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  1. The Comic Book Thread

    Why do people hate Batman so much??? I don't mean a whole DC VS Marvel battle or anything like that, but I mean the people within the comic multiverse itself like the citizens of Gotham and their police force. I just finished watching The Dark Knight Returns and it seems everyone (including the President Of The United States) want to get rid of Batman-"forever" (no pun intended). They even send out Superman to bring him to justice. I mean if you're the mayor of a city and had villains similar/like Mr. Freeze or The Joker running around, which none of your police force can stop, while having some masked vigilante bringing them to justice and doing what the police can't do, why go after that masked vigilante? I know some Batman adaptations have him working with the police, but some like The Dark Knight Returns don't and portray him as an evil.
  2. The Comic Book Thread

    Is the new TMNT/Batman crossover any good?
  3. The Comic Book Thread

    I would love to have that issue I'm a huge batman fan have you read Frank Miller's new Dark Knight run? Nope. I was reading Scott Snyder/Greg Capulo's Batman but have scaled back on my comic book subscriptions. Running out of room for comics, but will have to check Frank Miller's Dark Knight. The DC Comics 27 is a 1980s Oreo "send in the box top" reprint. Would be cool to own an original copy, though it would cost a lot of $$$$$.
  4. The Mygnr Poetry Corner

    I'm Mr. Sheen I win here and there, winning, winning everywhere. I got HIV on the loose, I'm better than Shila Bouf, where's a toilet, I gotta poop.
  5. The Comic Book Thread

    I collect comic books. Coolest issue I have is Detective Comics 27.
  6. Vinyl LP and Turntable Discussion

    It might work but it will likely destroy your vinyl in the process. Those old portable record players had heavy tonearms and cheap needles which are not conducive to high fidelity and vinyl heath....... All right. Just want a vintage player for that pop and crackle.
  7. Vinyl LP and Turntable Discussion

    Anyone know if an old vinyl player (Say from the 40s or 50s) will play "newer" records? And "newer" as in 70s LPs. Looking to find an under $60.00 portable vintage player to play the three vinyl I own, which is Black Sabbath's debut, Led Zeppelin: Houses Of The Holy and Kiss: Rock And Roll-over.
  8. SNES Games

    Street Fighter and MK
  9. 2016 Death Pool Draft

    Kirk Douglas George H.W. Bush Donald Trump Justin Bieber Jared Fogel Stan Lee
  10. Motorhead - Sympathy For The Devil

    Thought the cover wasn't that good and I like Motorhead.
  11. The MyGnR Simpsons Thread

    So, how many on here are fans of the Simpsons? I personally enjoy them. My favorite seasons are 1-7 and while I do laugh at a few episodes from seasons 7-23, but imo, seasons 1-7, actually more like 1-5 were/are the best seasons in my opinion, with 1-3 being my favorites. My favorite episode would either have to be Krusty Gets Busted (Season 1), Bart VS Thanksgiving (Season 2) or Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire (Season 1). My favorite character would either be, Bart, Moe Syzlak or Fat Tony. Who are your favorite characters and what is your favorite season/and or episode?