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  1. I mean I did buy the 3D Force Awakens and I don't even have a 3D player.
  2. Title edited to reflect current discussion. Carry on! http://jamesbondradio.com/beyond-bond-new-york-festival-report-wilfred-picorelli/ http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-3828315/Daniel-Craig-hints-board-Bond-films-slams-150-million-paycheck-reports.html
  3. And remember... Waltz's contract states that he will return if Craig does.
  4. I can't even remember where I read that - it might have come from one of the comments on the Facebook page for Celebration so it might not end up being the case. If true, then either right before or right after I imagine we'll get a proper teaser. In the mean time I need to decide which version of Rogue One to pre-order. The Best Buy steel is pretty "meh" for $35 so I might actually go for the Wal-Mart K-2SO cover.
  5. I thought I read that it won't be a proper trailer at Celebration - more a behind the scenes reel with footage from the film as well. A "first look" sort of thing.
  6. Realistically (and perhaps the best option) would be for Angus to patch things up with Mark Evans and give him the call. The line-up would be no less of a legitimate AC/DC line-up in that case than the current one plus Cliff.
  7. He should have ran his signal through a DAW rig live and used it. At least our ears would have been spared from his awful bends!
  8. I might scoop the Indiana Jones set (finally) off Amazon UK. It'll cost me $25 shipped as opposed to the $55 + tax that Amazon Canada currently wants. It's Region Free anyways.
  9. It'd probably be better than The Phantom Menace.
  10. I'm all for exploring different genres within the universe, but I don't know, I just don't want to see yet another origin story. My hope for the film is they don't overexplain anything. If they sick to a fun filled western adventure then it could work. If they shoehorn in the Kessel run and Han meeting Chewbacca then I'll be disappointed. It just feels redundant and I always feel like the more they try to explain, the more some of the fun mysteries get ruined. It'll get to the point where they announce a nature documentary style Star Wars film on the origins of moisture farming. That said, I'm also a total hypocrite because I'm 100% for an Obi-Wan film.
  11. Is anyone else not even remotely excited for the Han solo... er... Han Solo solo film?
  12. I just use the commonplace Microsoft brand stereo headset: https://www.amazon.ca/Xbox-One-Stereo-Headset/dp/B00IAVDQCK/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1487696550&sr=8-2&keywords=xbox+one+headset I haven't done a controller update since the initial one, I've dropped it a hundred times, stepped on the cable, etc... and I've yet to have a problem. It sounds like it's probably something to do with the signal transmission from the console to the headset. If you have a USB to Micro USB cable or the play and charge kit or whatever, try to connect the controller directly to the console with no wireless activity and then try the headset. Maybe that can at least rule out a signal issue. Typically I play with my controller plugged in anyways.
  13. "Hey guys, do you want to do The Seeker?" "No, Slash doesn't wanna do that right now."
  14. The song is such a downer after the excellent pre-title sequence. I ordered Skyfall's single right away - I still do not own a copy of this wretched tune.
  15. Sadly we got very little of him. They could have done with more with his gouging eyes out (we only see it once) and kept him more to the "one step ahead" a la Red Grant. I would have liked him to survive to Blofeld's lair and get a proper finale there where Bond can fight him.
  16. Musically it was, but the lyrics are definitely Brian and most of the "Bon Scott Back in Black demos" you find around the web are fakes. Question of the topic - Highway to Hell and Back In Black respectively. Honourable mentions to Powerage and Flick of the Switch.
  17. If they genuinely plan to have Ace come back then it could just be his way of not spoiling it for now. That's basically the same type of comment he always makes. The 2009 and 2010 KISS shows I saw were terrific. Paul's voice was holding out and they played nearly two and a half hour shows. After that it's been steadily going downhill. The shows where they doubled up with Crue and subsequently Def Leppard were 75 minutes (I get that co-headlining ends up in shorter sets but man, literally half the length - not to mention Paul's voice). The standalone I saw in 2013 if memory serves correctly was better, but still didn't quite live up to 2009/2010 shows.
  18. Looks like a case of the source taking information that isn't entirely unlikely and presenting it as fact. I expect that Angus won't want as big of a gap between albums as AC/DC used to, so I won't be surprised if we get a new album from AC/DC in late 2018 with a tour to follow in 2019. That's a decent enough chunk of downtime for the boys. Literally all Angus needs is a bass player contrary to the kinds of comments you see like "Angus doesn't even have a band right now" and that sort of thing. There's no reason to think Slade and Stevie are going anywhere, and it's 100% likely that Angus will stick with Axl as the singer.
  19. I'd be up for another Nolan/Bale Batman movie. I didn't care for TDKR but before that we had two excellent Batman films so I'd be all for that story continuing.
  20. Worse than the "better than Slash" is the comment below that says anybody who takes his (Ashba's) place is a mediocre copy. You can't make that shit up! The irony astounds me.
  21. It's one of the most emotional films I've ever seen. You spend half the film crying and yet it's strangely uplifting too. It's one of the best films Cary ever did even thoug at the time it wasn't exactly a runaway success. Great performances all around! I never bothered with the remake (even though, in itself, the Cary Grant version is technically a remake).