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  1. Logged in to MYGNR for the first time in seven years!

    Whoa - That's crazy! I wonder if she'll keep poking around now that she's broken the seal a little.
  2. Logged in to MYGNR for the first time in seven years!

    Where's madison?
  3. Logged in to MYGNR for the first time in seven years!

    Awwwww sheeeeeiiiiit

    I've gotten some of my best sweats going during some all night salsa sessions. Needless to say, whoever had to dance with this sweaty mess was the loser.
  5. When the Republican's were "investigating" HIllary during the Benghazi scandal, how the hell did no one raise an eyebrow then about the issue with her e-mail? Wouldn't that be one of the first places to check if she were to be "investigated?" Can anyone explain to me how this doesn't catch the Republicans as being completely all bark and no bite regarding the Benghazi issue? As I see it, they either didn't do their due dilligence then. Or they did and they decided to sit on this "scandal" and wait for a more opportune time to use it. And if that's the case, it reeks of slimy politics. Either way, I don't see how Republicans are supposed to impress me with this. Any thoughts?
  6. Thomas Meadow and DJ Ashba Kicking Ass in Vegas 11/9/12

    This was awesome. When I was that close in Philly, I kept trying to get him to give me his cigarette, and I got that same look... except he seemed a little bit more grossed out.
  7. Saivu Ft. Richard Fortus - Goodbye (NEW SINGLE)

    i've been listening to this song on repeat since the other day. it gets better every time.
  8. Saivu Ft. Richard Fortus - Goodbye (NEW SINGLE)

    killer track
  9. Pointless Axl mention of the day

    that kid needs to get kicked in the throat.
  10. Romney picks Paul Ryan as his running mate

  11. What's your favorite candy bar?

    Twix, dag. No contest.
  12. http://www.wlan2k.hu.nyud.net/~akidobos/Play%20Alongs%20&%20Notes/pdf%20Tabs/
  13. Tommy Stinson interview backstage at Hellfest.

    I don't see it that way. Seems like he's being real about the situation.
  14. Beats by Dr Dre

    People who wear Beats always look stupid. Fact.
  15. The concept of Jesus

    I wish there was a subforum for atheist topics. Once upon a time I would involve myself in these threads, but now they are just repetitive dribble. What's the point? So you don't believe in God or Jesus. Congratulations. Go outside and enjoy life without either idea. Next.