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  1. That would be hilarious.
  2. RIP Abominable Homan

    Man, that is awful news. I'm surprised there's so many people here now that didn't have directly contact with Homan. He and I definitely did back in the day - What a great dude. RIP.
  3. Logged in to MYGNR for the first time in seven years!

    She left years ago, though did pop up in the RIP Scott Weiland thread. Whoa - That's crazy! I wonder if she'll keep poking around now that she's broken the seal a little.
  4. Logged in to MYGNR for the first time in seven years!

    Where's madison?
  5. Logged in to MYGNR for the first time in seven years!

    Awwwww sheeeeeiiiiit

    I've gotten some of my best sweats going during some all night salsa sessions. Needless to say, whoever had to dance with this sweaty mess was the loser.

    Any members regulars at the gym? I am, although I'd hardly consider myself a "gym rat" - In fact, I now think that the title of this thread is gay. I digress. For those of you that do go, what do you do? Cardio or lift? Or both? What kind of exercises do you recommend? I guess people who are looking to get started could use this thread as well. It's about that time of year when people start making their New Year's resolution...
  8. It's easy. Either take a picture or find one on the internet of something you've bought recently!