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  1. Already taken down (unsurprisingly). I'm sure I can find a torrent of it although of course I don't condone such behaviour. Dying to give this a watch. Brian has such a good personality for this type of thing.
  2. There are worse lyrics, definitely. I just find the combination of lyrics and vocal melodies in this song to be mediocre and unmemorable. Slash's solo and those breaks after the chorus more than make up for it though.
  3. I'm 50/50 on this song. The riff is just "okay" and let's not even start on the lyrics, but on the other hand Slash's solo is one of the best he's ever done.
  4. He's done television before so this isn't a sign either way of any involvement with the band. I honestly think Angus wants to move on with Axl whether or not Brian is ever able to tour again. Even as a massive Brian I can admit it'd be rather silly to have him sing on the album but then have Axl for the tour.
  5. Looks pretty cool. The first episode airs tonight (and Roger Daltrey is his guest). It's nice to hear that lovely voice of his!
  6. Chris might not have age on his side but that surely isn't stopping him. He went right from the Rock Or Bust Tour to booking shows with his Timeline band. The dude lives for the touring life. I think that's how he has stayed in such great drumming shape, even at his age.
  7. New drinking game: Grab your copy of Appetite For Democracy and take a shot of W.A.R Tequila every time Ashba makes a mistake. If you make it to the end of Welcome to the Jungle before passing out or dying, you win.
  8. Disney has sure been trying - the Falcon door, the plane crash, the miscalculated landing... I smell a conspiracy theory in the making.
  9. I'll have to make a nice demo of it next time I'm at the studio. The price is a little scary but I finally just said "fuck it" and sold some shit towards it.
  10. We would most certainly be talking about the news if there was anything!
  11. I'm absolutely loving my Jubilee. Pulling the rhythm clip knob on the clean channel gives me the crunch sound I've always dreamed of.
  12. I strongly believe there will be an AC/DC album sooner than Guns (mostly because Angus actually likes to release music ), so there's a good opportunity for Axl to try out Brendan O'Brien!
  13. Linky no worky!
  14. Honourable mention to the "lol bumblefoot" evening.
  15. And people were pulling out the "Grandpa Indy" jokes for the last one! However, I will most certainly be in the theatre.