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  1. GnR -- Star Wars video linked together

    Ha yes I remember, was looking for it not long ago but no luck i'm afraid. Think someone posted it on metal sludge originally. Be good if someone saved it and would re-upload.
  2. the new "war"?

    Pretty sure that was a 2001 interview and some people change, but to me it just looks like IZZY is having fun and sure he probably got some cash for it like 2006 but i don't think he needs it.
  3. This is Guns n' Roses right here

    Awesome, was really hoping someone got the axl intro to it Thanks for posting!
  4. Ha I saw them the first night at the station at 4am calling a taxi, but I did hear them say they were at the show tomorrow so who knows, wouldn't surprise me ha the blonde was pretty fit but the others were average so if they got backstage there is hope for us all haha
  5. I MET AXL and AGAIN!

    I saw these girls at the station at about 4am and it looked like they may have been backstage, one of the girls looked like the brunette that was on the stage at one point with the blonde sitting on the side. Another girl defo had her ass cheeks hanging out, she had like a red axl type leather jacket on with ripped tights i think, could have been her?
  6. I MET AXL and AGAIN!

    I did but not many people near me knew it but was just nodding along. Where were you standing? And last night really was the best
  7. I MET AXL and AGAIN!

  8. Wish list for this leg

    For me personally I'd love to hear Estranged and Civil War, and keep Shackler's I remember asking DJ in one of his live chats if he was going to do a new solo for the Euro tour and he said yes so see what happens there, be cool if Bumble and Fortus did something new.
  9. I think if there is a remix album then include it as a bonus CD with a new album release.
  10. The what is your occupation thread

    Graphic Designer
  11. Piers Morgan Defends Axl Rose

    Well said Piers Morgan
  12. Axl Rose not attending HOF

    Oh shit, isn't Ashba performing?
  13. I always thought Izzy was the coolest member but he's got to do what is best for him, so no need to hate! People are bitching for no reason, if someone doesn't want to turn up, no reason to hate on them.