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  1. The thing with Steve is, he can sing the old material like he needs to sing it, I saw him back then on the Season's End tour and it was okay. I don't know, maybe he was just too focused on hitting every single note and wanted to proof he's a good singer and completely forgot about the lyrics on his own songs. I also think the band itself didn't really know what they wanted to do for quite a while. Let's be honest, Holidays in Eden was really awful, there's such a big "I want to have success in the charts" stamp on it, it was terrible for the most part. There are some good songs on it, but most of it is just generic. Then they released Brave, and Brave is really a good album, I wonder why they didn't just follow that direction. The following albums again were much worse, I think the problem there is that H. uses almost exclusivley his higher register and falsetto and he messes around way too much with the vocals, it just doesn't sound good to me. Fish doesn't care that much about singing cleanly, actually his vocals are pretty dirty and rough at times, but that's exactly what takes his songs to another level. Fish never sings a song, he's always telling a story instead and emphasizes each syllable accordingly. To make it a bit more clear: "Is this your car?/ Is this your car?/ Is this your car?" , slightly different meaning depending on what you emphasize, Fish does this just perfectly in his lyrics. It's more like he's just speaking to you than singing a song and perfectly fits his storytelling. He also has a very dynamic style of singing, his vocie going up and down and from lower register to high register, falsetto, back to low and changing between loud voice/normal voice/whisper/cry within a matter of just a few syllables. He also always got that edge he can put to his voice if needed like in "Fugazi" when he sings "insane" or in "He knows you know" at "you've got", "you know" those little screams. And last not least his lyrics of course, they are always pure art, he's a fucking poet! One of the best lyricists around for sure. It's always difficult to describe what makes a singer outstanding, but Fish defninitely is one of them. However, I have to say that Steve seems to have improved quite a bit over the years, he finally uses his middle and lower register and his singing isn't that badly all the same anymore. Seems like he's heading towards the right direction, not the same level as Fish of course, but it's hard to compete with the poet himself. P.S.: Since I try to spread the word whenever possible, you may like this band: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K3jeNK3aO4c&list=PLN36l7qmA95qUT2ufYeUz5BsuCzXbTx2A Very uniques style, I love them.
  2. Seems like I'm one the the few which really like My World... Well, I never had a standard musical taste, so iut's fine.
  3. I specifically like early Marillion and Fish. Season's Enbd was a great album, too, and I really liked Brave, it's the best Steve Hogarth era album imo. Unfortunately, Hogarth is the reason why I am not such a big fan anymore, they're still fine musically, but H.'s singing is so emotionless... I have 2 short examples, in Gaza there is that line "my father died...feeding the birds", I can imagine that Fish would have spoken that line in a low, broken voice which would absolutely make sense, Hogarth sings it in the same way he sings the following lines. While that line would've much potential, a lot of it is wasted. Or, a bit later, "we're packed like chickens", at "chickens" there should be all the disgust they feel about this in the voice, but Steve just....sings. It's not that Steve is a bad singer, but he lacks that talent that makes Fish so special, he swaps from singing to speaking, whispering, crying whatever the song requires to transport all the emotions. I'm still a big fan of Fish though.
  4. Well, everyone is entiteled to have his own opinon. and every artists has his strengths and weaknesses. What appears to be a strength to one person even might be a weakness to anoither person and vice versa. I always liked to look at the whole stage, not just the "stars", in the past I focused on the drummer or the bassist and what he's doing for a whole show and pretty much ignored the singer or lead guitarist since I know what he does anyway, so not worth a closer look. People are different and that's good. But I want to explain that covers thing. To me covers are the most prestigious discipline. Whenever your hear a musician talk about making a cover, you'll often hear something like "It was really difficult to break free from the original. We did it over and over again and it still sounded too close to it". I think it's much easier to create something from scratch, you can do whatever you feel like, and when it's sounds good to you, you can just says "ok, that's fine, sounds good". You don't have a comparison, that's different when doing a cover, you will compare it and even if you would've thought you made a great song if you did it from scratch, you might end up with something like "the original sounds still better..." There's much more pressure on you, too, people which know the original might not like your version (and again, they might not like it just because it's a cover while they might have regarded it as a great song if it were a completely new song). I think it's really a challenge to find this balance between staying true to the original and adding your own flavour to it or even going a different way and make something completely new from it, hope my opinion got a bit clearer now.
  5. Yeah, Axl was so much better back then. Don't believe that shit.
  6. Marillion - Misplaced Childhood is quite similar, of course they were just at the beginning of their careers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sqNb_uzcmaU&list=PL5E5DB9D84A810265 CD is definitely the most personal album by Guns N' Roses and has some pretty strong lyrics. I like it for the same reason other people hate it, there are so many layers. You can listen to it again and again and it sounds different every time depending on what you focus on. If you think about it it's also the most grown-up album by Guns.
  7. Yeah, at the moment she does the "I don't trust you" number, she knows better. Never expected her doing such shit, but there's not much I can do about it. It happens that you break up, but when there are kids involved, you should try to get along, her dream seems to be no contact at all. Going through it for years now amd I already inveted so much that this will never happen. It's terrible that you can't see your own children when you want it, we need way better laws, fathers are so lost when it comes to this. The mother can tell whatever kind of bullshit and almost nobody questions it. Some professionals involved just plainly lied in front of the court, saying I showed no interest when I in fact phoned them and asked about my children. It were them who told me to refrain from it, they don't have the time for that in everyday business. Of course I have my lawyer and we're making slow progress, but it's really, really slow. Well, there are better times to come, but those years are just lost. I would love to change it, but there's not much I can do about it. About 2 weeks to go until I see them again. However, I really enjoyed the time with my brother, my niece and nephew (there is no general term for male and female, right? if so, someone should invent it. ), it's just a pity that those situations can also be pretty tough at times.
  8. So, after the concert in Hannover (this, I'm German ) I visited my brother on my way back. We had a nice evening yesterday and also a nice day with my nephew and niece today. However, I have 2 children myself which I unfortunately rarely see. I think women have no idea what they do to fathers when they deny them to see their kids whenever both sides want that, it's like part of you dying again and again and again sucking the life out of you....really hurts so much, worst pain ever. It was really a great weekend, but that sucks so much. And an intensive one, shed quite some tears, of joy, sorrow and a mixture of both. I'll need some time to get things sorted out for me.
  9. Finally home again! You know that feeling when you open the door to your floor, thinking "my home, my castle" and then take seat on your couch with a sigh of relief? That's me. So, my personal review. First of all I dare to say that we had the best supports of this leg, maybe followed closely by The Deftones. Unfortunately, I came a bit late for the beginning Phil and his sons (those security checks really took a while), but from all I could hear they did a nice job, played some own songs and of course also Motörhead song finishing with Ace of Spades (what else did you expect, a deep cut? ). I really liked it, just had the impression that most people didn't even know who that Phil is, shame on all of them. If they play in my vicinity again, I'll go and watch them. When Killing Joke entered the stage, I was surprised that they got a lot of positive resonance, didn't expect that, but even better. During their performance, the first people started to complain their face got touched by my hair, but hey, what did they expect, we were at a hair metal conert after all! The good thing always is, if you just do your thing, you get a decent amount of free space around you. It was a great gig, Jaz was as outspoken as usual and what counts for Phil and sons obviously also counts for KJ, if they ever play near me.... Two great bands already and the rest was yet to come. I was right in front of the mixer at that time, not quite at the barrier but close enough, so pretty much a perfect spot. Finally GN'R entered the songs, they played 3 songs then the first few bars of Jungle and you all know what happened then by now. In retrospective, it was the best thing which could happen! Sure, the waiting time was a bit annoying but we were gifted with a really nice setlist, as far as I followed it pretty much the best setlist of this leg. We got both Novermber Rain and Don't Cry, we got Coma ( I read this thread ) and Civil War and we got Angus ( I covered this topic in my earlier post in this thread, nothing more to add). The band sounded great overall, I like Richard's stage presence, he could even be a bit more of a frontman in my opinion, but no idea if he's allowed to do that, his windmill is definitely awesome! Have to say a bit about Frank, too, I like quite a bit of headbanging as you might have figured out and his drumming is really exact and on time, but always has some little gimmicks inbetween, a double bass here, a little snare there, really liked it. And before I forget the most important person on stage, let's turn our attention to.....Melissa! Yes, seriously, that girl is so fun to watch, headbanging and dancing over her keys, she's the ircarnation of what Rock'n'Roll is. There's so much energy around her, it's really impressive, probably one of the most underrated musicians ever. Well, I decided to do a bit of hopping back and forth now since there's so much to say. I found that CD songs worked pretty well live, if the resonance is not so big, it's not because of the songs, but because of other reasons, they aren't big hits, not well-known by most of the audience and unfortunately many people only care about the hits. Next hop, the covers! Seems to be a big topic. Personally, I really love when bands do covers live. I mean, unless they change their own songs a lot for live performances, you can always listen to them on album, covers are a thing where a band can really start to be creative and shine. I really tend to prefer a good cover over an original song (for above reasons), would have nothing against a pure cover tour by whichever band, I would find it really, really exting, you know, which songs are they going to cover, which style, will they keep the structure of a song or change it completey, that's interesting to me. Furthermore, covers are a trademark of quite some bands and you may even get to listen to them only live and never on any released media. Has that kind of exclusivity. Hopping back to the evening and two highlights (apart from Angus on stage of course). First one was Don't Cry. I hoped they'd play it but assumed the chance to be much less than 40% (little backgroound story: when I was young, I was at a holiday camp in Portugal, one of our camp songs was Don't Cry, the other one "Welch ein Tag" by Mario Jordan (ifit very well, too) since we had equal vote two times. Don't Cry was always the second to last song of the evening, there are a lot of memories connected to it). You can imagine how happy I am I got to hear it live (and Angus, did I mention Angus? Okay, okay, I'm quiet...) My second highlight was Black Hole Sun! That exact same spot, 25 years ago, Soundgarden opening for Guns N' Roses. And then having the opportunity to pay tribute, I just cried my soul out, looking towards the sky, it was one of those moments when everything fits together, somehow a spiritual experience. The only negative thing were the people around me, they were just standing there doing literally nothing, I don't get how one can't enjoy himself in such a setting, feels bad, man. I had a blast anyway. After This I love I moved away from my spot, really had to drink something at that point and so I did, believe me, pure water is the best drink ever. After that I went a bit away from the stage towards the back until I saw some people which had fun, 2 of them disguised as Axl and Slash, had a great time there, too, better be at the back surrounded people which can enjoy themselves than close to the stage and next to some statues. I went back towards the stage for the encore though and enjoyed the fireworks to end the show. Altogether, it was a great performance, really, really worth it! So, as we like to say in Germany "Ich habe fertig!" (little joke) However, there is one more thing to say, in all seriousness: Don't do that! Really, a wide, open space, with some high metal structures, it's really, really , really dangerous iin a thunderstorm, no joke! Your spot is not worth your life, never ever! Don't do that!
  10. Damn it, damn it, damn it! I wrote a huge wall of text already and then my computer crashed....Pity me, please! Will try again using a text editor this time.
  11. Hmm, I assume most people here aren't singers themselves and are not aware how exactly vocal cords work and how fragile they can be. That's the only explanation I have for some posts. A decent overview to start may be this one: http://visihow.com/Can_you_damage_your_vocal_cords_permanently
  12. Not quite back home yet, visiting my brother. The concert was great, but the most important thing: To all those suckers out there which complain about AC/DC songs I got two words for ya SUCK IT! It was just awesome, never imagined in my wildest dreams I'd see Axl/DC so soon, it was kinda unreal. I'm sooooo happy Angus was there and Axl, I love you for this! One of the best surprises ever! Will write more when I'm back home.
  13. Yes, he can do it for a short while, but then he needs to rest his voice or he risks to stress his vocal chords too much. Many people arent aware what a dangerous technique rasp is and I think Axl still doesncC do it exactly right. I can confirm that Axl doesnct sound much Mickey live, his voice is really strong. Did you see any of the shows livekK Sry for the typos,you can keep them,writing on a phone sucks.