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  1. I was thinking a flask of Bacardi 151 for my showing.
  2. Your concerts in 2018

    Didn't see a thread for this yet so I figured we should continue the MyGNR tradition despite the fact that I have nothing yet to contribute. I'm debating on seeing nuEagles. I never had the chance to see them with Frey and hate the second mortgage pricing they're charging, but I feel that I need to see Joe Walsh at least once in my life. I just wish Felder had got the call for this tour.
  3. I have audio of the Helsinki show and yes they open with Brownstone. It’s an odd show - Axl disappears for a good bit and they just jam out for a while starting with a half-instrumental of Jungle. Axl comes back later and they do the song again.
  4. Fernando is that obnoxious teenager who blows vape smoke in an elderly lady’s face as she leaves the supermarket. ”Look at me!”
  5. What are your expectations for the upcoming leg?

    I expect Axl to be in a good mood cracking jokes.
  6. New U2 Album 'Songs of Experience' Out Dec. 1st // Tour Starting in May 2018

    It seems they decided to leave out all Joshua material from the set list. They probably tired themselves of it after last year.
  7. The attention to detail is impressive. Yeah Malek isn’t going to sound or look 100% but from what we see he at least has the mannerisms and charisma down. Brian May is spot on - I wasn’t expecting that.
  8. The film section has a general thread like this so why not? You all know the drill! I'm currently playing through Tomb Raider on the Xbox One. It's truly a stunning game visually and the story and gameplay are both excellent. I mentioned in the thread for the game that it was a much needed reboot. All the voice acting and character models get a thumbs up as well. The new Lara looks great. The last game I finished was GTA V. I had pretty well exhausted single player and I can't get into online, mostly because I can't be bothered to increase my level and stats only to have my ass handed to me anyways. That, plus I'm just not a big online person. It got boring for me fast and I haven't even tried the heists yet. Until they release the much talked about story expansion for single player I probably won't play it again for a while.
  9. What are the best action movies of all time?

    I’d consider my namesake to be more of the “spy thriller” or “adventure” genre than straight up action, but it wouldn’t hurt to throw a few Bond flicks into the mix. Goldfinger is the universal standard, but Casino Royale and Skyfall fit the bill for action and a more modern take. Otherwise, Die Hard is a necessity.
  10. I’d rather pay a one time fee and just own a Blu-Ray set. Alternatively, offer a streaming service for free to fan club members. Then the fee is at least only yearly. Because there is inevitably a limit to how much vault material there is, I wouldn’t want to pay monthly. If I want to watch my favourite movie once a month, I’m better off paying $25 once to own it forever than $120 a year (based on a monthly subscription). I don’t know how much entertainment I’d find in watching enough UYI shows to make $120 a year totally worth it.
  11. Your concerts in 2018

    I was checking out some 2018 clips and I concur wholeheartedly. Dude’s still got it! Brilliant rearrangements of Zep tunes and his solo stuff is excellent.
  12. Your concerts in 2018

    Just got tickets for Robert Plant. Never seen any Zep guys live before so this will be a treat... except I have to sit through Sheryl Crow as the opener.
  13. Jerry has never let me down. He’s a terrific songwriter. This might be the album I’m most looking forward to this year.
  14. I forgive Axl for Rio 2011 and Bridge School after listening to that.
  15. If any of that is true I will inflict harm upon myself.
  16. Mark my words - they will be in the studio by January 2019. Vancouver, Mike Fraser, the usual.
  17. I pre-ordered the Super Deluxe off Amazon because I feel more confident in their shipping department than the band’s website.
  18. Fuck the $1299 Canadian price tag, but I’ll happily eat the $183 for the Super Deluxe. Guns N’ Roses - the only band where you can be both equally disappointed as much as equally willing to spend money.
  19. Yeah I think that’s where I’ve been disappointed. There’s so much potential to explore amazing new stories and characters with the anthology films but so far the two we’ve got rely very heavily on the original trilogy in either plot or characters. If we move more into true standalone territory I think my interest will greatly increase.
  20. The only thing that needs destruction is the tree in front of Izzy because apparently that is responsible for the most confusion in this thread.
  21. I still believe that TFA is the best of the lot so far. What it lacked in originality was made up for with consistency, good use of characters, and a decent building block for plot points that could be expanded upon later. The ingredients for a decent trilogy were all there even if the film played it painfully safe. Rogue One’s troubled production showed on the screen. Zero character development and the plot was terribly uninteresting. Pacing issues up the ass too. For a “standalone” it’s also pretty useless. Imagine you had never seen a Star Wars film and that’s your introduction to Vader and Tarkin. Yikes. The Last Jedi... I won’t get started. Here’s to Solo!
  22. I just want a good Star Wars film.
  23. The Original Xbox

    Let's show some love. It may not have had the mass appeal or sales of the PS2 or the elite following of the Gamecube, but Microsoft's entry into the console wars is aging quite gracefully. Back then, I had a PS2 but a friend of mine had the Xbox. I was never much for brand loyalty so the Xbox definitely impressed me with its graphics, built in hard drive, and more comfortable controller (the Controller S, anyways). That started my preference with the Xbox controller set-up. Still, I was satisfied with the PS2 and only sold it later on to fund my Xbox 360 (although thanks to a friend I ended up with another PS2 and handful of games later). Of course, the PS2 looks like shit on modern TVs. This is where the Xbox came in - with the Microsoft component cable for the system, nearly every game outputs 480p with some even offering 720p and 1080i. Most also support widescreen. I recently bought one for $30 with two controllers and the game collection I've been building has been extremely inexpensive. I'm about $100 into it with the console, component HD adapter, 11 games, and four controllers. The games are dirt cheap right now so collect while you can. Vice City actually looks pretty darn good blown up on my TV now compared to its PS2 counterpart. Most of the games I enjoy weren't exclusives so re-collecting them on the Xbox has been a treat. I never finished re-building my PS2 collection so I picked a good time to do this. Any more love for the original Xbox?
  24. Title edited to reflect current discussion. Carry on.