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  1. So when my boss wished me a happy birthday last year it was a subtle way of firing me? No wonder everyone looked at me funny when I showed up the next day!
  2. It being canceled doesn't necessarily mean something else will replace it. None of the Axl shows were shot with the extra rigs used to film a concert for commercial release so all they'd have is the video screen footage to cobble together which I don't think is ideal for the main feature - not by 2017 standards. I think the cancelation has everything to do with Angus wanting to promote the current line-up instead of a product with a line-up that doesn't exist anymore. Likely, there is a new album on the horizon. That said, the tour photo book was compiled in 2015 meaning no Axl and that's still coming out so who knows what Angus' plans are or why the DVD in particular was shelved. I've listened to most of the Wrigley show and Brian is fine - a few flubs that would be patched up anyways just like the River Plate release but otherwise wise.
  3. Excellent post. I think it's also worth noting that who is the best can easily be different than one's favourite. I think that seems to be forgotten a lot when people state near definitive opinions. Phil Rudd is the best drummer for AC/DC - he played on their most important albums and his laid back style fit the band perfectly and really defined the groove. Personally for me though, Slade is my favourite. I like how the songs sound with him and he was my first AC/DC drummer (and the two disc version of Live was indeed my first AC/DC album). Phil also totally phoned in the Black Ice tour. Come on Phil, you had one job... Seriously though, he really lazed his way through he sets - skipping fills, omitting his signature snare/crash accents, etc... You've gotta give credit to the Young boys for always finding a rhythm section that still sounds like AC/DC - different combos along the way. Mark/Phil, Cliff/Phil, Simon/Stevie, Slade/Cliff, etc... In all its variations, AC/DC had always sounded like AC/DC. I'm not sure I can say the same for all incarnations of Guns N' Roses.
  4. I'm impressed about how gigable it is even on the 5 watt setting. It packs a punch! The 20 watt setting is more than plenty. I'll probably never go back to a half stack again. It's everything I could want in a convo amp, and the Greenback speaker was a nice addition.
  5. Your prediction was accurate. I do love it. Seriously, this might be the best sounding combo Marshall has ever produced. It's like my JCM 800 on steroids.
  6. One of my favorites has always been Jungle from the second night of Rock in Rio 2: "We got yo dee dee."
  7. I know it's almost customary to come into threads like these and bash the band in question, but in this case how could we not? Ever see a live C.C. DeVille solo? He thinks he's Eddie Van Halen but he is absolutely terrible. I don't hate Poison, mind you. Obviously the music gods were looking out for Slash.
  8. Probably a mixture of that and the fact that he doesn't really like to say anything negative about anybody - especially in the media. I always gathered that he was afraid of any comments he made post-GNR getting twisted in the media. It doesn't necessarily explain why he didn't just flat out say "I had a blast with the guys but I need to take a leave from the band" or something, but rather why he avoids making direct comments about band members.
  9. Mission: Impossible (1996) I can't believe this film is over 20 years old. Even though the recent entires are better, it still holds up well and is quite enjoyable. The only flat out stinker in the franchise thus far is the second film.
  10. If Vince Neil dropped the mic that'd be a vast improvement!
  11. Wait in line for three days, buy it on launch, drool over the red colour, and then buy an black Otter Box or related case that covers the entirety of it anyways.
  12. I know plenty of idiots who will spend another couple pay checks on the red iPhone 7 because oh look it's red.
  13. I'll take the rubber chicken solo over the towel solo.
  14. Henry Jones Jr. and the Last Crusade (1989) I absolutely love this film. Probably the most "fun" one in the series. Not that the others aren't fun or anything, but I love the feel good vibe here. It's James Bond and Indiana Jones together - how could it not be fun? The chemistry is great between Connery and Ford, and one of the most memorable lines in the film was actually improvised by Connery. You can tell they were having a blast. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008) Why do people hate this film again? Yeah, the alien looks like shit (it should have been a cheesy practical effect to fit the fifties style). Yeah, the pacing is a little clunky. Yeah, the fridge thing is stupid (I forgot how realistic the earlier films were). That's all I come away with - nitpicks. It really isn't a bad film. It's just not as memorable as the original three but that's inevitable.
  15. Nice seeing this again! Obviously Michael's skills aren't now what they were for the film, but he actually played guitar and learned the parts accurately for that scene so he could mime to the pre-recorded track.