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  1. Closest song to Illusions and most likely written during that period. Let's hear it live with Slash.
  2. It's more about politics than anything else. The GOP's biggest gripe and platform against Obama/Dems over the past 4+ years has been Obamacare and how much of a "disaster" it is. When in reality, it's far from perfect but nowhere near as bad as they have made it out to be. It's actually beginning to somewhat stabilize. They know this and they know that pretty much anything they pass won't make it any better....but they have been harping on it for so long that now their backs are against the wall to come in as "saviours". The reason it's taking them so long to come to agreement is because their plan isn't any better and probably won't bring healthcare premiums down....and when people realize this in a couple of years, there's a good chance a lot of them will be voted out of office.
  3. Err...read the rest of my posts bruh...never said all out war....just added pressure to China to back off our pressure towards them....
  4. Looks like Pelosi is on her way out the door....Democrats blaming her after the GOP runs the table during the special elections.
  5. As with most band's channels, it won't be just G N'R songs....it will be songs from artists that influenced them as well...AC/DC etc....that, plus some live performances, etc ....the playlist should be plenty varied and lengthy.
  6. I don't think anyone is looking for a full blown war to unite Korea....because obviously, that's what it would take.....more along the lines of getting the regime to comply with UN regulations.
  7. I just realized something.... If you were a promoter ( and the band as well ) and wanted to do something special ( like have the AFD 5 play together for the AFD 30th anniversary ) but knew it would have to be a one-off show since the contractual agreements ( money split, etc) was already cemented for the tour...meaning that the contract for the balance of tour would have to be renegotiated if they were to bring Izzy back as a partner ( which is apparently what Izzy wants ) and/or didn't want to have a fan backlash when fans discovered it was just a one-off and that they wouldn't be seeing the AFD 5 when GN'R came to their town....wouldn't a "private" show, sponsored by corporate partners ( vs fan ticket sales) be the best solution? That way they could pay Izzy what Izzy wants (for the one show) and fans wouldn't be able to say, "they had the AFD 5 in St. Louis, we better see them in Miami" etc. Also, keep in mind Izzy over the years has stated how he dislikes playing stadiums....so a club show is a good fit to have him back. That's just a thought. Now another thought ( more like wishful thinking) is that the newest arena leg of the tour is actually a renegotiated contract that features Izzy, Adler etc...and they are just kicking it off with a private show in NYC for the AFD 30th anniversary.
  8. More or less this. Fortus is a better fit than Gilby was for sure but he's no Izzy.
  9. It's within hours of the release date of AFD from 30 years ago. And actually, if they play past midnight, it will be on the exact date AFD was released 30 years ago. So of course any fan with any sort of knowledge of the history of the band will assume it's the AFD 30th anniversary show. And that's exactly what the promoters and that band want you to assume. Whether they actually do it right, is another story.
  10. Uhm, I know. That's why I posted that.
  11. If it's the AFD anniversary, playing AFD from front to back would be the best bet...same thing Metallica did a few years back in their anniversary show.
  12. I think Sorum did a good job on Illusions. YCBM & November Rain would have been completely different sounding songs with another drummer. That being said, there are certainly several songs that potentially would have been better with Adler. As far as hindsight is 20/20 ...I wish things would have worked out with Adler at the time but they got a very solid replacement and someone who will be cemented in GN'R's sound forever.
  13. I'm not one of the people here that goes in show threads and complains about the lineup...not having Adler, Izzy etc. I think for this stage in the reunion, having Axl, Slash and Duff together is great...much better than anything we've had in the past 20 years. That being said, if they actually consider this an AFD anniversary celebration and they don't have the AFD 5 there, it would be pointless and a slap in the face to fans. At the very least, they need to have 4 out of the 5 there...and even 4/5 would be somewhat weak, imo
  14. Someone needs to call in and ask him if he thinks (or knows) if Izzy and/or Adler will be there.
  15. This is the AFD 30th anniversary celebration for sure. Now I wonder if they bring Adler & Izzy back for this show. I'm sure they are getting a nice paycheck from Sirius so any sort of money squabbles with Izzy shouldn't be a problem...at least not for this one show. That being said, if they do reunite for this show and only do it for select A list celebrities and a few Sirius subscribers, they better give their real fans a chance of getting in as well.