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  1. At least I can hope for it, nobody can take that away from me.
  2. Bullshit Not really if it achieves that people do it less.
  3. Not specifically towards you, but since I read such comments quite a lot, "bullshit" is not an argument. It's more like a "I want to have the last word"-message. Such posts are pointless.
  4. Not that much and quite a bit. http://edition.cnn.com/2014/09/04/world/europe/uk-nato-summit/index.html http://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2015/07/28/427032292/nato-says-it-stands-with-turkey-in-fight-against-isis https://www.nytimes.com/2014/09/05/world/europe/obama-and-cameron-call-on-nato-to-confront-isis.html I'm not sure if it's an official NATO thing right now, but it is a thing.
  5. Keep in mind that there's a thing called NATO and it's a good thing we have it. We all pay for it though, USA, France, England, Germany, Turkey... Best way to solve many of those problems would be to bring them closer to our standards, send humanitary help, build up their infrastructure, etc. You know, nearly a billion people are starving worldwide, 14% of people around the world are undernourished, we don't even know what that feels like. And I bet you'd leave those countries and look for something better, too, under such circumstances. You need to improve the situation in so-called third world countries, but that would cost a lot of money, political leaders would be blamed to waste billions on that instead of caring about problems in their own countries (I guess both wouldn't be possible financial-wise) so you see what it's leading towards? There's a bad solution and another bad solution, now make your choice.
  6. You can still argue that Joe did it within some years while Brady needed his whole career for it if you want to. I generally think that there are multiple players at the same level anyway with different strengths and weaknesses, but if you want to argue about the GOAT, you can still do it. The sad thing is that the season is over until Septembre, the good thing that GFL starts at the end of April. I'm definitely going to watch some matches.
  7. Well, that is true for your country, but it's an international thing. There have been plenty of terror attacks in Europe, Nice, Paris, Brussel, Berlin, Istanbul and so on. The reason why US military is active there is not the USA, but Europe.
  8. I really like my cat, but....why does it like do step pretty much onto my face and sniff at it when I wake up? Nothing better than a good dose of fresh cat mouth odour to start the day. It could really be a bit less intrusive....
  9. My point is rather that it's not due to Obama, but the military would've done pretty much the same under any president, no matter which one. And the most important part is " The U.S. leads an international coalition fighting the Islamic State group", so it's not the US alone but several countries agreed on this under the leadership of the US. Not sure if this is right or wrong but it's definitely wrong imo to blame whichever president for something which was agreed upon on an international basis. Absolutely agreed, I don't like war either. However, ground troops would've killed people, too, so I don't see the problem being the drones.... I think we reached a point at which it's not possible to leave ISIS alone and just ignore them, so which options are left? The best bet probably would be humanitary help from all those organizations like red cross, CARE, AAH..... and the government pays them. Unfortunately, this is not how politics work...
  10. Well, personally I'd say always humanity first. Losing humanity is a sacrifice way too big, no matter what, never let this happpen! If it backfires you can't change this. As I already mentioned there is no 100% safety from terrorism, and for the most part this is up to intelligence services. You can do nothing more than have well-trained, skilled people for those and then hope for the best.
  11. First of all, Obama didn't drop a single bomb, the military did it. And: " The U.S. leads an international coalition fighting the Islamic State group in both countries and has carried out air operations in attempt to reduce the area controlled by the terrorist organization." So it's not just the US, it are France, Germany, Turkey,..... they all together are trying to fight trerrorism this way, you don't have to support this, but imo that's nothing unusual (building a wall however is something different in that regard). " President Barack Obama sought to draw down American military presence abroad and has resisted committing ground troops to various international conflicts." You can argue about this, there are pros and cons for both options, but saving soldiers' lifes by using drones is definitely not totally bad.... There is also a big difference between deporting people which comitted crimes and locking off everyone preemptively. " In fiscal year 2015, 91 percent of people removed from inside the U.S. were previously convicted of a crime. " Read more here: http://www.mcclatchydc.com/news/nation-world/national/article124842824.html#storylink=cpy Btw, England was at war with Germany during WWII, but a lot of Germans fled to England. Difference between being at war with a country and refugees from a country. Read more here: http://www.mcclatchydc.com/news/nation-world/national/article124842824.html#storylink=cpy"
  12. Breaking News: After their loss at superbowl 51 the Falcons consider to rename their team into "Superb Owls". Asked for the reasons head coach Dan Quinn stated: "We slept so deep during that second half, it would fit very welll, no?"
  13. Aaaand Brady is the Winning his 5th ring in that manner, no doubt anymore. Respect!