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  1. Hey dude, I have something to trade with you for the 1987 Ritz. I mean, I don't want the whole concert, all I want is two songs from that concert and I have two thins that might interest you for that.

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    2. Almost Famous

      Almost Famous

      Just now seeing this. Shoot me a PM.

    3. diegodasilva23


      I've just seen your message. I tried to send you a pm, but it says you don't receive messages.

    4. diegodasilva23


      Can I suggest you something? Why don't you trade your Ritz 1987 proshot concert for the San Juan 2010 proshot concert that MSL has? It would be awesome and it is worth since we don't have a full proshot concert with soundboard audio from 2010 and considering it might have Axl's best vocals and stage performances of the 2001-2014 era of the band in a full proshot concert with full soundboard audio. I can get MSL's contact.