this. Since it is them who seem to have formed their own little social group, I also think it should be them who should try to include Axl more. But as you said, maybe they have already tried and failed. Thanks! That makes a lot of sense. Tbh the thought of Axl damaging the door in a DV incident was very disturbing. Sasha is def a question mark. I really can't make up my mind about her. Have we ever heard this woman speak at least?
  10. Pls don't judge me, but this one song always does it for me Day 9
  11. lol every little mystery gets eventually solved in this thread! I think someone's trying to copycat Axl there Me too Do you think the damage in the door could be connected to the alledged DV? Right. It's sad not to see him bonding with Sluff. Do you think he gets invited to these parties though? I was thinking about the picture @Lumikki posted recently of Axl at home with "his current gang" and it's made me wonder how he seems to hang out almost exclusively with people half his age now.
  12. Great info! Thanks for sharing! @killuridols maybe that's what he was doing when he ran into Cerati
  13. Yeah, and he's really cute Slash, on the other hand, looks aw-ful in that pic What the hell was he thinking with that weird wardrobe choice...
  14. Day 8 - one of my favorite songs in the world
  15. Just for the record, listening to music while driving is one of my greatest pasttimes ever Day 7