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  1. Hey dude, I have something to trade with you for the 1987 Ritz. I mean, I don't want the whole concert, all I want is two songs from that concert and I have two thins that might interest you for that.

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    2. Almost Famous

      Almost Famous

      Just now seeing this. Shoot me a PM.

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      I've just seen your message. I tried to send you a pm, but it says you don't receive messages.

    4. diegodasilva23


      Can I suggest you something? Why don't you trade your Ritz 1987 proshot concert for the San Juan 2010 proshot concert that MSL has? It would be awesome and it is worth since we don't have a full proshot concert with soundboard audio from 2010 and considering it might have Axl's best vocals and stage performances of the 2001-2014 era of the band in a full proshot concert with full soundboard audio. I can get MSL's contact.

  2. Hahaha, got a good chuckle outta yer comment about never stretching footage again. The original rip is still standard ratio. Don't worry. I actually don't even know how the fuck it got stretched but couldn't be assed to re-export at the moment. Cheers!

  3. There were some other random oddities, a Curtis Mayfield tape, some Velvet Underground, A tape of The Smiths, couple others that escape me off hand, lol. Haven't had the time or thought process to decide what I'm gonna do with those.
  4. Unfortunately the transition you see from the rant into Mama Kin is just like it is on the VHS. It's about the ONLY thing I am disappointed with on this tape, lol.
  5. So, I guess I might need to add a little backstory here...(and this is what it takes to pull me away from a multiyear hiatus from Forums...) In December I purchased a lot of promo VHS tapes, there were like six or eight others in the lot, but I bought it exclusively for this Ritz one, thinking it was a Geffen promo of the '88 show. About two weeks ago I finally had the time to hook up the VCR and watch the tape. Imagine my surprise when it starts with a clip of Jungle, immediately I thought "Hmm, not the Ritz '88, maybe it's Felt Forum" so I youtubed that show and it wasn't. So by this point Michelle comes on and I'm like hmm, this is similar to some '87 sets. So I'm truckin' away though GNRONTOUR and by then Don't Cry is playing on my TV and immediately I knew what show I had. Checked the setlist, watched the rest of the tape and sure as shit. So I ordered up some Video 2 PC thing by Ion, and set to rip it. Anyways - I'm using this as leverage to get something else for us to watch or hear or whatever. I have received a couple messages from people inquiring but I haven't had the time to follow through yet to test the waters. I decided to make a montage of clips of the show for two reasons - 1. To give y'all something to watch and 2. Proof. Year in and year out there's always someone coming out of the woodwork and claiming to have this video show or that video show or this unreleased song but no one ever has solid proof. Maybe this can drudge out the VMA Rehearsals, maybe this can drudge out something else long forgotten on a promo VHS sitting on eBay waiting to be discovered, who knows. All I know is I have the fans best interest with this, because I want you all to see this as much as I want you all to see whatever else is out there. Also, I'd like to say that it's great to see this thread here, because it was like a walk down memory lane last night seeing postings from Crazyman, GNR 1991, Bond (whom I recall but can't place, sorry man!) and some other posters during my "glory years" here about a decade ago. Also nice to have some of the positive support of some key players on this board on my side, then again - it stems from years ago when I was what I guess could be considered a "major player" ad knowledgeable source in the Bootleg scene. Crazyman - I totally forgot about that whole Donington Micpad thing! Great times, Timebomb was so pissed off! But man, you're right, there is may elitist bastards in that scene and was one of numerous things that caused me to part ways with that...crowd. Don't get me wrong, there is a handful who did wonders but there's still an elitist bunch. Anyways, nice hanging with y'all this morning - I'm sure I'll see some of you over the course of the next month or so. To all those who've said a positive word about me in this thread - thank you. Some of you I haven't seen a post from, or talked to in years, so it definitely was surprising to read that so many of y'all remembered some of the things I did for the Bootleg circles years ago. /A.
  6. Alex! I haven't talked to you in forever. How are you? You gonna be in Vegas?! 


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      Almost Famous

      I'm tryin', I'm tryin'! Ha.