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  1. If you like layers, you might want to listen to some progrock/-metal
  2. @Sunset Gardener Just ignore that post, it speaks for itself. Stating that the one who pretty much invented Rock'n'Roll and established the guitar as a lead instrument in music wasn't very influental...can't take that serious. And like someone already mentioned, posts like that don't fit into this thread anyway.
  3. To not just spam in this thread, I'll now tell the story how I got to know this band. Back in the 80s, there was that progressive rock band named Marillion, they were outstanding at that time, great albums, every single one a masterpiece, Script for a Jester's Tear, Fugazi, Misplaced Childhood, Clutching at Straws and even Season's End. Some of my all-time favourite songs are on them. Unfortunately, I never got to see them live with Fish, the first tour I saw was the Season's End one right after Fish left the band. During all those years, it always was on my list to see Fish live, one of the greatest lyricists alive imo. Well, 2016 there happened to be the 25th anniversary of Misplaced Childhood, I really love that album. After I saw he'll perform it at Night of the Progs it was clear I'll finally go and see him. Now I have the habit to listen to some songs of other bands performing at the same festival or even to listen to songs of support bands (which occasionally lead to me looking more forward to a support band than the band for which I bought the ticket ^^). Of course, I did the same with all the bands performing at NOTP and when I listened to some of Lazuli's songs, they pretty soon got me, I love their unique style, it's a band that doesn't sound like any other and that's already pretty rare nowadays. Claude's very remarkable voice and the sound of the Léode which I loved immediately are also a big part of my passion for that band. And, last not least and maybe most importantly, their delight in playing on stage, everyone of of them having a big smile on their face and having and sharing so much fun, they're probably one of the most energetic live acts around. Their performance at NOTP was really gorgeous, I enjoyed Fish playing the complete Misplaced Childhood album, but Lazuli were my band of the festival (not the first time stuff like that happens to me, not sure whether that's good or bad... ) So once again, I really recommend to listen to some of their music and if your French isn't good or not existent (like mine ^^), there are fortunately things like babelfish and alike to translate the lyrics, I did that with some and appreciate their work now even more. However, their music alone already tells a lot of stories.
  4. The king is dead, long live the king! Farewell, Chuck, you'll never be forgotten.
  5. No idea, I just remembered they had a lot of rotations on the keyboards in the past and someone might argue, "no, that's not Depeche Mode anymore, too many changes".
  6. I really don't like this argument, there are many bands out there which have only one or two original members left or even none, but nobody would argue they're still that band. One example could be AC/DC, guess most wouldn't argue it's not AC/DC anymore although only Angus is left. Or Simple Minds, same. Or Depeche Mode, same. Nobody would say "no, it's not Depeche Mode" or "no, it's not Simple Minds". At that time, Axl legitimately hold the name Guns N' Roses for his band, and no matter whomeever he hired or how that album was made, for that reason alone CD is a legitimate Gn'R album, of course not a classic one, but anyway.
  7. What I really like about Nintendo are their innovative ideas (see Gameboy, Wii, etc.) which all others eventually copied. For that reason alone I wish all the best to them. And regarding graphics, to be fair, Nintendo mostly was the first to release the new console generation while Microsoft and Sony released their next gens months or even years later, so no surprise they were ahead at that graphics thing, but Nintendo caught up. The only thing Ninrtendo lacked during all the years was third party support. Their own franchise, awesome, Zelda, Mario, Fire Emblem, Kirby, Pokemon, Star Fox, Super Smash Bros, Xenoblade...., alll others can't keep up with that. If they now manage to get the same third party support like Sony and Microsoft, it looks pretty good for them. And based on the video that might happen, we'll see.
  8. HIM

    I always hated them. Fucking posers pretending to be Goths since it was popuilar back then and watering the genre even more. That's probably because I like Goth, well, real Goth like Batcave, Wave, EBM..., not the shit today labeled with it
  9. Hanson - Anthem Haven't listen to them forever and wondered what they did in all the years. Pretty underated band I think, surprisingly good.
  10. I'm absolutely convinced that people will still listen to Nirvana in 100 or 200 years, they have such a unique sound, awesome.
  11. At least I can hope for it, nobody can take that away from me.
  12. Bullshit Not really if it achieves that people do it less.
  13. Not specifically towards you, but since I read such comments quite a lot, "bullshit" is not an argument. It's more like a "I want to have the last word"-message. Such posts are pointless.