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  1. Oddly enough that's one of the few quips I didn't mind!
  2. I wonder how much money they paid Mark Hamill when he was raving about Rian Johnson's dialogue at one of those panels he did. Didn't he say the dialogue was so good that we'd forget about "May the Force be with you" as the definitive Star Wars line? Somehow I don't think that cringeworthy dialogue of Poe trolling Ginger Hitler at the beginning of the film is going to be on a shirt anytime soon...
  3. Jesus. I mean, I'm glad a lot of people seemed to like the film. That's great, but calling it better than the originals? That's not being a blind fanboy, that's just pure stupidity.
  4. Don't joke. Next Disney will be buying them and they'll bugger up Bond too.
  5. Somehow that sounds like a better twist than half of this film.
  6. I thought Rogue One was the most boring Star Wars film since TPM so now I'm incredibly conflicted. Hey Disney...
  7. I overheard several people leaving the theatre making the Marvel comparison. It felt so out of place in a Star Wars film. I think I need to binge watch the original trilogy today and wash the sour taste out of my mouth.
  8. I thought it was dreadful. I hate that I feel that way.
  9. What a wasted opportunity. I enjoyed it more than Rogue One if we do the immediate comparison, but as far as the main story entries go I'm not sure where I'd place it. Mark Hamill saved what was otherwise a total mess. Poor Rey didn't even feel like a main character in her own movie. The casino subplot was a complete bore, the quips were too much at times, and none of the twists really resulted in much save for Kylo killing Snoke. I actually really liked that. Once again, a lot of potentially interesting characters were totally wasted. Seems to be a trait of the recent films. It's a shame because it could have and should have been so much more. I'll at least admit that the Porgs didn't bother me. However, the Leia Superman thing was absolutely dreadful. At times I didn't know if I was watching Star Wars or an awkward hybrid of Guardians of the Galaxy and The Golden Compass.
  10. The film section has a general thread like this so why not? You all know the drill! I'm currently playing through Tomb Raider on the Xbox One. It's truly a stunning game visually and the story and gameplay are both excellent. I mentioned in the thread for the game that it was a much needed reboot. All the voice acting and character models get a thumbs up as well. The new Lara looks great. The last game I finished was GTA V. I had pretty well exhausted single player and I can't get into online, mostly because I can't be bothered to increase my level and stats only to have my ass handed to me anyways. That, plus I'm just not a big online person. It got boring for me fast and I haven't even tried the heists yet. Until they release the much talked about story expansion for single player I probably won't play it again for a while.
  11. Fox's distribution rights are apparently up in 2020 anyways so either way we'll get them eventually. In the meantime we've got the Despecialized Editions to enjoy.
  12. It's worth checking out his YouTube channel. The man has definitely spent his time channelling his inner Angus. I think he knows more about Angus' tone than Angus himself.
  13. I didn't realize that he was the rumoured bassist, I thought it was meant that SoloDallas started the rumour so I meant he was a reliable source.
  14. SoloDallas is reliable enough - he built Angus' wireless unit (the Schaefer replica) and has met him several times.
  15. If DJ Ashba has anything to do with Guns ever again I will drink bleach voluntarily.
  16. Best moments from the NITL tour!

    Someone probably had a screenshot of it but basically he went on a Facebook rant and called the forum fans a bunch of dildos.
  17. Best moments from the NITL tour!

    It would be easy to pick one of the shows I attended, but honestly the anticipation of the Troubadour gig was immense. Honorable mention to the firing of Chris Pitman and him calling us a bunch of dildos. I remember the buzzkill when he posted the Coachella poster and we all realized that that clown would be on stage with Slash and Duff. Then he got fired like a day or two later.
  18. Queen Biopic - Bohemian Rhapsody

    Apparently among the many delays of this film were script rewrites. You should volunteer your services!
  19. Paradise City Live Lyrics Question

    I've always enjoyed the slight alteration of "take me down, spin me 'round" in the final chorus in the live versions. I like it even better when Axl doesn't sing it over the intro solos. Fuck!
  20. Funeral of Malcolm Young

    Whether or not there was more to the Angus/Brian story you would kind of forget about it at a time like this. Nice to see him, Phil, and Mark there. Chris Slade was unable to make it because of his current tour.
  21. Angus said he relied heavily on Stevie to help guide him through Rock Or Bust. They credited Malcolm for the songwriting because I would assume a lot of those riffs came from unused ideas but it seems it was a joint effort of Angus, Stevie, and Brenden O'Brien who bashed the album into shape. I see no reason why Angus wouldn't take that approach again. Malcolm's spirit and workmanship will no doubt live on in Angus and if anything I see it pushing him to want to do another album sooner. Do it all while he still can because if nothing else he's learned how short life can be.
  22. The fact that 54 year old Axl could nail what 33 year old Brian Johnson did on monsters like Hells Bells and Shoot To Thrill still blows my mind. I didn't think Axl still had that in him, especially when you consider that the memories of 2011-2014 were still fresh in all of our minds at that time.
  23. Even though I'd like a final run with Brian I think it's more likely we see the AXL/DC line-up plus Mark Evans.
  24. Afd epiphone thoughts

    For what it's worth, you could find a used Epi Black Beauty for around the same price and have a much better guitar.
  25. Afd epiphone thoughts

    It'd make for a decent beginner guitar but otherwise it's nothing special. Obviously for the price it doesn't have the Slash pickups so really you're just getting the Appetite Amber finish on a glorified Epiphone Special. Again, not necessary a bad thing as far as beginner packs go but don't expect the quality or sound of a higher end Epiphone.