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  1. Fortus played a lot of LEAD guitar during the shows I went to.... much more during a 3 hours show than Izzy + Gilby (both combined) ever between 1987-1993. It just shows the difference of level between the former players and Rich 4tus. Just day and night.
  2. NO. People have hears : they know Izzy can't play the guitar like Fortus. He just CAN'T. Izzy is not skilled enough. The guy is limited. Izzy is Izzy and Fortus is Fortus. Richard has noting to prove to anyone. He is one of the (very) best guitar player in the world and he's been for more than 15 years. Millions of people have hears and eyes. Millions of people have seen and heard Fortus on this NITL tour and nobody miss Izzy. Look at the stadiums all over the world? they are packed! With Fortus and without Izzy. Truth is the truth. That's it.
  3. Nobody cares about Lazy Stradlin'...
  4. I went to some European shows with my girlfriend : she was blown away by Richard Fortus. She told me Richard and Slash is the best guitar duet she has ever seen. I totally agree with her. So... a new album with this line-up, with the Slash/Fortus duet on guitar. Nothing would be better!
  5. FANTASTIC Show! Better than the Paris one. Axl sounded better in TLV than in Paris.
  6. The stage looks great in this green park. And come on, nobody cares about Roger Waters, he is an anti semitic. Israelis fans want and will have a lot of fun with GN'R!
  7. Islamic terrorists are the cancert of the world.
  8. The Show is in Tel Aviv and will be the biggest Show everything in Israel. I'll be there
  9. No. Axl supports Israel, not the Palestine bullshit islamic terrorists. Israel Rocks!
  10. Why this thread isn't in the main section yet? Come on, the Show stars in 6 hours
  11. Good news : thousands of tickets were sold yesterday and this morning with the -70% OFF. It's almost sold-out now!
  12. We will see it tomorrow... but yeah, it's really surprising. The promo is everywhere. You can even see posters of the show on "Champs Elysées"... but the sales are flat. Still tons of tickets left tonight in EVERY sections. Even in the Golden ring.
  13. They do that thing in Paris because the sales are terrible... I hope the show won't be cancelled because of the poor sales.
  14. The show is officially SOLD-OUT ! 61,000 tickets sold. it will be the biggest show ever in Israel
  15. Check by yourself : lots of tickets left in every sections...