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  1. Amanda Palmer is playing the Troubadour on Wed 5/24. It's sold out.
  2. What a creative and cool tour gift. If anyone is interested in owning a knife like that, it looks like a Rick Hinderer XM-18 3" Slicer.
  3. yes Axl_morris, an LA show around July 21-24 announced at the end of this month seems likely. as does another California show or two or three between San Antonio and Brazil the week of Sept 11th! wish they would go ahead and announce them already!
  4. could it be that GNR will play Los Angeles sometime the week of Sept 11-16? With the last currently scheduled US show in San Antonio, TX on Sept 8, a couple of California shows would make sense before a few days off/travel to Brazil for the show on Sept 23rd. just speculation, but it would be so great if it were to happen!
  5. yeah, that billboard will likely stay there until they make an announcement for an LA show later this year. my guess is that the last week in May (right before the tour starts up again) is likely when they will announce some more dates.
  6. a Sunset Boulevard billboard can cost between $10,000-$25,000 per month. When Axl Rose ended a 23-year feud with his former Guns N’ Roses bandmates, Duff McKagan and Slash, and agreed to reunite with them onstage in 2016, the band unveiled its North American tour in an unusual way. There were no news conferences, talk-show chats or photo ops. Instead, flashy electronic billboards featuring the band’s logo and famous song titles began popping up in major cities across the country. “It’s what we call a reveal, where you give hints that start to build excitement and questions, and with social media, these things have a tendency to catch fire,” said Scott Wells, chief executive of Clear Channel Outdoor Americas, which handled some of the band’s billboard campaign. The billboard strategy seems almost retro at a time when much of the marketing world is focused on mobile devices and social media. But Guns N’ Roses isn’t alone.
  7. with Rock In Rio 2017 announced now for Sept 23, it seems even more likely that an LA show will be announced for sometime between the Sept 8 Texas show and Rio!
  8. yes, I agree with you Archtop that it seems to make more sense that the billboard would have gone up in May. maybe they just want LA to know they haven't been forgotten I would only guess it's related to the AFD 30th based on Adler's comments on the Trunk show that they have something special planned for the anniversary and that the exact album release date falls on a Friday night right before the NA american leg of the 2017 tour .
  9. I think the Los Angeles billboard means that they will announce both a 30th Anniversary AFD show and at least one LA area show for the end of the 2017 NITL tour. my predictions: 1 - There will be an Appetite 30 Year show - Friday night July 21, 2017 - at the Roxy, Whiskey, or Troubadour. to be announced day of show….. The anniversary of Appetite’s release happens to fall on a Friday night this year, exactly like the April Fool’s Troubadour show last year. I think it will be the current band line up and they will play the whole album all the way through. maybe Izzy will guest for a song or two. 2 - There will be at least one LA Area show at end of 2017 NA tour. Likely at the LA Forum. Based on the timing of previous tour announcements, this new 2017 Los Angeles show or shows will likely be announced as the European leg kicks off at the end of May which is about 4 months before an LA show after the Sept 8 San Antonio, TX date. when the 2016 NITL dates were first announced, Los Angeles was similarly not listed. the Los Angeles dates went on sale weeks later about 4 months before the show. another scenario is that they announce the Los Angeles Sept shows on July 21st at the same time they announce that evening’s 30th anniversary club show. all of this will help hype the upcoming 2017 NA american leg of the tour and help sell the remaining tickets for those shows which are still very available.
  10. My friends just saw Adler pushing a guy in a wheelchair outside the outfield fence!