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  1. I think the likelihood is much smaller than 1%... but we can have fantasies.
  2. That makes us Izzy fans quite rare and special people doesn't it? I feel so special now.
  3. So I was half right (many Nirvana fans are special snowflakes) and half wrong (Nirvana was popular)
  4. Speaking of AFD. Got this from the D&N forum. Check out the comments on the YT video that Ronin posted on this thread. The most hilarious hipster whining I've read in a long time...
  5. The Youtube comment section is certainly filled with special snowflakes.. What a hipster-cluster. Do they trash every band that more than 300 people have heard of? Liking something that is/was popular must be like a cancer diagnosis for them. I've never in my life heard anyone call AFD "dad rock".
  6. Axl could teach Dick Fortus to sing 14 years. They could do a nice duet. 14 years of guitar punching, weird spasms and windmills on stage... oh yeah! It could've been somebody who looked like Izzy. There's a long list of those people by now.
  7. Tell me about it. That would be so generous from the band. "Let's give the drummer of AFD, couple of songs to play. And then let another guy, who has nothing to do with the creating of AFD, play the rest of the songs." ( songs, which he can't even play that well BTW) All I have to say to GN'R:
  8. And on the PC video: Izzy Stradlin in red leather pants
  9. I won't be there. But let's see what happens. I'm guessing...nothing unexpected.
  10. I'm familiar with the term. One thing Axl and chavs have in common: bad taste in clothes.
  11. You have criticized Axl and Sluff? I've never noticed. We have all been so very kind to them on this thread Always...
  12. I see your point.. but maybe the criticism should be directed toward the person who is responsible for her being there?
  13. This wouldn't be such a snob, right?
  14. Melissa should write a song called #Wholelottahashtags But seriously, am I the only one here who doesn't have a problem with Melissa anymore? I'm not saying that I really like her or anything. But I've kind of gotten used to her. She comes with the package that is Guns N' Roses these days and I'm OK with it. When that LA Weekly "Rock Icon" article came out, I felt it was really dumb. But it had more to do with the fact that the journalist chose a clickbait title for it. When I saw her at the Gn'R concert earlier this month, I really didn't have any negative thoughts about her. (the only negative though I had during the gig was when I looked at Fortus. I thought: that should be Izzy there - not you ) And this has nothing to do with Gn'R or anything else in here, but I have to post it: The most epic face plant I've ever seen.