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  1. To me, AFD5 guest spots is worse. Looks more disrespectful IMO.
  2. Taz Bentley and Rick Richards. They play drums and lead guitar respectivelly on Izzy's solo albums.
  3. I hope you're right and it really works that way
  4. Oh Jesus. That means they haven't been working together on anything...
  5. We couldn't be mistaken.
  6. Ah, yes. I knew about it. Just not the venue's name. Thank you.
  7. Sorry, maybe I'm clueless, but what's the "Apollo show"?
  8. Humm... I don't know. I believe it's newer than that. Very. I'd bet in 2016.
  9. I'll try to find it somewhere. I'd like to see a caption with a date or something. It seems very up-to-date, though. Thank you for posting @Tori72!
  10. Where is the 2nd pic from? Completely new to me. Love it!
  11. Guess I made it...
  12. I had read that interview years ago and could never find it again. Thank you @annabanana!
  13. Out of likes. Thank you @Kris_1989. I'll try...
  14. Could someone know how to make a gif of the big video? It's another angle and I wish to save it but I can't.