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  1. Catching up with Day 71 A song about the rough times in life I have just noticed we're getting closer to day 80!
  2. Jeez I have some catching up to do! Day 72
  3. Day 67
  4. Day 66 Coca Cola nailed it with this one.
  5. Day 65
  6. Day 64
  7. Day 63 GNR feat. Mr Steven "Popcorn" Adler damn this was good!
  8. Day 62 An old flame... ahh love is a tricky business
  9. I hadn't listened to this one - thanks! Tbh they could have funked it up a little more
  10. Day 61
  11. Day 60
  12. Day 59 I would certainly enjoy a GNR or RHCP cover of this song Or to give them an extra challenge
  13. Day 58 And a cheeky cheat
  14. Day 57 First things first (I love how there's a Chili Peppers song for everything ) And another favourite
  15. I'm out of likes but thanks @Frey and @Blackstar for all the info about the origins of the use of bandanas! Very interesting! I kinda figured it was a rock and roll thing and I actually like how Slash wears his, but as @Tori72 pointed out, Axl's way too long, almost ankle long, and it just looks weird, more Arabian princess like rather than rock star. And also, what is that little red thing around his right boot? Is it ...a bandana??? Pls, tell me he's not accessorizng his boots now.