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  1. The film section has a general thread like this so why not? You all know the drill! I'm currently playing through Tomb Raider on the Xbox One. It's truly a stunning game visually and the story and gameplay are both excellent. I mentioned in the thread for the game that it was a much needed reboot. All the voice acting and character models get a thumbs up as well. The new Lara looks great. The last game I finished was GTA V. I had pretty well exhausted single player and I can't get into online, mostly because I can't be bothered to increase my level and stats only to have my ass handed to me anyways. That, plus I'm just not a big online person. It got boring for me fast and I haven't even tried the heists yet. Until they release the much talked about story expansion for single player I probably won't play it again for a while.
  2. Looks pretty cool. The first episode airs tonight (and Roger Daltrey is his guest). It's nice to hear that lovely voice of his!
  3. He's done television before so this isn't a sign either way of any involvement with the band. I honestly think Angus wants to move on with Axl whether or not Brian is ever able to tour again. Even as a massive Brian I can admit it'd be rather silly to have him sing on the album but then have Axl for the tour.
  4. Chris might not have age on his side but that surely isn't stopping him. He went right from the Rock Or Bust Tour to booking shows with his Timeline band. The dude lives for the touring life. I think that's how he has stayed in such great drumming shape, even at his age.
  5. New drinking game: Grab your copy of Appetite For Democracy and take a shot of W.A.R Tequila every time Ashba makes a mistake. If you make it to the end of Welcome to the Jungle before passing out or dying, you win.
  6. Disney has sure been trying - the Falcon door, the plane crash, the miscalculated landing... I smell a conspiracy theory in the making.
  7. I'll have to make a nice demo of it next time I'm at the studio. The price is a little scary but I finally just said "fuck it" and sold some shit towards it.
  8. We would most certainly be talking about the news if there was anything!
  9. I'm absolutely loving my Jubilee. Pulling the rhythm clip knob on the clean channel gives me the crunch sound I've always dreamed of.
  10. I strongly believe there will be an AC/DC album sooner than Guns (mostly because Angus actually likes to release music ), so there's a good opportunity for Axl to try out Brendan O'Brien!
  11. Linky no worky!
  12. Honourable mention to the "lol bumblefoot" evening.
  13. And people were pulling out the "Grandpa Indy" jokes for the last one! However, I will most certainly be in the theatre.
  14. Was it Chris Axl who promised to eat a glove if CD didn't come out before the end of a certain year? He never delivered! The scented candle thread was legendary as well right down to the videos of it.
  15. Let's see here. In the past week or so I've rewatched Fast & Furious 5, 6, and 7 (having been put in the mood after watching the new one). I also continued my Cary Grant marathon with Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House (1948) - popular with fans at release but fairly mediocre. Many biographers and film critics have noted that after Notorious, Cary Grant went through a brief period of doing a bunch of "play it safe" films due to burnout. This one definitely qualifies. Very uninspired. So of course I had to follow that up with North By Northwest (1959) - my favorite film of all time (a contender, anyways).
  16. Correct. Marshall issued the Jubilee in 1987 as an anniversary amp and Slash fell in love with it. It was reissued once in 1996 as the "JCM Slash" signature amp and then came back into production in 2015 as the current "Jubilee Reissue" which is what Slash has been using since his return to Guns.
  17. No no no... they've got it all wrong. This is Guns N' Roses:
  18. As far as Axl's voice goes I'd recommend either Marseille from the first stint or Buffalo from the second stint. Both were pretty flawless vocally. Even TNT and Dirty Deeds were less "Mickey" than at other performances. That said, I'm not sure if there's a top quality audio boot for either. I'm sure there is for at least one of them.
  19. You know, that's one of those movies where everybody I meet tells me how much I'm supposed to love it since I'm a musician, but I think it's just "okay" and nothing more. Unfortunately I think it was a victim of hype - I had heard so much about it before I ever saw it and had these ungodly expectations. Perhaps I should give it another go.
  20. Title edited to reflect current discussion. Carry on! http://jamesbondradio.com/beyond-bond-new-york-festival-report-wilfred-picorelli/ http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-3828315/Daniel-Craig-hints-board-Bond-films-slams-150-million-paycheck-reports.html
  21. Even Pierce looked pretty bored in DAD despite his enthusiasm for returning. Roger might be the lone exception. He looked terrible in AVTAK but performance wise he was as good then as in any of his other films. I think there's an argument to be made that Roger was the most consistent in the role.
  22. You're right - my mind misread/transposed the bidding war with subsequent news that Craig's stunt double has signed on. The other part is still true - it's a one film deal for the distributor.
  23. Oh everybody has been asking pretty loudly for years! It's somewhat complicated - the James Bond video game rights are currently with nobody (Activision lost them after the disaster of 007 Legends). Going back to GoldenEye, it was Nintendo who held the rights and Rare did the game for them as an exclusive. The team in particular that developed GoldenEye were all new blood - it was their first major game. Continuous delays and difficulties led to Nintendo pretty much giving up on the game and barely promoting it, figuring it would flop (it didn't come out until two years after the film). Obviously they were completely wrong and it became a smash. Fun fact - it was initially in development for the SNES and then later as an "on rails" shooter. That's how many forms it took during the delays. So anyways, there seems to be three way complications regarding a re-release - whoever currently holds the Bond rights will have a say, Rare will have a say, and Nintendo will have a say being that they were originally the rights holder before the licence went to EA way back when. It has been more or less confirmed that Rare and Activision were on board for GoldenEye HD but that Nintendo pulled out at the eleventh hour. There's plenty of footage of screenshots out there of an Xbox 360 playthrough for the aborted game. The same team that did Perfect Dark HD was doing it. Obviously that's also why it was a glaring omission from Rare Replay.
  24. I'm not so sure Microsoft wouldn't allow it - apparently it was entirely Nintendo who got their knickers in a knot over the planned (and nearly finished) GoldenEye HD. Rare/Microsoft were willing to share it with Nintendo to see it released for both platforms but Nintendo decided to ruin the fun. I don't see why Microsoft wouldn't split the deal again for more Rare titles provided that they get to continue releasing them for their own consoles as well.