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  1. MyGNR 2016 Tour Ticket Swap Thread

    Looking for 1-2 pit tickets, either side ok...for Orlando Fl/Citrus Bowl/Camping World Stadium show for close to face value.
  2. 05/10/16 - Seville, Spain - Estadio De La Cartuja

    There are times during certain songs that if you closed your eyes and just listened...he sounds like Bon...other times like Brian....and sometimes a perfect mix in between the two. He sounds incredible.
  3. G N' R hands down, as long as Slash, Duff and maybe Izzy and Steven are involved. AC/DC tour has received more hype for a week or two simply because of the backlash /shock value and then Axl immediately silencing critics by an outstanding performance. The real G N' R tour hasn't even begun yet. Vegas/Mexico/Coachella gigs were basically considered warm up gigs...and the hype just from those warm up gigs parrallels the hype from the AC/DC gigs, despite the fact that the AC/DC gigs are much more controversial and it's their main tour. At the end of the day, AC/DC has released close to a halfdozen albums in the last 25 years....GN'R (what the general public considers GN'R) haven't released any. That fact alone would make a new Guns record (if properly done, of course) probably the biggest selling rock record of the decade. They wouldn't just outsell AC/DC, they would outsell the entire rock world.
  4. It's a great time to be an AC/DC fan

    The interesting part is that if Axl continues to absolutely nail it with AC/DC, who could they get to replace him if they decide to go their seperate ways after these gigs? I'm thinking anyone else at this point would be a step down, no?
  5. The only shows that received negative critism were Coachella and that mostly came from wanna be hipsters/yuppies/LA snobs with an identity crisis that thought other acts out performed them...and thought that Axl sitting in a chair was weak...most rock/ GN'R fans thought they were good there too. Vegas/Mexico reviews were mostly positive and every single AC/DC review has not only said that AC/DC were great....they also said that Axl nailed it. If Axl sounds as good as he does now, I think they would be fantastic in a Super Bowl halftime show.
  6. It's a great time to be an AC/DC fan

    Critic reviews of the show have been phenominal...and every one I've read so far has basically said Axl nailed it and knocked it out of the park.
  7. 05/07/16 - Lisbon, Portugal - Passeio Maritimo De Alges

    Is the opener on yet?
  8. People slam this guy all day and all night around here but he has taken the high road and been a class act ever since he left. Kudos to DJ.
  9. CD is a good album. And at the time of its release, many music critics and isiderspraised the album. It wasn't until it essentially flopped (by GN'R stanadards) that the media and critics changed their tune about the album, in typical media/Hollywood fashion.
  10. Axl and the lack of new material

    If G N' R want to continue selling out huge venues and stadiums, they will need to put out new music once the excitement of this "regrouping" fades away. After touring Europe, South America and Asia under this lineup, they will need to do something if they want to continue their legacy as one of the biggest rock bands on the planet. Now whether they have any desire to or not...or whether they are capable of getting along to the point of coming out with something good enough to continue their legacy....is a completely different story.
  11. Civil War Since I Don't Have You TWAT
  12. Not in This Lifetime Tour Line App Room

    The Line app room has been modified into a Not in This Lifetime tour room. So anyone interested in joining the room in order to be in contact with other members in various cities this summer is welcomed to join.
  13. TSI - anyone else's 2nd fav?

    For me TSI will always be connected to the band breaking up. When it was released, it was already known that they were more or less done for. So I guess for that reason, I never gave it much of a shot. I listened to it a dozen times when it first came out and said, "meh"....this sucks....and in hindsight, the album is ok....what really sucked is knowing that they weren't going to release an original album anytime soon. Even today, I would rank it at the bottom of their catalog, below their live releases.
  14. Steven Adler to play M3 Festival - 4/29/16

    I've said this many times before. I like CD a lot. I find myself listening to it a lot...somewhere less than AFD and Illusions but more than Lies. That being said, to say that you don't like a member's stage presence because of a classic move he made when this band was at their peak and basically made them who they are now, is like saying you don't like Axl's stage dance. Adler's stick twirl came from the same era and is totally classic Guns no different than Axl's serpernteen stage dance.
  15. Steven Adler to play M3 Festival - 4/29/16

    Smh. Adler twirling his sticks is 100% classic Guns. If that bothers you, you're probably a fan of the wrong band.