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  1. Gene was surprisingly reserved, quiet, and sweet. Ace was the grumpy uncle who dropped his macaroni salad on the grass at your Saturday barbecue.
  2. He was a dick. I checked my back pocket after I was done talking to him.
  3. Rage Against The Machine (Self-titled) Audioslave - Out Of Exile
  4. I met Bumblefoot and Gary Hoey during the Guitar Gods tour in 2014. I met Bret Hart at a charity event for the March of Dimes around 2011 or so. I've met nearly every living past and present member of KISS - Gene, Paul, Tommy, Bruce, Eric Singer, and Ace. I also know Jim Carrey...'s sister.
  5. I've said before that the only main story character I'm interested in a spin-off film off is the much talked about Kenobi movie. Mostly because we're in the unique position of having that same actor reprise the role and be at the right age to do so.
  6. Guitar looks like a DJ Ashba reject but a nice gesture nevertheless.
  7. I never saw him live. I guess part of me was holding out for the inevitable Audioslave reunion tour although I really regret missing his gig at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Toronto back in 2011. At least much of that was captured on the Songbook album. I've been watching these steady: Puts me in the perspective of a front row audience member at the last time(s) we'll see Chris and Tom together and subsequently Audioslave. I remember people shitting on Chris at the latter but look at how much fun they're having. I'll excuse two voice cracks for how great it is overall. I think he had trouble finding the key on Like A Stone because in recent years he had transposed it up to A minor at his solo gigs.
  8. Well, except for one, dare I say, notorious incident at Live Aid...
  9. I never understood the loud volume or the YouTube argument. As if an HD video in 2017 magically erases the rasp when the audience videos in 2010 or the 2016 shows came across totally fine. Hardly anybody complained about his voice at all in the 2016 show threads and I don't just mean AC/DC. Then of course there's the old "how can you judge his voice on a YouTube video? He sounds amazing!" which is entirely hypocritical. Obviously everyone is entitled to their own opinion but it seems that the criteria only applies when someone has a different opinion. Certainly any show is going to sound better live at the massive volumes as intended and you'll have a good time regardless, but to pretend that Axl only gets magically off key and "Mickey" in the videos is crazy. It's okay though. There was a Van Halen trainwreck in 2006 or 2007 when the keyboard track for Jump was started in the wrong key so Eddie's guitar as a result was totally out of tune with the backing track and there was someone actually arguing (on YouTube) that the camera/phone/whatever didn't interpret the key correctly and that the performance was fine.
  10. The OCD side of me really wants to correct the spelling of Johnny B. Goode in the OP.
  11. Agreed. Unfortunately it's a trend lately to have needless backstory and overexplain everything.
  12. Life is a Highway was written by Tom Cochrane.