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  1. Turn in a Gun, get Guns tickets

    That's not a bad idea at all , It's just not the right execution that's all , most people in that area arne't GnR fans anyway but the idea of giving free tickets to anything in exchange for weapons is a good idea in theroy . Peace GnR Nation
  2. Were you satisfied with 2006?

    Satisfied , uh I guess , I mean they did way more this year than I was expecting , probably more than anyone was expecting , Yeah the album didn't come out but they toured were in the news and they actually did do anything that stupid , like have riots and disappear like in '02 . So I have to say I'm pretty happy with '06 . Peace GnR Nation
  3. The funny thing about this forum is...

    Hey CD already has started , they are on the Chinese Democracy Tour , GnR , more specificaly Axl never said that it meant the album would be coming out , he probably just keeps refering to the tour/s . So you could even say it started on '02 , was on hold for awhile and them just came back . Peace GnR Nation
  4. Nov 21 .. and other release date rumors/speculation

    I ove the imaginations around here , I'll tell ya with all these different conspiracy therioes on why CD isn't out , when it's coming out , what is Axl thinking about , all the different release dates people keep on coming up with . These are really some intresting and entertaining reads I'll tell you what , Heck I don't think I could come up with anything better , IMO The reason it's not out is simple - We're not ready for it yet ( Well in Axl's mind anyway ) . Peace GnR Nation
  5. Ask the store and you'll probably geta look like this , Duh , Chinese What , I haven't heard anything . Peace GnR Nation
  6. Ross Halfin about "Chinese Democracy"

    You know he's gotta just be screwing around with that statement , I think some people are just taking it outta context , I'll bet he's heard just as much of it as we have , c'mon nobody would actually mean that statement . He seems to be just trying to get a reaction from the GnR camp . Peace GnR Nation
  7. Silkworms

    No , I thought it sucked then and it still horrible now , no matter what they do to it it's still crap ,the only way to make it better it change everything about it . I remember hearing it for the first time and I was shocked at how lousy it was , 5 years later the shock has turned into well . Peace GnR Nation
  8. It must be awkward

    Well there's an old interview floatin' around from 87 or 88 on that very subject where Axl explains the tatoo and the story behind , something like it was a place and time in his ife that no matter how it worked out he wanted to remember it and have it with him . So even though it ended badly it probably doesn't give him akward feelings , he would've had it removed then , IMO . Peace GnR Nation
  9. Will Axl be remembered as one of the ALL time musical greats?

    Ah , I don't think he'll ever be remembered in that way , Most of those compossers created something new , so it's really a totally different situation with them . GnR will be remebered but not in the same way . ' Peace GnR Nation
  10. All This Pittman Talk...

    I've never really been supportive of Pittman as a "full" member of the band , I'm sure he is great in the studio and maybe adds to the overall sound In concert but , having him as an actual member when he is really just a sound guy/2nd keyboardistis a little much , I mean Teddy Zig-Zag added a lot to the sound of the UYI tours but he wasn't made a full member so I really feel that's what Chris is , the 06 version of Teddy . Peace GnR Nation
  11. The Fall from Grace

    Hey Little Witch there's a name I haven't seen in a long time , it's great to see ya again , seems like some of us "old-timers" are making a return not that things seems to be finally taking shape . I just hope that all the good news keeps contining . Peace GnR Nation
  12. Does this band really need 3 guitar players????

    Personally I prefer just two players a lead and rythym , but 3 is not a bad thing , like I've said it gives the group a really full sound , If anything Pittman is unnessecary , really I think his purpouse is not really that important . Peace GnR Nation
  13. Well if it is true , I bet the turnout will be a lot bigger than we think , even though a lot of the younger set might not know the band it could sell very well simply because of the "mystery" and curiosity behind the album . Old fans will definetley turn out in droves especially now that they are back touring again , I can't wait to finally here this new material ... If this proves to be true . Peace GnR Nation
  14. NYC Warmup Shows 15 & 17 May.

    Yes I just read that In Newsday this afternoon , very cool news , I am pretty psyched about this ,I mean finally some concrete material . I just wonder what the line-up is going to look like . Hopefully this will lead to bigger things . Peace GnR Nation
  15. GnR Eras

    I was feeling a bit bored/nostalgic , so I wanted to see my 1st post EVER here , what the hell It's a cool topic anyway . Peace GnR Nation B)