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  1. US Politics/Elections Thread

    I will say that one thing Republicans have going for them is the fact that this was probably the most brutal presidential campaign in history....in terms of the amount of mud slinging and animosity between the two candidates. Hillary Clinton will need to have a phenomenal (near perfect, mistake free) 4 years in office for her to have a chance at relection if the Republicans actually nominate a somewhat moderate, well balanced, intelligent candidate in 2020. And I'm not sure Clinton will get enough positives done in the next 4 years unless the Democrats win back the House. Clinton will most likely win but her reputation has been severley tarnished because of this campaign and she will need to be nothing short of Super Woman during the next 4 years if she wants a chance of being re-elected.
  2. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Trump needed a decisive win in the debates last night for him to even come close to winning. Instead, the opposite happened. Most of it (like we have seen over and over again) was his own doing. Hillary scored the knockout blow last night ....or in reality, Trump knocked himself out. Either way...this election is about over with. Landslide vicory for Clinton....I don't think anything will save Trump at this point.
  3. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Anti globalism? Trump is the definition of globalism. Are you kidding?
  4. US Politics/Elections Thread

    I'd hate to compare this to a sporting match but many times when a team has the lead and just plays it "safe", it comes back to haunt them later on. I'd much rather her have taken it to him in this debate, gained even more of a lead and played it "safe" in their final debate. That being said, I think you're right...Trump is doing a good enough job on his own at losing this election and he has an uphill battle ahead of him.
  5. US Politics/Elections Thread

    I missed the debate last night but watched a little of it this morning. Looks like the general consensus of the US national media (which tends to lean left, btw) is that it was a draw or that Clinton failed to give Trump the knockout blow. Any media source that that leans right says that Trump won outright. This is troublesome for the Clinton campaign, imo. Clinton is by far the better debater and how she couldn't put the nail in the coffin of Trump, especially after that damning audio came out a day earlier, is beyond comprehension. And whovever is advising her on her debate strategy should be fired immediately....especially whomever thought it would be a good idea for her to reference her website instead of smacking Trump on mouth every time he bullshitted through an answer. This debate should have been the end of Trump 2016, instead it not only spared him but drew even more attention to Clinton and the Clintons' history.
  6. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Pretty cool to see some university/thesis level debate going on in here between Pappy and Downzy. Better quality debate on a GN'R message board vs. the real thing. Trump and Clinton should hire you two to help them handle their own debates...certainly seems as if you two would do a better job....
  7. Can't really disagree with this and I'm almost sure Axl himself (by now) realizes if there is a weakness in CD, it's the overproduction/too many layers in many of the songs.
  8. Poll: Angus Young vs. Slash

    Anyway, on a serious note, Axl/DC was cool and it was great to see Axl shut up the naysayers but the reunion is something on another level for me and just about any GN'R fan.
  9. Wow. And they are not even counting the Vegas and Coachella shows in the 116 million gross number.
  10. Izzy Stradlin comments on reunion

    I think there were a few primary factors that drove this reunion to happen....their legacy/reputation in rock n' roll history, etc (The band's legacy and each of their own, individual legacies) and of course money. In which order? I don't know....I'd like to think it's about a tie but only they could tell you how they feel about it all. And there is nothing wrong with that. If they are capable of grossing hundreds of millions of dollars on a world tour then why would anyone criticize it as being a "cash grab"? NEWSFLASH: Every tour is a "cash grab" for bands, it's how they make their money....lol.
  11. Nice! The Bad Obsession one is among the best, imo. The rest of them fit the songs well...other than the first one.... I'm not "getting" the first one....I would have went with something a little "rougher" looking, being the song is about a feud with a crazy neighbor....and save that cool pic of Axl for one of the ballads.....just my 2 cents. Otherwise, great job!
  12. Izzy Stradlin comments on reunion

    I believe he was supposedly spotted at the hotel before the Nashville show....along with the rest of the band. He supposedly seemed to be frustrated with Steven and was talking to Duff a lot. Which now, would make a lot of sense, if true...lol. Duff handles most of the business side of things within the band so it's plausible. At the time we thought that the girl that spotted them had mistaken Fortus as being Izzy...but looks like she may have been right. AND the Nashville show is when Axl made that comment to the fan that was holding up the "Where's Izzy" sign....and later, security took it away. This is some CSI: MYGNR shit right here....
  13. Izzy Stradlin comments on reunion

    As much at it had to do with him "trying to get clean" it had to do with him not enjoying touring anymore once he was clean. I believe he said something along the lines of "is this all there is?" in reference to playing live/touring, once he was clean. Basically, he enjoyed the rock star lifestyle and playing live when he partied but became quickly bored/tired of it once he sobered up. That's what I got out of it, anyway.
  14. Izzy Stradlin comments on reunion

    I think it's a moot point debating this. We don't know the details of what happened in terms of the business aspect. Izzy is saying they "wouldn't split the loot equally". We still don't know the exact details of even what he means by that. Does he want the exact % of what the other guys are getting? Even for just a few guest spots? Does he want equal involvement? From Guns standpoint, they may have offered him guest spots like Adler is getting....maybe something like $50k per night for 2 songs. And hypothetically, if the big 3 were getting $500k a show each...that would average out to $20k per song in a 25 song show....so in that particular scenario, Izzy would actually be getting paid MORE per song than the other guys. This is all hypothetical... And I'm just trying to show that we have no idea what really went on behind the scenes and to take either side/debating this at this point, as fans makes no sense...we don't have enough information to do so.