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  1. Personally, I prefer quality over quantity. I'd gladly take GN'R's catalogue over a band who put out 15 albums over the course of 30 years just to put them out...And in reality, only 4 of those 15 albums would be of higher standard. How many rock bands have more than 5 high end rock albums in their catalogues? Most (legendary) bands have maybe 1-2 very good/great albums. Another 1-2 good albums and typically the rest of their albums have maybe 1-2 good songs on them each.
  2. Is Guns N' Roses your favorite band?

    I'm yes and other bands come close but don't overtake them....So somewhere between choice 1 and choice 2.
  3. US Ticket Sales

    Yeah they'll have the AC cranked..Should be in the comfortable 70's range inside.
  4. US Ticket Sales

    Most of the US shows are still 8 to 9 months away...lol. That's an eternity...lol. Most fans aren't die hard fanatics like the people in this forum....a lot of fans have no reason to buy them this early and will be more than happy to get them a week or two before the show.
  5. The Evolution Debate

    That's not true. I went to Catholic high school and they taught evolution in science class.
  6. Uhm no. He was probably the most pumped up person in the entire place about them reuniting when he was on stage with them in Vegas...and he let everyone in the arena know it...lol. He says at the end..." Last time I was on stage with them was in 1991. Let's hear it for Guns N' Fuckin' Roses...they're fucking back! " Pretty much the complete opposite of what you're implying...lol.
  7. That would be sweet. The shows would actually be packed for the opening act for once...lol.
  8. Ticket Prices

    After reading this thread, I'd have to agree with the overall opinion that people have little right to complain about ticket prices now. The US leg of the tour was announced what? 9 months ago? People knew what they were selling for in the states...so I don't get people being "surprised" on what they are selling in Europe for. Seems like Europeans have been flooding this forum for them to announce Europe dates and when they finally do...they complain about the ticket prices and that it's not enough dates. That's freaking rich. And anyone saying they can't afford it now...knowing that they would most likely come to a town near you eventually, especially if you're in Europe, you could have saved 5 pounds a week and had enough money for 2 tickets by now.
  9. Only 1 UK date?

    This. And the poster also mentioned California ...they did what? 5 shows in California, including the Troubador gig? No need to go back to Calli again. Wouldn't be surprised if they did something special for the AFD 30th anniversary though.
  10. Only 1 UK date?

    99% chance London gets a 2nd show. Schedule is designed that way. Should be announced after tickets to the first show are 80% to 90% sold....which I'm guessing will be within a week.
  11. G.a pit 1 & 2

    I was in the Pit for the Vegas show and it was huge. Plenty of room. I was on the floor for the Orlando show but from my vantage point, people were moving around freely in the Pit there...looked like there was plenty of room there as well.
  12. Huge gap after London show...almost guarantee a 2nd show there. Haven't looked at the rest of the dates.
  13. They'll announce 2nd dates as the original dates become full....just like they have been doing all along.
  14. Nope. It just randomly picks the best available ticket for the category...that are available for presale. I put in GA pit and had to refresh a few times...then I got them.