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  1. In Axl's opinion, it's a continuation of Guns N' Roses with a new lineup consisting of some of the guys from the classic lineup. He's obviously an intelligent guy and knows what the addition of Slash and Duff brings to the table....so he also knows it's not just a continuation of 2014....it's much, much bigger and he is well aware of it. That being said for the media and most fans, it's at the veryleast,a partial reunion....and anyone denying that is just being stubborn.
  2. Steven Adler to play M3 Festival - 4/29/16

    LMFAO. That's the way Rocket Queen is meant to sound like. Sorry you've gotten used to the sped up version that Frank plays...but it's probably the worst job Frank does on any G N'R song. Adler sounds 10x better on RQ than Frank does.
  3. US Politics/Elections Thread

    She wasn't pandering. It's a known fact that Hillary loves hot sauce, she's said it for years and she's spoken about the health benefits linked to it. They also interviewed the guy interviewing her on TMZ a week ago and he said she wasn't pandering and that there was much more to the interview than that clip.
  4. I don't think so. Pretty sure Sorum was never a partner...meaning he was also a "hired hand".
  5. Will they play Crash Diet? ever

    They would have to remix and record a clean version of it first....then maybe we would hear it live some day. Very doubtful though...they're all way past that point musically.
  6. I think some sort of surprise show with the original 5 where they play AFD in exact order from song 1-12 and then Lies in order (maybe cut out One in a Million...or rework the lyrics... for obvious reasons) would be pretty cool.
  7. Richard a bit overbearing?

    Pretty sure the only reason anyone notices Richard's stage presence is because Axl is in a chair and Slash and Duff don't move around that much. Once Axl is on his feet again, all eyes will be on him for the most part.
  8. 2016: Year of Axl Rose

    Someone should get in his ear while he's flying high "Hey Axl, want to head over to the studio and lay down some tracks?".
  9. Ticket Demand?

    Ah, that makes sense then.
  10. Ticket Demand?

    This. And promoters don't want the liability and possibility of getting sued if someone gets hurt. I'm curious about the Mexico city shows. Someone said they had sold 70k tickets for each show...which means that they would be over capacity. Capacity for that stadium is around 60-70k for soccer matches but I'm assuming the stage end of the stadium won't be sold...so that would take out what? 20k seats.....so 50k plus whatever they fit on the ground. Seems like it will be packed in there with 70k people.
  11. CD 2 or new album?

    CD 2 doesn't really exist. Sure, there may be a dozen or more songs out there but how many of them would actually make the cut? There's a reason they weren't on CD. CD wasn't that long of an album and could have easily fit another song, maybe two. Best case scanrio, imo is they pick the best 4-5'would be' CD 2 songs, have Slash and Duff go to work on them....and then have Slash and Duff bring in what they have...get Axl on those 4-5 songs and come up with another 2-3 brand new songs, that would reflect on where they are now in their lives.
  12. Frank Ferrer

    Frank had some hiccups during night 1 in Vegas. He was a lot better during night 2. I haven't heard the Coachella shows yet. Was he really that off atCoachella?
  13. Ticket Demand?

    Citrus Bowl Orlando was sold out as of a week ago. Not sure if they released more tickets since then though....which I'm assuming will happen eventually. *Edit. Other than the VIP packages.
  14. Great new album name?

    Guns N' Roses, GN'FN'R'S or Not in this Lifetime would all be cool.
  15. Official: Axl will join AC/DC for stadium tour/US dates

    Missed that, sorry....didn't even realize this was the AC/DC thread....lol