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  1. hey man i haven't talked to you in forever...you going to Vegas?

  2. FOR SALE: Vegas 12/29 / 12/31 t-shirt (Size: LARGE)

    I'm 25 and prefer Smalls and Mediums. So your point is null and void on the "no one over the age of 18 wears a Medium anymore."
  3. Red GN'R shorts (AKA Attn: Black Sabbath)

    Almost positive the Brockum boxing shorts were just a sample. The others I'm almost sure were NEVER sold on tour as well.
  4. That photo in the pink shirt you said was 1990 is actually 1987. And the March photo with Sante D'Orazio, well...that isn't Sante, that's some guy who's got a number of photos with Axl. I think he's from NYC but don't quote me on that though. That IS Sante in the rollercoaster photo however.
  5. Wanted - Welcome to the Jingle T shirt - Medium

    That isn't the original Christmas sweater either.
  6. The Official "Axl's Attire" Thread

    Eleon announced this like over a month ago. There is a high possibility of doing a few runs for Axl though when needed.
  7. AFD 1987 Euro/Uk tour t shirt

    Also this is the shirt that was mentioned by the above poster, which is a design that was never made nor sold during the 1987 tour (or thought of during...) and is just a quickly made design to mass produce. http://www.hottopic.com/hottopic/Guys/Tees/MusicTees/MetalTees/Guns+Nx27+Roses+Destruction+T-Shirt-10188313.jsp
  8. AFD 1987 Euro/Uk tour t shirt

    Overpriced. Realistically you should be more in the $200ish (on the high end) range. Not slaggin' ya, just being informational.
  9. Beautiful Disease Up For Sale

    Maybe you're not familiar with them, but Amoeba Records is a very well known California Record store. All photos in their auctions are their own photos or scans, usually scans. http://www.amoeba.com/
  10. Las Vegas Residency 2014 Shirt for Trade (Rare?)

    Yeah, that's the one. I've got a few of the AFDem's though. I have 2 large NT staff shirts but at the moment I'm holding onto those. One for the collection and one for wear.
  11. Las Vegas Residency 2014 Shirt for Trade (Rare?)

    I'll send ya a DM on IG - my phones charging right now. I just checked and it's actually an XL.
  12. Las Vegas Residency 2014 Shirt for Trade (Rare?)

    Yeah it was up for the last two nights. Interested in a large staff shirt from the first run as a trade? Or a large Ridin' The Strip from the second run?
  13. Chinese D, 7" promo

    Promo item with preorders of ChiDem in the UK. http://www.troccolitm.com/7ChiSingleUKPro.html?1231720535572
  14. Well I'll be damned! Long time no see - how the heck have you been?! Ha, I make two posts and all of a sudden EVERYONE I recall is back. Hope all is well with you these days, things are great here on my end. Livin', lovin', rockin' n' rollin' - doing the things I do best.
  15. Seldom post in any section outside of Memorabilia on any forum these days. Active on Paradise City though. Nice hearing from you. Been quite a while! On topic, I think the CITR video was used once or twice. The Ballet TIL video was used often, and is even in the AppDem release. Sonya's really a nice lady.