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  1. I read about something the Ozzfest questionnaire used to gauge fan reaction to a Slash-less GN’R from here: http://www.angelfire.com/rock2/2001axl/articles/ResToRSLY.html Does anyone know what it's about?
  2. Hey this is great, hats off to SoulMonster! The only thing I can think of missing is archive pages for individual albums too (i.e. the band had a lot to say about recording Use Your Illusion). And expanding on that thought - why not segments for popular gn'r topics such as the break-up, re-union, new guns, st. louis incident etc. with quotes and views from every band member. Anyway, again o/ to SoulMonster for the site.
  3. .tk rules as well as .cjb.net. Frontpage forever.
  4. Hey, some of you may remember me from here from the past.. ANYWAY! I'm writing an article on GN'R and when I remember and have read during the last months tons and tons of material about the band and I can even remember where(such as GNRInfo) I read some particular quote way back (possibly even ten years ago..) it's really hard to pinpoint some lines I'm looking for.. For example - the reason I started this topic is because I wanted to find a Duff quote about TSI? saying how they were going to call it "THE RETIREMENT PLAN EP" or something (the reason being because the GN'R album will pay for a lot of musicians "retirement"). I know I've read it from GNRInfo but GNRInfo being down and gone I can't find the quote anywhere. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?? Currently I'm trying to find Axl words on how they divided money for Appetite For Destruction with some elaborate pattern by Slash based on who wrote what part of the song. The article won't be in english so sorry, can't post it here :| This is the original first post:
  5. These files have apparently been circulated as "guns n roses The Complete 2008 Chinese Democracy Demos". 1. Rhiad And The Bedouins 2. If The World 3. prostitute 4. Chinese Democracy 5. Better 6. The Blues 7. I.R.S. 8. Madagascar 9. There Was A Time 10.Catcher In The RYE(2006 Demo) 11. There Was A Time (Early Demo) 12. I.R.S. (Early Demo) 13. There Was A Time (2006 Short Demo) 14. There Was A Time (2006 Extended Demo) BONUS TRACK: 1.chinese democracy (2002 demo MIX) 2.2000 – Bryan May On Axl Rose (interview) 3.Las Vegas 2001 Review 4.Sebastian Bach on Sorry (autotune) 5.Catcher In The Rye Leak (1999 demo)(with Brian May) 6.Sorry (No Drums) + Baz 7.1999 – Kurt Loader w Axl Rose (interview) 8.2002 – Axl Rose interview (interview)P Preferably as one or two download links..
  6. GNR's plane

    Lame. lol bumblebeeman
  7. Axl Rose Currently Floating down the Liffey

    lolwut for a tribute band that is great.
  8. tange you must be on to something!!! But I really think you should go and look for the making of the fucking videos documentaries and analyze every background noise and see if there are any new, forming songs!
  9. Dj Smokes on stage

    Hey guy I got an idea.. what if DJ ASHBA is SLASH?! I mean he wears a top hat and even SMOKES CIGARETTES and before he was Buckethead and wore that (awesomely cool) mask to cover up for the plastic surgery he was having. That must be it.
  10. What are you listening to right now?

    Bangles rules!!
  11. What are you listening to right now?

    Jerry Lee Lewis
  12. What are you listening to right now?

    True but REATARDS rules, ok!!!! I saw Jay Reatard in concert last year! It was a good gig but I was hoping for more guts&blood.
  13. What are you listening to right now?

    Yussuf Jerusalem - Greetings from Novi Sad
  14. What are you listening to right now?

  15. What are you listening to right now?

    YES!!! ...well maybe it's Dead Moon, The Cramps or the Stooges. but RAMONES is definetly up there.