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  1. I think the entire band, including Axl, knocked it out of the park. They played as a cohesive unit and became tighter and tighter as the tour progressed. Was awesome to see.
  2. Rate: DON'T CRY

    I've always preferred Patience over Don't Cry. Maybe due to the fact that Don't Cry was played every 30 minutes on MTV for a solid 6 months back when it came out...idk...but my personal preference between the two songs has always been Patience....and I think it has withstood the test of time over Don't Cry as well. Patience is a unique song that separates itself from those 80's era power ballads...the same way SCOM does....while Don't Cry really doesn't... That being said, Don't Cry is an exceptional song and I still prefer hearing it over 95% of the new rock out there today.
  3. There wouldn't have been GN'R as we know it had he stayed in the band...there wouldn't of been Slash for starters. At best they would have achieved similar success as Motley Crue, Poison, Warrant, etc...and would have been labeled a typical 80's glam/hair metal band..
  4. Yes, I totally agree. As far as a new album, one step at a time....let's see them finish the world tour then hopefully they put something together for us.
  5. Back to your cave, Pitman.
  6. Rumored Concert Date Thread

    Why not both? Pretty sure they would not have any issues selling out both Rome and Milan.
  7. Best Lithograph of NITL North America Tour

    I couldn't vote. There are about a dozen of them that I like equally.
  8. This may be the longest show of the tour so far...close to 3 hours I think.
  9. The South America shows will be insane. Can't wait to see them in front of 80k+.
  10. I wasn't a fan of the bass drum in the background during Slash's solos on Patience....didn't seem right for some reason. Small gripe for an otherwise solid show with a very cool setlist.
  11. That was pretty cool....and they all looked like they were having a blast onstage.
  12. Solid show so far, imo.
  13. Influence from Metallica on GNR

    It's natural for fans of a band to want to hear new music. But let's not forget that a little over 9 months ago the majority of this forum would have said "BS" to any sort of reunion or them even completing a tour of this magnitude, at this point. Let them get done with the world tour and then let's see if they have it in them to come out with some new music. One step at a time....one step at a time.