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  1. As some of you may recall similar rumor threads (about a possible reunion) surfaced in the summer/fall of 2015. Band members spotted together, news sources saying it was a possibility etc. And there was the same reaction of complete disbelief back then as there is now in this thread. I think they are working on music and yeah, I think it's probably going to happen. Makes more sense now, than ever.
  2. I think so too. I think GN'R fans are always skeptical of news like this (for just reason). But hey, they reunited last year and fans said that would never happen....So who knows. I'd say there's at least a decent chance there's some truth to this.
  3. Another thing that makes me wonder is that billboard that has been in LA for months. What's the point of that? Every NITLT billboard they had previously referenced songs and only lasted a few weeks. The one in LA just features their logo and has been up for months.
  4. I'm not so sure. The article has very recent pictures of Slash (from last few days) in the studio supposedly recording new material.
  5. http://musicfeeds.com.au/news/best-evidence-yet-guns-n-roses-working-new-album/ Is this a credible Australian music news site? And if so, thoughts?
  6. Would definitely be cool to see. Would I be completely bummed out if they didn't? No, why would I be? It would only be a one off (or a few shows at best) thing anyway..Meaning total nostalgia thing. I'd rather get new songs or Adler or Izzy (or both) on a semi-permanent basis (4-5 songs each every show) than just one night with all of them together. At least that would be "real" vs total nostalgia show.
  7. Still my favorite band and it was awesome seeing them live 3 times in 2016. Would I like to see Izzy and Steven involved more? Of course but I've come to the conclusion they're going to do what they want to do (like they've always have) and just to appreciate what we have now. I'll see them in August this year again in Miami...Hopefully they do something a little different. As far as people expecting the AFD or Illusions versions of the band, I think that's somewhat unrealistic. Even if all the classic lineup had stayed together all these years, the band would have continued to evolve. Just like Illusions was an evolution from AFD the next album (whether it would have been CD or not) would have evolved from Illusions and so forth. So in reality, I think the version we are seeing now isn't necessarily that far off (in terms of musical style) of what (protentially) we would have anyway had they all stayed together.
  8. This is about the 20th topic about Adler and Stradlin I've seen here over the past couple of weeks. Same debate over and over again. There really isn't a lot to debate about folks. If y'all really want to see Steven and Izzy back in the shows, stop buying tickets to the shows. You'll see how fast those two will magically start appearing at shows when they can only fill 20k seats in a 60k capacity stadium. Until that happens, GN'R will do whatever they want to do....Really no use debating it anymore.
  9. The pushing Frank down the stairs was a joke and Adler made that clear. Smh. Anyway, back to your point...It is nice seeing the two together and it's evident Slash knows Adler a lot better than the people saying Adler "talked trash" on them. Adler has always spoken from his heart and like others have said, I'm sure he's said the same things to them.
  10. I picked "Pretty Tied Up" not necessarily because it's a better song musically than Locomotive (it's not) but because it's a fun song that reminds me of something they would have done between the AFD and Lies era...It's a lighter song and considering their current live show is already full of the more serious/deeper songs....I'd enjoy seeing them playing this the most live. I think it would be a great change of pace song on the current setlist.
  11. Silkworms, Rhiad and Scraped are the 3 weak links of CD, imo.
  12. Please. Marilyn Manson calling anyone a poser is rich. His entire on stage personality is 100% a front he does as a publicity stunt. So him calling out anyone as a fraud is absolutely hysterical.
  13. Pretty much this. They're gonna do what they want to do. Anyone that doesn't realize this by now hasn't followed the band long enough or is just in denial.
  14. According to Adler, Frank would have been on the tour anyway, playing the CD songs and some Illusions stuff.
  15. Pretty cool of Izzy to give a shout out to mygnr.