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  1. Gonna sound uninteresting here.....but it is what it is.....None of us know why Izzy didnt want to join in NITL , or why Adler only got 3 gigs to play at....I'm sure the real reasons in the end were to lead to a smooth no drama tour.... And that's what we have got......
  2. At least we are a passionate fan base I suppose....
  3. I just don't get most of you, You would argue with your own shadow given the chance... We don't even know what is going to happen tomorrow , but you all just busy cussing and being damn nasty to each other...Patience see what happens ..
  4.!ooMyEIAb!i2JIT11Kcfz-qDapaLdPxA Enjoy guys.....
  5. The whole show in audio
  6. Thanks my friend...
  7. Why on one has an account.....
  8. Are you going to share with us bro
  9. Foe me obviously London night 2 as i went, but Madrid looks great for atmosphere, But the last 4 for setlist....Can't forget the huge crowd at Slane also....But London for me
  10. At the end of the day it only matters that the people attending enjoy it...end of story
  11. Valid point actually...
  12. Well i'm sure the folks actually attending the shows are loving it......It's not intended to impress some guy behind his laptop.................
  13. It's so similar too London stadium , brings back memories