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  1. 08/21/17 - Ottawa, ON - TD Place Stadium

    I had been hoping to meet up with a few forum members prior to the show but I had a hectic week in general and then an accident on the 401 greatly delayed my trip. I barely got there in time for Guns to start. I didn't do too bad for a spot considering. Off to the side but one person back from the rail pretty well right in front of where Slash stands in front of the big screen. Without going too in depth, I'll say that I enjoyed this more than Toronto last year. I feared for Axl's voice at this show when early on the first two lines of Jungle were among the worst I've ever heard (and I saw the band in 2013), but the rest of the song he seemed to hit his stride and then the remainder of the show was on par with the better of the 2017 shows. His voice isn't the sole focus for me there anyways. Slash and Duff spent a lot of time right in front of me. Laughing, making gestures, and really trying to make that connection with the fans. Axl too, but he was on that side a little less. The band is tighter than ever too. The tempos are better, the extended jams flow better, and overall I thought the musical experience was top notch. Definitely a well-oiled machine of a line-up at this point. I like that you can see those types of improvements - they are really working hard. The show clocked in at just over three hours so hearing a bunch of songs that I didn't hear in Toronto last year was nice (My Michelle, Used to Love Her, Don't Cry, and Yesterdays to name a few - plus Black Hole Sun obviously). I'm not going to pretend that "Mickey" doesn't exist live - it's louder, but it's there. However, Axl far exceeded my expectations last night. He definitely gives it 100% and I thought I'd get even less rasp than what he gave, especially considering I was fortunate enough to see the 2016 NA leg. I'm reconsidering doing one of the October shows now.