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  1. Your concerts in 2018

    Didn't see a thread for this yet so I figured we should continue the MyGNR tradition despite the fact that I have nothing yet to contribute. I'm debating on seeing nuEagles. I never had the chance to see them with Frey and hate the second mortgage pricing they're charging, but I feel that I need to see Joe Walsh at least once in my life. I just wish Felder had got the call for this tour.
  2. Title edited to reflect current discussion. Carry on.
  3. I don't know why EON is so fixated on this elite directors thing as of late. Just let P&W do their thing and dump some briefcases of cash at Martin Campbell's door.
  4. I'm not all that familiar with him. He seems to be getting a mixed reception on the Bond boards - he's allegedly abandoning whatever P&W have written so far in favour of his usual screenwriter doing it which potentially means a rushed script if they do plan on shooting by the end of the year.
  5. My guess is that it does indeed come from the same sessions as the 98/99 IRS and TWAT leaks based on Axl's vocal tonality.
  6. Apparently he was Craig's choice, so I smell another co-producer credit. Connery would be livid.
  7. *FAKE* Silkworms Intro clip

    Real or fake, this song makes me want to die.
  8. Digital Effects/Modeling Thread

    I current have a TC Nova System which is great as a stompbox replacement. It has patch capability but it's real strength is being able to program as many different pedalboard combinations as you want and trigger individual effects on and off at any time. That said, I can't help getting back into individual stompboxes so I will likely retire the unit pretty soon. Digital modelling has come a long way but I just truly prefer the old school way.
  9. Is he still around though? I figured he was the one who started the Tide Pod trend once the reunion was confirmed.
  10. And I thought I was pissed about the set list.
  11. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2017 Edition

    The Trouble With Harry (1955) and The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956). I was originally going to do this box set in order but I decided to jump around a little bit. The former truly received a stunning Blu-ray transfer. It seems to be one of the lesser talked about Hitchcock films but it really shows his sense of humour. It's not one I'd watch a hundred times but there's a charm to the dark comedy of it. The latter would be in my top ten Hitchcock films. I adore the original but I really get into the scope of this one. The location work is fantastic, Jimmy Stewart is wonderful, and I fall in love with Doris Day all over again every time I watch it.
  12. Who will be the bassist for the new album?

    It would still be bizarre, but I would certainly take Tommy for AC/DC over Duff. Tommy would be better at blending into to that backline role.
  13. Axl would sooner be sitting on the beach somewhere while Angus writes all the songs.
  14. 1) Sell off all the stupid extra brands that have nothing to do with guitars. 2) Focus on guitars again. 3) Condense the line-up of new guitars. 4) Decrease prices. A Les Paul Studio should not be pushing $2000 after taxes - fuck right off. 5) Fix the ugly ass new SG shape. Someone who wants the original 60s curvature shouldn't have to pay the absurd VOS and/or Custom Shop pricing (okay, this is a very personal gripe of mine). 6) Focus on guitars again. 7) Did I mention they should focus on guitars? Seriously, condense the line-up to only the best of the best and decrease the prices to make the most popular models affordable to the average consumer.
  15. I knew what I was getting myself into but nevertheless my SG Custom had a crackling pickup selector switch and bump in the neck right out of the box - and that's from the Custom Shop. I had both of those problems immediately fixed for free by my local tech but still, those are things that shouldn't leave the factory that way especially for a Custom model and that already overpriced price point. I do sincerely hope that the brand name stays in American hands and they just shrink it down to offering fewer numbers of models at better prices.
  16. I wonder how much it varies, because he basically told me that if it's a special order for something they don't have in stock, Gibson is infinitely more efficient at processing the order than Fender. But again, maybe the Canadian distributer absorbs the bullshit so by the time the guitars actually reach stores there are no problems.
  17. Maybe it's different with the Canadian Gibson distributer (Yorkville) but I hear the opposite - the main guy I deal with at my local shop says that Gibson is far more transparent with dealings then Fender. Of the big two, anyways.
  18. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2017 Edition

    It definitely stands out in the Hitchcock realm and Joseph Cotten is fantastic playing a more against type role than he was accustomed too. Teresa Wright is fantastic and most of my favourite dialogue in the film comes with her. I do think the whole reason I dug Saboteur so much is that it did indeed recall those early British films. Sadly I don't yet own Foreign Correspondent - I've been waiting for a price drop on the Criterion set which includes it.
  19. Next GN'R Album Name Rumors?

    Rock Or Bust.
  20. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2017 Edition

    Saboteur (1942) Shadow of a Doubt (1943) Both fantastic "early Hollywood" Hitchcock films. The Blu-ray transfers are excellent. Of the two, I might prefer the former by a hair. Sorry Hitch!
  21. The Original Xbox

    I still play the old GTA titles, but the Xbox versions of course.
  22. The Original Xbox

    Let's show some love. It may not have had the mass appeal or sales of the PS2 or the elite following of the Gamecube, but Microsoft's entry into the console wars is aging quite gracefully. Back then, I had a PS2 but a friend of mine had the Xbox. I was never much for brand loyalty so the Xbox definitely impressed me with its graphics, built in hard drive, and more comfortable controller (the Controller S, anyways). That started my preference with the Xbox controller set-up. Still, I was satisfied with the PS2 and only sold it later on to fund my Xbox 360 (although thanks to a friend I ended up with another PS2 and handful of games later). Of course, the PS2 looks like shit on modern TVs. This is where the Xbox came in - with the Microsoft component cable for the system, nearly every game outputs 480p with some even offering 720p and 1080i. Most also support widescreen. I recently bought one for $30 with two controllers and the game collection I've been building has been extremely inexpensive. I'm about $100 into it with the console, component HD adapter, 11 games, and four controllers. The games are dirt cheap right now so collect while you can. Vice City actually looks pretty darn good blown up on my TV now compared to its PS2 counterpart. Most of the games I enjoy weren't exclusives so re-collecting them on the Xbox has been a treat. I never finished re-building my PS2 collection so I picked a good time to do this. Any more love for the original Xbox?
  23. Solo: A Star Wars Story

    What a perfect visual analogy - the posters were ripped off, and that's exactly how I'll feel after watching this presumably awful film.
  24. Whats next for ac/dc?

    Yeah Stevie is painful, not that it matters too much for the live gang vocals. Malcolm wasn't always spot on either. I do wish Angus would do more live - he seems the most able to hold a tune. The best backing vocals on the albums were always his voice blended with Bon/Brian and Mutt Lange or more recently with his voice blended with Brian and Brendan O'Brien.
  25. Whats next for ac/dc?

    I'd go with "passable" singer. They don't have to be "good" per se. Angus has a better voice than Stevie or Cliff!