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  1. I actually totally agree...i have seen lots of women flustering over men and saying "oh my god *whoever* is so gorgeos i would love to sleep with him!" A lot of people are like that on instagram.Say that about a woman and people go wild!!! Even when women sexualise themselves and get comments like "fit" "sexy" everyone goes wild! You cant be sexist to women and not men it works both ways.
  2. Kind of dissapointed by this news what they should do is to make a new album it would bring in interest to the band again.they said they had 3 Albums worth of material no reason why they cant. Tweak the songs a bit and tour with the new album adding in some songs from AFD and UYI songs they havent performed since the 90s bcause they cant keep touring with the same setlist for another year. New music and playing old songs would be the best thing they can do. But i dont see that happening anytime soon...
  3. Thank You i didnt mean to offend anyone im really sorry if i did hope you forgive me if i offended anyone i guess the negativity would be the actions of the asshole abuser but i see the positive side of coming out and speaking up and leaving that situation, sorry i wont address it as negative next time my mistake xx hope i didnt hurt anyone again im sorry if i did xxx ❤❤ xxx Thank You for replying to me and correcting me x i couldnt imagine being in that sorry for anyone who has been there before x
  4. Not to get involved in this conversation- but do you think we should move on to a more positive subject? I believe victims of DV should speak out 100 percent!! I also think maybe things could be lightened up a bit its better to be positive than negative x i would also like to say im so sorry for anyone who went through abusive relationships i think you are very strong and brave for getting out of that situation and are also brave for speaking out xx much love to you all on this forum
  5. Err... erm... i have no idea i thought my likes run out quickly- wait did someone say MI5? Shit- my secret has been did they figure it OUT!? uh oh... quick retreat!!!
  6. ok then Thank You, I appreciate it just wanted to know I heard she had facebook and Instagram I know she deleted all her posts but thought it was her official account. Thank You very much for letting me know its fake x x x
  7. alright so would any f you say this is erins actual facebook account theres only two and one of them she is talking in a different language, I would say this is hers what do you guys think?
  8. Thank You So Much!!!
  9. Just one more thing sorry to keep asking questions but does anyone know where to find the steven adler interview? Is it on here if so anyone know where to find it? 👍
  10. Thank You thats very kind! How was it last year? i would die to see them i hope they come to the UK and hope they change the setlist up glad you like my setlist friend!! 👍
  11. Thank You So Much for your opinion on my setlist idea i actually agree maybe we can take out KOHD and replace with... dead horse? Or new rose? Just thought it would be weird to have two songs with horse in the name OR! you could replace it with locomotive about OTGM i completely agree it should be a staple song its a great song for them to perform!
  12. i really want to see a change of setlist i want to see them take out its so easy and mr brownstone and start off with pretty tied up, perfect crime and aint it fun. I think it should be this. pretty tied up perfect crime aint it fun welcome to the jungle rocket queen night train out ta get me double talkin jive Dont cry patience knockin on heavens door sweet child o mine paradise city november rain Wild horses coma Breakdown Estranged live and let die so fine
  13. Sorry messed up with the quoting but yeah i agree if it was revealed maybe we could get a better understanding of if he did call for a police escort or not. The police said a call was made hope he was just stuck in traffic, i was dissapointed when i read it at first i thought "it was going so well..." to know who "The Source"
  15. Phil rudd talks axl rose and not wanting to join acdc again if axl is the singer. Then changes his mind about him after watching a few clips of him singing with acdc.