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  1. Axl must have seen it and shot the tires out.
  2. Nice! Orlando next week should be one of the hottest shows on the tour. The heat index here during the days is easily 105....should be better by evening but it will still be very hot and humid. I was actually surprised to see they scheduled it right in the middle of summer....figured they would do Orlando in June or maybe later in August...when it's slightly less hot. Should be an experience...and for those in the pit...make sure y'all keep hydrated....👍
  3. Arlington is basically Dallas...and where the Dallas Cowboys play. Just like Metlife is basically NY and where the Giants play. In terms of capacity, they are within a couple of thousand of each other for Football configurations.....and relatively the same size for anything else..ATT stadium held well over 100k for Wrestling for example.......and concert configurations, should hold right around the same amount of people as well...probably upwards of 60k+ for each stadium.
  4. Who here likes every GNR song?

    I like most of their songs. That being said, there's a difference between "liking" and getting up in the middle of my living room, jamming out and dancing around to a song too....which I would do to about a dozen of their songs.
  5. In Vegas the vast majority of the entire arena was standing the entire time, on both nights.
  6. Whatever happened to the pop up that they had in LA prior to the Troubadour show? Wasn't it supposed to follow them around on tour?
  7. Jungle/SCOM....heard them both right around the same time...then bought AFD.
  8. Do you have a link? Because everything I've read or heard from Slash about CD was mostly positive.
  9. GN'R brought it...and Philly gave it back to them. Slash" I always knew Philly rocked...but I never knew you rocked this hard....you kicked everyone else's asses until now' And the place exploded.
  10. Fortus is a great guitar player. Why put him in that spot? That song is all about soul....you could be technically perfect Play the song to perfection And still sound like meh. Why would you put a guy that is working his ass off for GNR in that situation. It doesn't fit. It doesn't belong And it's not his fault. There's 1 person on the planet that can nail the solo to KOHD. And you know who it is. Need the soul, brother....need the soul back in KOHD. That being said...I'd like to hear Fortus on There Was A Time solo. Slash did great ..made the song his own....but I think we need Fortus on TWAT....the solo is 100% technical and the best work Buckethead did while in GN'R. The solo should match Axl's voice, note per note....that's the beauty of it.
  11. Ha! It's the same spirit. It's about how GN'R came from nothing, worked their asses off....gave their hearts for their dream. Just like Rocky. Same exact thing and that's why Philadelphia will forever love GN'R.
  12. For Nice, France. We are with You.
  13. Sloppy and loose as hell....yet the song brought more energy and made more people screamtheir hearts out than any version in last 15 years. The song used to bring the entire world to their feet in respect ....but it's almost a filler anymore. You and your fans know better. Bring it back. It's about the passion. It's about the soul. It's about the love. Bring back the love in KOHD. Please.
  14. I was 14 yearsold when I saw ya'll. Axl was in a zone and Slash was on fire. We didn't know half the songs ya'll played because Illusions wasn't released yet. But we Cheered every second....we screamed every song.....because we knew what you were.....GN'R define Philadelphia...the spirit ....the heart....the balls....and the love ..Philadphia loves GN'R....no show sucked....like a dad not coming home.....but we forgave you because GN'R isthe only Dad that is real...that can express our city in music. Everyone makes mistakes....we still love GN'R! Bring back KOHD. Slash needs to slow it down...we need the soul from Ritz....Fortus is a badass guitar player Don't waste his talents on this song Fortus should be soloing There Was A Time.. Fortus needs to handle Prostitute solo Like I know he can. KOHD should be 10 minutes of passion....not 10 minutes of filler....when everyone is taking a coffee break....is total disrespect to what Guns N' Roses did during the 1990's. Nevermind Dillon....current version plays much respect to him....but complete disrespect to the masterpiece Guns N' Roses created starting with the Ritz, evolving to Illusions and becoming the all time classic that it is....imprinted in millions of fans worldwide.....it's part of our soul..... Bring back our soul.