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  1. This is about the 20th topic about Adler and Stradlin I've seen here over the past couple of weeks. Same debate over and over again. There really isn't a lot to debate about folks. If y'all really want to see Steven and Izzy back in the shows, stop buying tickets to the shows. You'll see how fast those two will magically start appearing at shows when they can only fill 20k seats in a 60k capacity stadium. Until that happens, GN'R will do whatever they want to do....Really no use debating it anymore.
  2. The pushing Frank down the stairs was a joke and Adler made that clear. Smh. Anyway, back to your point...It is nice seeing the two together and it's evident Slash knows Adler a lot better than the people saying Adler "talked trash" on them. Adler has always spoken from his heart and like others have said, I'm sure he's said the same things to them.
  3. I picked "Pretty Tied Up" not necessarily because it's a better song musically than Locomotive (it's not) but because it's a fun song that reminds me of something they would have done between the AFD and Lies era...It's a lighter song and considering their current live show is already full of the more serious/deeper songs....I'd enjoy seeing them playing this the most live. I think it would be a great change of pace song on the current setlist.
  4. Silkworms, Rhiad and Scraped are the 3 weak links of CD, imo.
  5. Please. Marilyn Manson calling anyone a poser is rich. His entire on stage personality is 100% a front he does as a publicity stunt. So him calling out anyone as a fraud is absolutely hysterical.
  6. Pretty much this. They're gonna do what they want to do. Anyone that doesn't realize this by now hasn't followed the band long enough or is just in denial.
  7. According to Adler, Frank would have been on the tour anyway, playing the CD songs and some Illusions stuff.
  8. Pretty cool of Izzy to give a shout out to mygnr.
  9. Lol. They play CD songs
  10. Just my opinion....the riff was the next Guns N' Roses song....according to Axl, anyway....one of the last songs Axl heard from Slash before they stopped talking. It's an incredible song...and not to take anything away from what Weiland did with it but I'd like to hear Axl sing along Slash's riff on this.....pretty sure it would be amazing. Just sayin'.
  11. I always thought it would be a song that Axl would make his own. So what's the deal?
  12. As Adler said it himself, "It is what it is." Although I was hoping to see the AFD 5 again in my lifetime, the Vegas shows were (more or less) my closure with wanting to see them together again. I saw them again in Orlando, and although that show was better musically, it still was nowhere near as fun and exciting as Vegas was - that entire trip was on a level of its own....Guns N' Roses fans took over Las Vegas. I'll go see them again in Miami this summer and I plan to have a good time there. Miami itself is a fun town, so it's a no brainer for me to go. After the Miami show, I'll still enjoy their music, both old and new and they will still be my favorite band....but unless they do something more creative (release a new album, reunite the AFD 5 or maybe some sort of club show) I will be done with spending $300+ a ticket to see them play the same 20 or so songs live. Like Adler said, "It is what it is".
  13. Personally, I prefer quality over quantity. I'd gladly take GN'R's catalogue over a band who put out 15 albums over the course of 30 years just to put them out...And in reality, only 4 of those 15 albums would be of higher standard. How many rock bands have more than 5 high end rock albums in their catalogues? Most (legendary) bands have maybe 1-2 very good/great albums. Another 1-2 good albums and typically the rest of their albums have maybe 1-2 good songs on them each.
  14. I'm yes and other bands come close but don't overtake them....So somewhere between choice 1 and choice 2.
  15. Yeah they'll have the AC cranked..Should be in the comfortable 70's range inside.