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  1. Rumored Album Release Dates

    I really would advise you to wait.
  2. The *OFFICIAL* Countdown To Chinese Democracy

    March 4th..a Sunday
  3. No Reaction To This Bit About Money Problems?

    Axl had no funding for this album, that was made public a while back when the record label pulled the plug.
  4. An Open Letter From Merck

    Axl says 6th March Merck says 20th That's the 19th for UK...My Birthday...O yesss..Get in! So what's with the emails at the end?? I don't get that, can someone explain them?
  5. Will CD be out by the end of 2006?

    Too soon??
  6. Axl using back up tape?

    Axl Rose, one of the most stubborn men in rock. You think he really cares too much what he sounds like? Especially after touring in 2002 with a throat the size of a pea. Whatever has made his voice sooo God damn fucking good, i don't really care. The man is back and he fucking rocks. End Of
  7. Funny Axl quotes /rants from this year

    Manchester (i think..) "Richard hasn't been asleep for about two days 'cause he's been workin on a song...and i haven't been asleep because i was working on erm....well i don't remember what her name was...so...bt i was working hard, ok..you can trust me..you can trust me...i gave it my..my all"
  8. Axl using back up tape?

    Glasgow 21st July 2006 Axl stops after It's So Easy to tell the crowd to step back. I was on the barrier and fuck me the ribs took a nice knocking that night, got pulled out though. Anyway..no i don't think Axl uses a backing tape. His ear monitor controls the volume of his monitor only..seriously some of you guys think he has his own little mixing desk on his belt. He DOES NOT control the output volume of his microphone. He controls what goes into his ear ONLY, the equilavent of turning up your Ipod.
  9. Turn in a Gun, get Guns tickets

    Wow, would someone please donate a brain cell to management. I'd be surprised if: 1. Axl knew about this. 2. Merck/management isn't fucked in the brain. 3. Any guns are traded in for tickets.. it's the equivalent of trading in your car for a shopping trolley. If i had tickets for this show i would be slightly anxious. The desperation to make some shows have a larger audience/be successful is unreal and imo has gone too far.
  10. Milwaukee Show IS.....Cancelled

    yea it's off, i feel for all the Milwaukee fans.
  11. Axl/Christianity

    At least, when all this comes to an end, he can work for BA.
  12. This 13million figure??

    or Appetite For Destruction.
  13. Rock Am Ring 'You metal god you'

    Notice on Patience just before Axl sings "I've been walking the streets at night..." how he looks to the right and signals to Fortus and Bumblefoot with he arm to move back so he can run to the right of the stage. Chemistry? Not really, Axl says what goes on stage.